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I was rockin’ the baby, but …

… from the very beginning in August 2008 the baby led the helm.

Just minutes after the pretty much uncomfortable ride ‘Timan’ was all hyper and excited finally being out of the tunnel.

Even a week later he didn’t really understand what was going on.

And two and a half weeks later he loved nothing more than napping with the Hubs.

But the whole time ‘Timan’ was the boss telling Mommy what the little man really wanted.

And he ‘said’:

“Let me think …”

“Yep, now I know what I want.”

“Put your nipple in here.”

“I need it NOW … I’m serious Mommy … ”

“Or I’m doing … bwahaba”

“Oh … I’m getting some? That’s NICE.”

“Mnanmnannm … that’s what a boy wants … mnaammnamm … all the time … mmmananmm.”

We had a blast in those early month, ‘Timan’ and his Mommy. Seriously, I was loving it.  🙂

‘Guess I was rockin’ the baby, or was it the other way ’round?.

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He can do it all, or maybe not?

‘Timan’s ‘terrible two’ are striking with full power these days, one temper tantrum one after another. Sometimes for reasons I can understand, like he wants something but he’s not allowed to have it, or he wants to do something himself and I don’t let him because it’s too dangerous for him, or he’s being naughty and has to sit on the naughty chair. But sometimes out of the blue because of nothing, he’s not hungry or thirsty, he’s not tired, he’s not overwhelmed by anything and he probably doesn’t even remember himself why it started, maybe it was just because an ant crossed his path, I have no idea.

However it’s never because he is not capable to do a thing I came to realise. The little monkey, as little as he is, thinks he’s the one. The one and only who has the ‘golden fingers’ and he’s capable of doing anything he wants with them. A very dangerous situation we have here. Maybe I always fear for the worst but I cannot help it. He’s not even 2 3/4 years old and has a very limited sense of danger. We keep telling him ‘don’t do this, because …’, he stops, thinks, walks away, comes back and does it anyway. And I have to admit, normally nothing happens. Either I see him in the attempt and manage to stop him or he’s just lucky, strong enough, a too good climber, you name it.

… I really want those DVDs up there, they are so shiny to look at, the covers have a cartoon character on them and I’d love so much to tear them apart, like the ones I did the other day …

But with all this said, there is another thing that’s getting a bit out of hand in the little monkey’s head. ‘Timan’ is getting somewhat bossy there days. Now that he’s back to his old self, he wants to organise the household, run the show and have Mommy and Hubs dance when he says dance. Well, actually more the Mommy, the Hubs is not around so often because he’s at work.

I was told ordering around others is part of this developmental stage as well. It’s not surprising when you are told the whole day what to do and what you should not do that you start to do behave the same way. I try not to tell him too often what he should do or not, unless his action is dangerous for himself or others or he is destroying valuable things. But because he’s almost constantly testing his limits I actually end up giving him orders more often than I would like to.

I see no other way out than to relax, close my eyes on it (but not completely, keep watching the little monkey under my eyelashes, danger is lurking everywhere) and let it pass. Hopefully it will pass soon, very soon, otherwise Mommy’s mental stage is in real danger.

How about you fellow Mommies (and Daddies)? What measures are you taking to keep you sane? Please take a heart and give me some ideas, I run out of them.

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