Wordless{ish} Wednesday – There is a bear on the island

Can you imagine? A bear on our little island in the tropics?

No, I’m not talking about the Malayan sun bears (Ursus malayanus), they are living on the other side of the ocean.

And don’t mean the Gummy Bear colony living in the kitchen either.

The bear I’m talking about has a green tail and

snuggles up to me all the time,


I was told it is related to the creature that is living in the bathroom.

That’s what ‘Timan’ says.

And ‘Timan’ is right. Always. **growl**

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  1. Ya gotta love that bear!!

  2. I take everything so literally – I was looking at your island photo thinking, my how interesting that an actual BEAR is on that island. Sheesh. (-: Your “bear” is adorable. (-:

  3. He looks like such a happy bear. Roar.

  4. Too fun.

    Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……what a cute bear.

  6. So cute. Love the “ish” Wordless!

  7. That’s too funny! That’s the cutest bear I’ve ever seen! 😉

    Cat Nap

  8. Love it! My nephew wouldn’t answer to anything but “T-Rex” for awhile around that age. 🙂 Visitng via WW! )


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