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Come sing with me (Memories Captured)

These days we are past ‘Jingle bells’ (finally, sigh), we’re done with ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ and we moved on to other lyrics and songs, which are recited by ‘Timan’ on a regular basis, like … all the time.

With other words: His repertoire of songs and rhymes is steadily growing.

Of course, we are singing the ‘ABC-song’ and he knows some songs in Swiss. But lately he’s coming home with one Creole song after another, these are all songs or rhymes he’s learning in preschool.

Like this one for example:


The children are sitting in a circle. And while one kid is walking around this circle, all kids are singing:

“I am planting, I am planting,

a carrot, (a) little eggplant,

(if) it doesn’t grow, (if) it doesn’t grow.

I pull out one.”

and with the last words the one walking touches the nearest child on the head. This kid is following now the one going around. This is repeated until there is only one person left sitting.

“Look at the one that is rotten.”

Everybody is laughing and the ‘rotten’ one gets to be the person ‘pulling out’ the other kids in the next round.

‘Timan’  l.o.v.e.s.  this game.

But sometimes we are making up our own lyrics, like this one for example:

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Tell me about your kid’s favorite songs or nursery rhymes. Do you make up your own variations as well?


Carnival time in paradise

During the last weekend we had carnival time in paradise. It was the 2nd edition under the theme ‘Melting Pot of Cultures’ after its relaunch last year. The first ever ‘Carnaval International de Victoria’ took place in 1972 as a part of the 200th Anniversary of the first settlement of the islands.

Together with many local floats and groups delegations from 33 international destinations, which included UK, Trinidad, China, Korea, Indonesia, South Africa or Germany to name a few, took part.

Last year we were in the hospital because of ‘Timan’s ruptured appendix, so we were missing out on this, but this year we went to see parade in town.

It’s very different to the ‘Fasnacht’ from my childhood, with frightening wooden masks or lots of painted faces and colorful dresses. And not to forget the ‘Guggemusig’, a sort of brass-band that doesn’t quite hit the right note, plays very, I mean VERY,  loud and is accompanied by even louder drums. It’s definitely worth to check out too. Oh, and don’t forget, the best part of it happens during the night in the alleys of the old town. Unlike here in paradise it’s essential you dress up yourself in a costume and you need to have stamina. However, every couple of hours you can ‘warm up’ in a Bar with some hot or cold alcoholic beverage. You’ll need this to make it through the night. February or early March is usually still very cold and snow is not unusual.

But back to our very own carnival in the tropics. Here you can wear what you like, but light summer clothes are preferable. And this weekend was cloudy but HOT, HOT, HOT.

What makes it so special is that you are right in the middle of everything. Remember, the paradise is very small. Compared to the other ‘big and famous’ carnivals ours is tiny, but literally in touching distance. You actually have to make sure some of the costumes don’t poke you in the face.

So come and enjoy some impressions of the ‘Carnaval International de Victoria 2012’:










Everybody loved the Samba Dancers from ‘Notting Hill Carnival’.

My son however didn’t seem to be very interested.

Until I realized that he was actually VERY interested,

he simply preferred a different perspective. 😉

We had a great time and hope we’ll get to see a similar spectacle again next year at the ‘Carnaval International de Victoria’.

How is your Carnival? Is it based on ancient or heathenish customs or do you celebrate an elegant venetian version?

Chasing the Mommy (Memories Captured)

By now you probably know we are living on an island, far away in the middle of the ocean, with a tropical climate, with a lot of sun and a lot of rain and the most beautiful beaches. Of course we go for a swim as often as we can.

But my idea of ‘a great day on the beach’ is not exactly what my son has in mind. I would love to relax under a palm-tree, with a good book in one hand and a good drink in the other and just chill. And once in a while I would get up and dive into the turquoise-blue water for a refreshing swim.

But there is this lovely 3-year-old boy who has other plans.

This is what ‘Timan’ considers a perfect day on the beach:

I’m still alive, because I’m fast, he didn’t get me (yet). 😉

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Tell me about your outings with your little one, when you ended up doing nothing what you wanted to do, but doing everything your kid had in mind. Or is it just us?

Stay like this forever, will you?

Sometimes I wish I could put the time on hold, freeze the moment, keep my little man at the stage he is right now.

Always in motion, jumping, running, climbing, dancing, talking, exploring, asking endless questions.

And then again, after a while, I’m totally happy he’s still snuggling, hugging and kissing and most of all: calming down.

This is ‘Timan’s world:

And I’m trying to keep the memories alive as long as possible. 🙂

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I was rockin’ the baby, but …

… from the very beginning in August 2008 the baby led the helm.

Just minutes after the pretty much uncomfortable ride ‘Timan’ was all hyper and excited finally being out of the tunnel.

Even a week later he didn’t really understand what was going on.

And two and a half weeks later he loved nothing more than napping with the Hubs.

But the whole time ‘Timan’ was the boss telling Mommy what the little man really wanted.

And he ‘said’:

“Let me think …”

“Yep, now I know what I want.”

“Put your nipple in here.”

“I need it NOW … I’m serious Mommy … ”

“Or I’m doing … bwahaba”

“Oh … I’m getting some? That’s NICE.”

“Mnanmnannm … that’s what a boy wants … mnaammnamm … all the time … mmmananmm.”

We had a blast in those early month, ‘Timan’ and his Mommy. Seriously, I was loving it.  🙂

‘Guess I was rockin’ the baby, or was it the other way ’round?.

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