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Let’s go by bus, ok?

“Mommy, I wanna go by bus.” – “Mommy, let’s go swimming, let’s take the bus.” – “Mommy I wanna eat Samosas in town, we go by bus, ok?” and so it goes on and on. Someone really likes to get around on our island. By bus of course.

It’s actually the easiest and cheapest way to get to a place here in Paradise. It’s definitely the common way to move around when you are a woman, a child or a woman with a child. The men however easily hitch a ride. Sitting at the road (next to the bus stop) and waiting until somebody is picking you up is not like the hitchhiking I know from Europe. And sitting or standing in the back of a truck (I’m talking about big trucks now), which is the common way men usually get around, neither. It’s as if a friend is giving you a ride because everybody knows everybody (well, sort of). But women don’t do that, we might get a ride too, but usually only when we actually do know the driver (or his dad, brother, cousin or second-cousin) and we’re getting to sit inside the car or the truck.

So back to the bus ride the little one is so fond of. ‘Timan’ is in his truck-car-boat-bus-any-kind-of-vehicle-phase and the bus is the one he likes most right now. He’s still a toddler and changes his mind quite often, but with the bus he seems to stick. Maybe because it’s big, maybe because he can sit close to the driver (sometimes), maybe because there are many people to look at, maybe because the bus goes fast and makes jerky movements once in a while, I don’t know.

I’m serious, a bus ride in Paradise can be quite an adventure for non-residents who use this transportation for the first time and are not used to it. The roads are narrow and winding and sometimes there is just enough space for one car, not two cars, let alone a car and a bus. The door usually stays open because of the heat. During rush hour even the narrow middle alley is cramped with people standing there. And you have to hold on to something, otherwise you will stumble at the first turn of the road, you won’t fall down though, there is not enough space to fall down, no kidding.

The drivers go very fast, almost racing the bus while trying to keep the schedule and after a very short time in service most of them look like they were in use for years (both of them ;-). Even though you don’t see a lot of accidents on the road, they do happen, probably quite often. Luckily major accidents do not happen a lot though, but if they do they are usually very bad, with a bus rolling down a steep slope for example. There are some lines they are prone to this because of the terrain and it’s better not to use them during main traffic hours. On TV we see and hear almost every day how to behave while using the public transportation (I think I mentioned the term ‘Banana Republic’ before, didn’t I?), where to sit and stand, what to do or not to do, normal things you would think everybody knows and does. And over the years I can see that slowly, slowly people start to comply.

When we go to town ‘Timan’ and I just have to pass by the bus terminal, so the little one can indulge in the whim of watching busses as many as he likes.

And on the way home, again by bus of course, he might be able to sit close to the driver if he’s lucky.

If the bus is not too crowded my tot gets to see everything up close, and right now I think this is what he wants to do in the future, when he’s ‘big’.  But then again, he’s a toddler and he’s allowed to change his mind. Especially on this matter he can and hopefully he will change it many times in the years ahead.

Do you also have some ‘different’, sometimes a bit dirty, very crowded and maybe even a little scary means of transportation your kid likes to use all the time? And what about your tots future plans? Or maybe your little one wants to do Mommy’s or Daddy’s job?


Wordless Wednesday – the tot in dreamland: then and now

August 22nd, 2008: 6 days old

May 25th, 2011: 1’012 days old

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The frenzy

Around 11pm Saturday night the diaper content hit the bucket, or the fan in our case.

Oh, don’t you worry, we did not get raptured or anything like this. Far from that. And diapers, we don’t use anymore, either.

It was our neighbours. Again. All of them.

And the reason was quite simple: On Saturday was election day in Paradise.

But anyway, long story short, I didn’t really care who was going to win the election. I thought that nothing was going to change and that’s exactly what has happened. Nothing against the former and newly elected president, he certainly did some good moves in the past years. And it’s definitely a hard job to pull the Paradise out of the state the country was in for some decades, but as nice as it looks from the outside, the core is still a little messy (I don’t use the word rotten, I am nice girl, you see). In my eyes it is and stays a ‘Banana Republic’ even though they try hard to get away from that image.

Who knows if this post will get me thrown out of the Paradise, it has happened to people in the past. But the past is over and the Paradise is heading full speed into the future, we hear this all the time, don’t we? But don’t worry, I will (try to) keep you posted if I get thrown out or end up behind bars. 😉

The problem I had with this election was the way it was handled, the way candidates were talking about each other, on TV or print media for instance. I saw them badmouthing their opponent in the past and during this election period it wasn’t any different. I don’t think that’s the right way to lead a campaign. They had rather given out printed information about the goals of every candidate and party in one manifest, and with all information together it would be easy for people to compare and choose their candidate.

But the even bigger problem I had with the followers of especially one political party. Yes my dear neighbours, I am talking about you. I know that probably all of you are just doing what everybody else is doing, nicely putting one foot in front of the other and follow the leader, living with the sheep-syndrome, so to speak.

That’s your right, you can do whatever you want … just not at midnight in front of my bedroom, for the second time in three weeks.

Every time this happens I am getting really edgy and just a little furious and I really have to think twice not to run outside in my PJ and start throwing eggs. But I am a nice girl. Instead I learned to brew a cup of tea to calm me down, eat some chocolate I got from my parents, squeezed some ear plugs into my ears, put a pillow over my head and went to bed. And tried to sleep. And counted the sheep waking around in front of my bedroom. And finally I drifted off …

… and woke up again.  My mommy sence kicked in. ‘Timan’ called, he called twice during that night, no wonder when he has to sleep inside a dance club, poor little one. I heard him calling from far away, “Mommy, Mommy got to go pee pee”, so to the bathroom we went. Kids are so easy, I guided him back to his bed, he climbed in, lay down and fell asleep, right away. In the middle of the dance club full of sheep.

The next morning, Sunday morning, the neighbours started off around 7:30am with their usual campaign songs on full blast. Mid-morning, finally, they went to town, to cheer the old/new president and drive with him around the island.

And once again peace was back in Paradise.

I sincerely hope it stays like this, but just in case, I will get another pair of ear plugs, children size, for ‘Timan’. The Hubs shall deal with this on his own, anyway it’s his country, his culture. I am just a bystander with a supply of ear plugs.

Maybe you want to send me some good vibes from far away? I’d really appreciate some support. 😉

Life and retirement of a beloved supporter

You served us well I dare say. You came into our house in January 2009, more than 2 1/4 years ago, when our little ‘Timan’ was so sweet and innocent and barely more than 5 month old (he’s still sweet and innocent though, but this pretty much depends on the way you look at it).

He couldn’t really use you the way you were supposed to be used and we had to help out with stuffings of  towels on the side. But a month later the play turned into action and from then on you were a part of our life and were his support for at least three times a day.

‘Timan’ liked your company when he was watching Mommy prepare meals while chewing on something to sooth his itching gums, you steadily supported him during crying spells, even his first temper tantrums, still shy and tentative were no threat for you.

You witnessed his first self-feeding-attempts

turn into professional spooning.

You saw Mommy hanging up the laundry while you prevented ‘Timan’s escape, you watched with our toddler the world pass by (the neighbour, a gazillion of lizards, a dog, some cats, some more chickens and even more birds).

You saw ‘Timan’s first scribbles turn into meaningful drawings, with a distinct meaning only to the little artist of course. Sometimes you even turned into a drawing board yourself.

And you were carefully taken apart by our little repairman (and put together again by Mommy, sigh) and personally marked as his own territory numeros times, without any complaint from your side (Mommy however complained continuously concerning the marking and each time she was giving you a thorough disinfecting bath afterwards, sigh, sigh and another sigh).

Later you were disassembled into two pieces, each one to be used independently by ‘Timan’ during play time but your main duty stayed the same.

Dear friend, now the time has come for you to retire. But have no fear, you’ve still got a place in our house, from now on you’re in charge of the wild beasts.

And ‘Timan’ is more than ready to conquer new heights. And while munching his breakfast he’s getting to watch the neighbour girls chatting at the road, he’s a little man in training after all. 😉

Since a very long time he has been ready for this move and shame on me, I was a lazy Mommy who was going the easiest way to clean up the mess after the meal (or so I thought). But I just found out, it’s not that messy at all, it was actually messy when he sat on you, so much closer to the floor, because when he was bored or not really hungry anymore and just wanted to play around, his favorite entertainment was throwing parts of his meal skillfully behind the fridge. And Mommy did not like this at all, for obvious reasons such as starting a new breeding of  lizards, ants, cockroaches, and whatever other bugs exist in paradise.

Now ‘Timan’ is really enjoying his meals sitting at the big table with Mommy and Hubs, supported by a thick book or a pillow and our little picky eater is digging in. I believe this gave his eating habit a new thrill as well, at least I would like to believe this.

I’m getting some serious competition, we are having a new discussion leader during family meals. This little one can talk, you won’t believe it.

When did you move your tot from high-chair to low-chair to regular chair? Did this transition actually change his/her eating habits like behavior at the table, table manners, his/her food choice or quantity?

Please spill the beans, I’d love to read your comment.

Wordless Wednesday – the bowling alley for rainy days

“Shall I go for the bear? Or maybe the frog? …

bummer, I missed either one …

but it was thaaaaat close.

Now I’m aiming a bit more careful

and I got a hit …

Yep, that was easy, I’m so goooood.”

And so it goes on and on for hours and hours some minutes,

just enough time for Mommy to write this post ;-).

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