The mysterious rash

The nice time of the year, you may call it ‘summer’ and others call it northeast monsoon, is over and the next season, the southwest monsoon has begun, strong and cold winds are coming from the south. That’s ‘winter’ here in Paradise. Temperatures drop to 29C/85F and it’s supposed to be dry. Well, it is kind of dry and because it doesn’t rain enough we might run into a severe water shortage soon. But nevertheless the air is filled with humidity and feels hot, hotter than during the ‘summer’-time.

Because of all this ‘Timan’ developed a Prickly Heat Rash and I treated it accordingly. But the rash behind his knees got worse, got infected because the tot was scratching, and one Saturday morning it looked really bad. So I sent my two men to our local clinic’s ‘casualties’ to get a treatment. They came back with an oral antihistamine (allergex elixir, ‘Timan’ refused to take it because it’s deep red, like blood according to him) and a cream for fungal infections (Clotrimazole). I was using Clotrimazole a couple of times when ‘Timan’ had a diaper rash and it used to work pretty good.

Not this time with Prickly Heat though. My poor tot kept scratching behind his knees, the pimples got bigger and spread over this leg. The following Friday we went to our private Pediatrician, it’s the only way to get a decent diagnosis and reasonably effective medicine. Of course you have to pay for it, and of course we are more than willing to pay.

One important thing I learned about our Paradise is, that if you have a choice, do not use the public health system. In those local clinics you have to wait for hours, get to talk to a doctor who probably knows less than you for not more than 5 minutes, get no explanation you might understand (not because you don’t have enough brain cells, but because you don’t understand what he’s telling you very fast with his Indian accent) and if you have to come back for a second treatment, you will not talk to the same doctor again. Everything is free of charge, also the medicines, and therefore they are not the best, but the cheapest on the market. Oh, I forgot to tell you, sometimes they run out of them as well. But it’s the only place you get a medical treatment during the weekend.

‘Timan’s pediatrician, the one who sent him to the hospital because of his stomach problems, treated his rash with oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, an ointment with a low hydrocortisone content mixed with calamine and some tincture to dry out the prickly heat part. And advised me to come back by next Thursday if the rash is still there.

After the weekend I also noticed little pimples on his belly, the small of his back, his knees and ankles, his elbows and his cheeks. So I started to give him an oatmeal bath 4 times a day and I had the impression it was  improving a little bit. But after the course of antibiotics and creams the tot’s face still looked like this:

His legs improved a lot but still looked like this:

Yesterday we went to see the doctor again and she started treating the rash with more Steroids, definitely not my first choice of treatment. But it’s getting better, a big relieve. Now the tot is taking 4 oral medications (Predine, Cetirizine, Polariamine, something to soothe his gassy tummy caused by the antibiotics), his Vitamins and I’m still applying the Hydrocortisone/Calamine cream.

The more I thought about it and researched on the internet, the more ‘Timan’s mysterious rash looked like an Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis to me. But what was the trigger?

There were no changes in our life, nothing, except the water in the two reservoirs on the island is getting less and less every day. And the little it rains doesn’t make a difference.

Could the tap water have triggered ‘Timan’s rash? Maybe the local PUC changed the chemicals to treat the water. And again I went online to find out more. Maybe they changed Chlorine to Chloramine (both of them are toxic and can cause skin rashes) and failed to inform the public I missed the public announcement in creole because ‘Timan’ was babbling into my ear during the evening news?  I tried to find out, but didn’t get an answer on the phone.

I still hope it was not the water and just the change in humidity. Because I have enough of the water problems in the past. (But that’s going to be the subject for another post).

How are you treating Heat Rash so it doesn’t turn into a secondary infection with a toddler/preschooler? Do you have experience with preventing and treating Eczema without the use of Corticosteroid Creams?

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  1. It’s 2am in the morning and I can’t sleep. Surfing through the net to find some answers then I came across Timans . My 2 yr old daughter is going through the same and looking at the picture its the same rash. I have been to Drs and have been given antibiotics. This is the third time it is reoccurring. They work for a while but after she finishes the dose and rash disappears, it reappears after a week or so. I have been told its an allergy. It’s so frustrating coz i cant find what’s triggering it.

    • Chantal, I’m going through the same things and am noticing it’s gluten, try eliminating it completely from her diet and see if it clears up. Im only on day 1.5 after having the rash over a month of mild flare ups to huge. It’s covering my whole body and so itchy I could scratch until I bleed. Finally though I am seeing some results. I read it takes awhile sometimes for it to get out of your body.

  2. Hi, I was searching something else and I found this old post. I hope you guys already figured out what was wrong of her skin. We had exactly same issues with my child till we see a child gastroenterolog .She diagnosed Celiac. But 3 years long all this symptoms and more, drove us crazy since age 3 she is Gluten Free none any symptoms came back ..Her behavior changed and all body parts fixed maybe you need to see a dr. about this issues too. Have a great day.

    • I think so too. I’m experiencing these exact symptoms as your son and recently found out I am now gluten intolerant. The rash is so unbearable and although changing eating habits at 32 is hard I’d do anything to not have this rash cone back. Noticing changes already after eliminating gluten and hopeful.

  3. Gluten intolerence/ celiac ? I had this on my arms. Gluten doesn’t agree with me and i cut it out of my diet and they’re going away.

  4. Hi. Have you discovered the cause of this rash?. For me it looks like sintetic/plastic allergy (football sintetic field). Thks

  5. Aw, I hope he is better! I can’t imagine it being hot all year round. We have the traditional four seasons where I am and I love each one. Though winter does drag on a bit too long for me! I wish it would be truly Spring in March, but usually it’s mostly cold and gross. This year we had a snowstorm on April 1. Ugh!

    • Thanks, he much better already. I remember all too well the times with spring, summer, fall and winter. summer being my favorite. Ok, winter can be fun for a week or two, but for 5 month? I so much prefer warm temperatures. Just to think about wearing a turtle neck makes me itch. 😉

  6. We’ve never had anything that basic topical creams can’t fill. Hope this gets better soon – it sounds like it’s no fun at all.

    • This is also the first time he has something so uncomfortable because of the need to scratch until it’s bleeding and so persistent because of the resulting secondary infection. 😦 Hope it’s over soon (we’re now at the beginning of week 4, sigh).

  7. I’m sorry that I don’t have any suggestions. My kids don’t really get any rashes. Good luck and I hope it clears up soon!

  8. Poor guy, it’s the worst when something is wrong that we can’t find a fix for right away!

  9. Poor little dude!! I could never live in your paradise. I’m dying here in Canada and out summer heat has hit 100f. I love cool weather!
    We’re battling a rash too and we aren’t sure if it’s from the heat ot strawberries.
    Hope Tinman feels better soon.

    • This is h.o.t., omg, we’re all year around 90F. But the change in humidity is sometimes a problem. I’m actually a hot weather person and I have lived in the ‘cold’ climate long enough, believe me.
      ‘Timan’ has had heat rash before, no problem, it went away. But this time I’m pretty certain it turned into something else. But I’m not 100% sure what is was and can’t prove it either. It’s just on his legs now and he’s scratching less at night, maybe also because of the medication.
      I used to be allergic to strawberries and peaches as a young kid, I heard that’s very common. Hope you find out what it is and she’s better soon.

  10. Your poor little guy! I hope it is just the heat & humidity…usually that’s what triggers prickly heat rash. I read somewhere that keeping your child barely clothed (even no clothes when you can) helps it heal. Also, showers instead of baths sounds like a really good idea. Hope it goes away soon!

    • Thanks, I still hope this, but I’m pretty sure the tap water we are having these days has made it much worse and stopped the healing. It started more than 3 weeks ago. Sigh. But with all the meds I think it’s getting better now.

  11. 😦 I hope that it starts getting better soon! We were in France and Italy for 3 weeks and on our last day in Rome the babe got a NASTY heat rash all over her arms and face…we had never seen anything like it! She was a trooper and managed not to scratch, but we felt so bad for her. Hers went away in about a week, so Timan’s could very well be linked to the water!! Good luck!

    • Thanks. You are right, especially the scratching during the night is a big problem with a little child, it’s easier to handle when they are small and you can protect their skin with covering the hands with mittens or socks. Very good your girl didn’t scratch. But this doesn’t work with my toddler. 😦

  12. Oh, your poor little guy. I get Eczema every winter but it’s because of dry skin. Hope it clears up soon!

  13. I am the queen of rashes. Every summer I get some odd rash that stumps doctors. After I had my son, I had an allergic reaction to something (they suspect the epidural) and ever since, my skin hasn’t been the same.
    As far as the creams go (I’m also a pediatric nurse), are you only using a small amount and rubbing it in like crazy? A small amount goes a long way. i know it is extremely frustrating. I just got another rash right now all over my stomach and back and have not made any changes in soaps, lotions foods etc. Hang in there

    • It definitely is frustrating, especially when you have no idea why it started. Thanks for the tip with the rubbing it in for a long time, the doctor missed to tell me this. Today we have the 3rd day of the oral cortisone treatment and the rash is almost gone on face, neck, arms and armpits, but his legs and butt are still covered with it. And that makes me really think it has to do with the tap water, because he’s sitting in his bath tub, filled with water up to the navel. I’m going to switch to short showers and see if this helps.
      I hope you too are doing better soon.

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