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Rainy days are great, but can be nerve wracking

This week was wet, wet, wet and ‘Timan’ and I were staying inside the whole time. Poor Hubs, who had to go to work, sometimes I really felt sorry for him. 😉

But because of the bad weather the outdoor play to burn energy was limited to zero and it was all about ‘Timan’ this week. The whole time most of the time the tot made my Mommy-heart swell with pride:

1. ‘Timan’ scribbled around and asked me: “Mommy, what did I write?” Me: “I don’t know.” ‘Timan’: “It’s an X” LOL, but for sure he did scribble something like a cross. A little later he told me he wrote an S and it really looked a little like it. Way to go my little genius.

2. All the things that shouldn’t be pulled apart are very interesting for ‘Timan’. Obviously I don’t like him to work on these kind of handyman skills, especially not after he was told numerous times ‘don’t do this, it’s not to take apart, it’s going to break’. No wonder he loves toys he can take apart and put together again the way he wants and nothing will break. And that’s a sure way to keep him busy for more than 3 minutes. This week I have a big thumbs up for LEGO and MECCANO.

3. And he even cared about me with his new inventions. I was asking him: “What did you build?”  ‘Timan’: “It’s a helicopter with a mopeller (he meant the rotor), you know, I fly with it to creche. And look, this one is for you.” He was holding up his second construction. Me: “And what is it?” ‘Timan’: “That’s a helicopter for you, so you’re always with me at school.” Well, little one, soon enough you will find out how this will work. I will get you there, but no way I will stay.

4. Finally my preaching is bearing fruits: Whenever the tot is pulling out a toy and wants to play with something else after a short while, he nicely collects all the pieces and takes them back to the place where they belong. And then he’s pulling out the next toy. My words are sinking in. That’s my boy, I’m so proud. 🙂

5. We reached, or we are in the process of reaching, another milestone: This week our little baby had his first lessons using the next item of the ‘grown-up’ silverware: the knife. And he was proudly practicing with omelets, sweet potatoes and squash. He understood the do’s and don’ts and did it right, at least when I was watching him. And soon he’ll be a master with a steak knife. LOL. In his dreams only.

6. Because of the constant thunder storms and rain it’s not as bright early in the morning and the tot was sleeping in. But when his wake up time is around 7:30am, never in his life he is going to nap after lunch. But this was quite ok with me, because around 7:30pm he realizes he’s getting tired, I tell him to go pee, he does it without complaint, I guide him to the bedroom, no complaint either, he lays down, I hold his hand for not more than 15 seconds and he’s passed out until 7:30am the next morning. I just have to make sure he really goes to the toilet before he falls asleep, otherwise there might a little problem in the middle of the night when he’s in deep sleep. Or maybe not and he wakes up before he’s floating in a pond.

7. However attending to my own personal needs can result in chaos. Especially during those strenuous nap-less times. Even though this particular morning he was an early bird and pulled me out of bed at 6:30am, still it’s not a good idea to go to another room. Leaving him by himself in such a situation, tired but full of beans, even just for a couple of minutes, always results in mischief.

The forecast for this weekend is still rain, rain and more rain, so nothing is going to change anytime soon. But when the sun is shining again into the bedroom at 6am, ‘Timan’ is going to wake up early and will return to his nap schedule. I hope.

Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine, or rain if you prefer it wet.

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But tell me, what is your suitcase full of tricks for the days it’s raining only once? Sometimes I feel like I always have to come up with something new to keep my little boy busy during a whole day without nap.


A sweet toddler giggle to end the day …

… or the other things life has taught me this week.

It started perfect with a wonderful Sunday. I was for several hours all by myself. The Hubs and ‘Timan’ went to visit Gromi (my mother-in-law) and the tot spent hours playing with his cousins on the PlayStation in the garden, while the Hubs was watching football and drinking beer working in said garden with his brother-in-law. Don’t we all love the crisp cool air in the mountains? Whatever, I had a great time too, staying at home all alone. 🙂

As the days passed, I realized certain things I won’t be able to change and some things I don’t want to change, ever:

1. ‘Timan’ wants to roughhouse. That’s ok, ‘Timan’ gets to roughhouse. But just not with me. The Hubs has to be his perfect sparring partner. – I’m a ‘Lady’, not a punching ball, for heaven’s sake.

2. Every time I’m in the shower, washing my hair, covered in foam, ‘Timan’ needs to go for ‘big business’ and is in urgent need of someone to lift him up on the throne. Of course this happens when the Hubs is still at work (he has a late night work schedule, sigh). No problem, I hop out of the shower, pop him on the seat and hop back in. And all he does is sit there, talking to the sink and playing with the toilet paper I usually forget to put away. No solid output, nothing. – But shame on me if I dare to tell him to hold it back until I’m finished with my shower. This would be calling for a disaster and his omniscient words would be “But Mommy, I’ve told you.”

3. I caught the tot ‘cooking on the stove’ – while standing on a chair in front of it. I was scared to the bone. Luckily nothing happened. Unfortunately he’s so cocky, he knows-it-all, can-do-it-all and my words are blown away with the wind. – Maybe I need to put the phone numbers of the ER and some Taxis on my speed dial.

4. We got back to napping after several nap-less days. I signed up for the help of mother nature (aka earlier sunrise), but ‘Timan’ still needs my patience, more patience and maybe even more of it. A bright bedroom at 6am wakes him up and he is tired by the time lunch is finished, but if I don’t add my cooing words to the mix until he’s falling asleep in my arms, there is no nap. – And no nap means a cranky tot by late afternoon and no quiet time for me.

5. I found the perfect beginning of ‘Timan’s bedtime ritual. We start with some laughter and lots of his sweet giggles, just nothing rough (see no.1). It doesn’t matter what is going to make him giggle, my tickling or a catching game while he’s sitting on my lap, he’s just giggling and laughing. Believe it or not, he’s falling asleep much easier afterwards. And to top it off, these toddler giggles are so sweet, they make me smile, no matter how crappy my day was. I only hope he keeps doing them for a very long time to come. 🙂

So you see, in spite of the rather humid and wet weather and ‘Timan’s still itchy skin, life is good in paradise. I hope it’s been good with you too. Enjoy a great weekend.

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Do those sweet toddler giggles change your mood to the better as well? They just make me happy. I can’t get enough of them.


… is not to confuse with ‘Thank God I’m Male’, because of course I’m not, no, it stands for ‘Thank Goofy It’s Myday‘. And of course Myday stands for Monday, what else? Hey, the reasons are simple and they don’t have anything to do with Football neither, I’m really not too much into that sport.

Life however is much easier on a Monday, everything is so much easier. Now you probably say I am totally wrong with this. But for here, in our hood, I’m not wrong. Here it is easier, believe me. The whole neighborhood is quiet and relaxed. Everybody has left, has gone to work, just some people are doing what they are doing every day and that’s it.

In our house it’s much more relaxed as well. Hubs is leaving for work and ‘Timan’ is getting up at a time which is neither later nor earlier than on the weekend. We cuddle a little bit in bed, I’m getting out to do the daily routine in the bathroom (lady things), make the tots ‘Vitamin syringe’ ready (Vitamin syrup in a syringe dropper), pour his Corn-Flakes, chop a Mango (his favorite breakfast every morning for the last three month these days), prepare a tea for myself and check what’s new on my computer.

Later I’m doing some cleaning while ‘Timan’ is following me at every turn sitting on the couch and quietly watching a cartoon. I don’t know why, but bugging me while I’m sweeping is much more interesting than playing outside or watching his favorite Cartoon character. And he objects very loud when I tell him I will turn off the TV and runs back to the living room, just to reappear not even 2 minutes later. Sigh.

But still, since this scenario is happening every morning, both of us are used to it, we know our roles in this play by heart and it ends up as a game most of the time.

However the most important reason why I dread the weekend is because ‘Timan’ doesn’t nap and I so much need him to nap to get some time to write some posts, play with my Hubs read a book in peace:

  • When the Hubs is home, the tot doesn’t sleep during the day. He refuses to even consider thinking about taking a nap, just because there is someone else in the house, other than him and I. He could miss out on something extremely important. So I tried to imply some ‘quiet time’ which is working for about 15 minutes. Ugh.
  • Our neighbours are playing loud music. Actually it’s nice music, dance music ‘local style’ called Sega, that just makes you want to move your body. And our tot is not immune to dancing. Like every little kid, he loves it.

And of course the drawback is coming late afternoon. On top of the normal 5-6 pm frenzy he’s getting tired by now, a little cranky, wants to lay down and totally refuses to do it at the same time (not that he’s allowed going for a nap now anyway).

Somehow Hubs and I have to survive this hour. I’m making sure he’s getting something to eat (just in case he doesn’t make it until the official dinner is ready) and he’s taking a shower.

Sometimes he is joining us later for dinner and sometimes he passes out somewhere on the couch or the living room floor long before dinner is served. I just have to carry him to his bed, he doesn’t even wake up until the next morning around 7 am.

And YAY, the Hubs and I have the whole evening for ourselves. That’s the good part about the weekend.

But other than that, I honestly prefer the days during the week. So I say to everybody: TGIM or T or W or …

Are you all YAY for the weekend? Or are you like me, a SAHM who doesn’t really care because every day is so much the same, just some are either more difficult or I have to make them different myself?

Wordless Wednesday – the tot in dreamland: then and now

August 22nd, 2008: 6 days old

May 25th, 2011: 1’012 days old

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One and a half days of (limited) freedom

Last week the incredible has happened. I still can’t believe it.  My Hubs was off for four days in a row and during 1 1/2 days of them he stayed home with ‘Timan’  while Mommy could do whatever she wanted.

Since I gave birth to ‘Timan’ this has never happened before. Can you imagine, not for 2 years, 7 month and 28 days. Ok, when he was a little baby there were some mornings I dropped him and some bottles of breast milk off at Gromi’s (my mother in law) and was able to do some shopping for clothes in town. This is not really possible with a little one who is not able to stand on his own feet yet. But when he started to walk I took him with me on my shopping sprees, actually I always take ‘Timan’ with me, wherever I go.

But last week I went to the beach on my own. I didn’t even call a friend to join me. It was wonderful and relaxing. There were not many people around, the sun was shining, the water was warm, there was even a nice surf (the pic I took before the surf started). I read my book, swam, took a sun bath, had a cocktail … with other words I gave myself the perfect day.

Back home we had an overly tired and cranky ‘Timan’ because Hubs was not able go get him to take his nap. So I had to hurry up to prepare dinner for the little one, brush his teeth and have him take his shower just in case he’s falling asleep early. Of course he was denying to be tired but at 7:45pm he was sound asleep.

On day number two I went shopping. Just for me. Ok, I also bought a story book about a locomotive for ‘Timan’ but that was it. And I realised something. People were looking at me differently. All of a sudden I was not the Mommy with a toddler in tow, I was a woman again. Incredible. I realised it actually made me walk differently, swinging my hips a bit (this is rather difficult when you are pulling a tot behind you or worse, have to carry him).  I just had to tell Hubs, but I think he didn’t like it. And this made me smile even more.

To make sure ‘Timan’ was napping without problems in the afternoon I ‘allowed’ 😉 Hubs to have some male bonding time with one of his friends, but he had to get some good pizza on the way home for dinner.

But then, the next day all was definitely back to the same ol’ same ol’. Hubs was still off so I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean out the kitchen cabinets while his job was making sure, the little monkey was not getting his curios little fingers into something he wasn’t supposed to. It worked more or less, ‘Timan’ had a couple of tantrums and Hubs a swollen foot because ‘Timan’ threw his little wooden toy-tool-box at him. Our efforts in discipline and social behavior worked only halfway, on the naughty chair he spent his time but he refused to apologize to his dad. Maybe he’s still to young to understand this concept. Or maybe he was just to stubborn to do it. We’ll have to work on this.

Lunchtime was one of the worst so far, his plate went flying off the table as he refused to eat one of his favorite foods ‘pasta with veggy-sauce’, only to ask for it after the outburst was over. And with Hubs in the house he was not able to settle himself down to take a nap and refused to accept my offer of holding him in my arms until he fell asleep, he even insisted on lying on the floor instead of in the bed. But then he wanted to be in my arms, fell asleep, only to get up and go down on the floor, where he stayed talking to himself.  Was he trying to ditch his nap again? Or was it because he knew Hubs was around?

Do your little ones act differently too when Daddy’s around?

Anyway, I have to take my fate and keep clenching my teeth and wait until ‘Timan’ is old enough to go to Pre-School. That would be at the beginning of next year but that’s a long time for me to wait. Or I have to send him to daycare on some days. Or maybe I send him to his Gromi for a little vacation, because even though Mommy just had a one, she so desperately needs another one.

How are the other ‘stay-at-home-moms’ handling it? Daycare, friends/relatives, or are you one on one with the little one all the time? I would so love to get your opinion about this.

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