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What are little boys made of? (Memories Captured)

Hardly a day passes and ‘Timan’ doesn’t find something highly interesting walking home from ‘creche’ (preschool).

Last week there were at least twenty baby centipedes he had the immense pleasure of squashing flat by repeatedly jumping on them (with shoes, of course).

Yesterday his sharp eyes spotted this next to the steps:

lyrics: traditional nursery rhyme

Never ever it is ‘sugar and spice’ or anything nice, but I don’t care, it keeps my tot busy for a while. 😉

For those of you, who are curious, here’s a close up:

No further comment.

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Is your little guy a ‘typical’ boy and your girl a little lady, or is it maybe the other way round?


Chasing the Mommy (Memories Captured)

By now you probably know we are living on an island, far away in the middle of the ocean, with a tropical climate, with a lot of sun and a lot of rain and the most beautiful beaches. Of course we go for a swim as often as we can.

But my idea of ‘a great day on the beach’ is not exactly what my son has in mind. I would love to relax under a palm-tree, with a good book in one hand and a good drink in the other and just chill. And once in a while I would get up and dive into the turquoise-blue water for a refreshing swim.

But there is this lovely 3-year-old boy who has other plans.

This is what ‘Timan’ considers a perfect day on the beach:

I’m still alive, because I’m fast, he didn’t get me (yet). 😉

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Tell me about your outings with your little one, when you ended up doing nothing what you wanted to do, but doing everything your kid had in mind. Or is it just us?

Surviving the bug and diggin’ the dirt

I think every woman knows when men are sick, the world is falling apart for them and they suffer a gazillion deaths. This week I learned that my little tot is on the way to become a man.

1. Last week ‘Timan’ was in creche (preschool) for only three days, for the first time in his life. And he caught a bug already. Saturday night he was a very sick little boy, suffering from THE COLD.

Ok, I agree, having a cold is uncomfortable and a pain in the neck, especially when you’re three years old. But all the screaming ‘Mommy, Mommy, hold my hand, stay with me, don’t go away, never, Mommy, Mommy’ sounded more like my Hubs when he’s sick (just change the Mommy to Honey). Well, the little one is a man in training after all.

2. This shows without a doubt, bugs are everywhere and just wait to jump on my tot. Well, that’s the way it is and I better get used to it. But there is a good side to every coin, isn’t it? The more often ‘Timan’ is coming down with a cold, the better his immune system will get trained and the easier he can handle getting sick later in life, or the more immune he will become to those nasty bugs.

3. Just look at me. When I was a child I probably had every virus on the planed that is causing a cold. But now, not anymore. These days, both of my men are getting sick, the big one on a regular basis. And me, I can be the nurse.

4. The Hubs was working on Sunday so the tot and I spent the day cuddling on the couch watching movies and I was the ‘nursie no. 1’ to my ‘oh so very sick’ little man.

5. And guess what, early Monday morning ‘Timan’ was himself again and started the day with decorating the bathroom with toilet paper and the cold was just a shadow from the past.

6. And because I’m desperately looking for things to do with the little one we did some planting this week. I’ve bought some seeds for kitchen herbs and ‘Timan’ was very eager to help when he heard the magic words ‘let’s dig the dirt’. But he did it very carefully and filled up the pot and put the seeds in.

If all goes well and he doesn’t I don’t forget to water the plants,

we will have basil, sage, thyme and parsley in no time. Hey, we are living in the tropics and everything is growing like weeds ;-), anyway, things are growing much faster here then in a temperate climate.

8. I’m already looking forward to a good old ‘insalata caprese’ (if I’m lucky and find somewhere some mozzarella), one of my favorites.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

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Do you experience the same phenomena with your male family members when they are sick?

A rather windy week

We had a lot of wind lately, not so much outside, but inside the house. Here we had storm after storm. Nevertheless it was a quiet and peaceful week. I didn’t really learn any life-saving things, but I learned several rather important lessons I just need to share with you:

1. The stormy weather in our house was mostly caused by ‘Timan’. He takes immense pleasure in passing his own wind. The louder and smellier the better. And if this is causing some kind of reaction, maybe discomfort in other people, it’s the best. Ghee, this must me a boy thing. Will it stop at one point? Or are my days doomed for the next 20 years?

2. My tot loves his morning cuddle in my bed as much as I do. One morning I started to make my bed, the tot was already happily playing in the living room, but all of a sudden he shoots into the bedroom and says with a disbelieving look on his face: “Mommy, are we not going to cuddle today?”. Gha, this made me happy.

You see, I was not so far off, quite a while ago I gave him the nickname ‘Knuddel-Furz’ (‘Snuggle-Fart’) I use when we’re just the two of us. 😉

3. I shall not leave an open cup of yoghurt in the fridge. Your son will take an egg (a raw one) and plop it into the cup, the yoghurt will be splattered all over the fridge and the kitchen. But that is nothing to worry, the fridge and the kitchen need to be cleaned at one point anyway, so why not now. Sigh.

4. ‘Timan’ has to climb other things than our furniture or kitchen counter. So we went to the playground. For the first time ever we went to play on the ‘toys’ and we did not just pass through. This place in the center of town is empty the whole day, unless there is some sort of organized activity going on. Unfortunately there is not enough shade and it’s getting really hot there on a sunny day. But this time of the year, with the sky cloudy and some rain off and on, it’s perfect. Still, there are no kids. Seems like local moms don’t have time to spend on the playground. We don’t care. ‘Timan’ climbed like a big kid and had a blast on the slide.

5. We need an apple orchard. Seriously, even if we have to plant it inside the house because we’re living in the tropics. No, not because of the cider for mommy (hicks), but because ‘Timan’s  immense apple consumption. Right now he’s eating an average of 5 per day. How about changing the well-known saying into ‘5 apples per day help your bowel go YAY’?

6. Somehow I need to cut the tots mouthing habit. He doesn’t suck on this fingers though. At least that’s something. But now it’s actually worse than when he was a baby. Now he does it fully intentional and sucks a random item he finds at home, chews it and spits it out. He doesn’t swallow, no, he uses it as some sort of a mouth toy. And he prefers these things to chewing a gum or eating something not so healthy and yummy ;-). How strange is that? Rubber things are preferred, like elastic rubber bands, but he also sucks on painted wooden blocks with round edges and he even does it with metal toy cars. I really fear for his pearly whites. Gha, I don’t now anymore what to do. I asked him why he’s putting things in his mouth and he simply said he likes the feeling.

7. My little one thinks he really is someone. He put on his pyjama top all by himself and commented this with a big smile and ‘I’m a genius’. The next day he took his toy car apart, the one that’s meant to be taken apart, and when he was trying to put it together again, he got stuck. And he was shaking his head with a big sigh and said ‘I’m not a genius’. At least he’s realistic. But …

… isn’t everyone a little genius somewhere with something? I think a healthy self-esteem should be nourished, don’t you think so?

Happy weekend to all of you.

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If you have a suggestion how I can stop the tot to take inappropriate things in his mouth, I’d be grateful forever. With a (virtual) cake and all. 😉

And as always, tell me what you think, I love your comment. 🙂

A sweet toddler giggle to end the day …

… or the other things life has taught me this week.

It started perfect with a wonderful Sunday. I was for several hours all by myself. The Hubs and ‘Timan’ went to visit Gromi (my mother-in-law) and the tot spent hours playing with his cousins on the PlayStation in the garden, while the Hubs was watching football and drinking beer working in said garden with his brother-in-law. Don’t we all love the crisp cool air in the mountains? Whatever, I had a great time too, staying at home all alone. 🙂

As the days passed, I realized certain things I won’t be able to change and some things I don’t want to change, ever:

1. ‘Timan’ wants to roughhouse. That’s ok, ‘Timan’ gets to roughhouse. But just not with me. The Hubs has to be his perfect sparring partner. – I’m a ‘Lady’, not a punching ball, for heaven’s sake.

2. Every time I’m in the shower, washing my hair, covered in foam, ‘Timan’ needs to go for ‘big business’ and is in urgent need of someone to lift him up on the throne. Of course this happens when the Hubs is still at work (he has a late night work schedule, sigh). No problem, I hop out of the shower, pop him on the seat and hop back in. And all he does is sit there, talking to the sink and playing with the toilet paper I usually forget to put away. No solid output, nothing. – But shame on me if I dare to tell him to hold it back until I’m finished with my shower. This would be calling for a disaster and his omniscient words would be “But Mommy, I’ve told you.”

3. I caught the tot ‘cooking on the stove’ – while standing on a chair in front of it. I was scared to the bone. Luckily nothing happened. Unfortunately he’s so cocky, he knows-it-all, can-do-it-all and my words are blown away with the wind. – Maybe I need to put the phone numbers of the ER and some Taxis on my speed dial.

4. We got back to napping after several nap-less days. I signed up for the help of mother nature (aka earlier sunrise), but ‘Timan’ still needs my patience, more patience and maybe even more of it. A bright bedroom at 6am wakes him up and he is tired by the time lunch is finished, but if I don’t add my cooing words to the mix until he’s falling asleep in my arms, there is no nap. – And no nap means a cranky tot by late afternoon and no quiet time for me.

5. I found the perfect beginning of ‘Timan’s bedtime ritual. We start with some laughter and lots of his sweet giggles, just nothing rough (see no.1). It doesn’t matter what is going to make him giggle, my tickling or a catching game while he’s sitting on my lap, he’s just giggling and laughing. Believe it or not, he’s falling asleep much easier afterwards. And to top it off, these toddler giggles are so sweet, they make me smile, no matter how crappy my day was. I only hope he keeps doing them for a very long time to come. 🙂

So you see, in spite of the rather humid and wet weather and ‘Timan’s still itchy skin, life is good in paradise. I hope it’s been good with you too. Enjoy a great weekend.

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Do those sweet toddler giggles change your mood to the better as well? They just make me happy. I can’t get enough of them.

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