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Oh dear, ‘Timan’ is trying to ditch his nap

Has this time come already? But he’s not even 2 1/2 years old.

I was hoping I will have some (a lot) more month to come of nice quiet relaxing time after lunch, just for myself. But no, ‘Timan’ wants to see what I’m doing, wants to play in the living room, wants this and that, with other words he does not want to nap. What now? I thought the developmental stages of a toddler include napping and maybe a pre-schooler doesn’t need the daytime sleep anymore.

Ok, I made my plan, I am n.o.t. giving up on this. Because if he doesn’t nap he’s going to be really cranky by 7pm, wants to sleep (or nap), skips dinner, wakes up around 9pm because he’s hungry and stays up until who knows when. No way, I need my treasured time to relax, a quiet evening with Hubs.

We, or should I say I, have to get up a bit earlier. Lately we were ‘sleeping in’ quite a bit until 7:15am at least. Sunrise in Paradise is about 6:20am this time of the year and because it’s often cloudy and raining early morning it does not get real bright inside the bedroom, therefore ‘Timan’ sleeps until I get up.  Half a year ago I was considering myself very lucky when he stayed quiet in bed until 6am and he had no problem napping at 1pm for almost 3 hours.

Luckily nothing has changed with his bedtime 9:15pm so far.

So I have to get back on this schedule. I’ll try tomorrow and see what happens. If I can get up at 6am. That is so much to early for me. But if not I’ll have to suffer the consequences. Maybe the thought of this is going to help. Or maybe not and I just turn over and snooze some more. I’m only human.

Or maybe he just has a cranky day today. Tomorrow is going to be another day anyway. Toddlers can change their mind as they please, don’t you think so?


Growing up tri- or multilingual

Living in a country far from your home country or the place where you grew up is sometimes great fun, opens your horizon, lets you think differently and helps your mind to see outside your little box. I think when a child is growing up multicultural and multilingual it is definitely a benefit for his future.

Here in Paradise it’s like this: During the day, when Hubs is at work, I am talking to ‘Timan’ in my mother  tongue Swiss-German (a language that is only spoken but normally not used in writing. All the written text is in High-German, which is using quite different words and sentence-structure). English I’m using with Hubs. But English is not the primary language for both of us. Hubs’ mother tongue is Creole. He is using English with ‘Timan’ and I am joining them whenever we are all together as a family.  Because everybody in Paradise realizes I’m a foreigner after a couple of words, people are switching to english with me and ‘Timan’.

The only time I can practise my Creole, is while watching the local TV, listening to the radio or hear people talking. And by communicating with small kids in the neighborhood. In one year time, ‘Timan’ is going to pre-school, and everybody is going to talk Creole. I just hope, he is going to catch up quickly and I will be able to practise my own Creole with him.

I would like to give him a head start with Creole as well, but whenever I am trying to, I just know I am twisting the sentences and end up talking rather French than Creole.

But maybe I should not be worried at all, after all he’s not even 2 1/2-years old and kids are like sponges in this age. He’s very good in Swiss and catching up with English at a very fast rate.

So I lean back, have another cup of coffee,  and see what is going to happen.

I’m  just wondering, which one of the languages is going to end up being  ‘Timan’s mother tongue: Swiss, English or Creole?

Rain in abundance

It’s raining in Paradise. After all it’s rainy season, northeast monsoon, whatever you name it. It’s been raining off and on since days and everything is dripping wet outside. And this is good and bad at the same time, as many things in life  (Just think about the cookies, I am sure you know what I mean).  The pouring rain is filling up the water reservoirs, very important for everyone on the island, but at the same time it’s keeping ‘Timan’ inside and this is bad. Very bad. Bad for him and bad for me. Being a single child myself, and therefore selfish by nature ;-), I  know what I’m talking about. But seriously, it’s just not so funny being locked up inside the house the whole day. I feel sorry for him. And for me too, because it’s me playing nonstop with the blocks, reading stories, cuddling with ‘Timan’ or better with his stuffed animals and making cookie dough (Graham-Cookies, which don’t taste sweet, because he doesn’t like sweets) so he can cut out his own cookies.

Sun, sun, sun, please come back, s.o.o.n. and dry up the puddles, so ‘Timan’ can run around and ride his trike outside. Did I say please?

‘O take the nasty soup away! I won’t have any soup today’

Maybe  you remember the  ‘Story of Augustus who would not have any soup’ (‘Die Geschichte vom Suppen-Kaspar’  by Heinrich Hoffmann)  from your own childhood, by being told the story or from your own experience. Well, I certainly do. And I’m sure my mom does as well 😉

But now the same old thing is happening with my son.  I thought I was doing everything right.  Maybe I did, but maybe I should have introduced different foods, maybe I should have involved him earlier in  family dinners, maybe … , I don’t know. Having meals without lots of spices is a bit difficult here in paradise. Everybody loves the chilli and uses it in abundance. Anyhow, ‘Timan’ was never an adventurous eater, is still refusing plain cows-milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream!!, chocolate!!, cereals without or with added sugar!! among many other things. All the stuff kids normally go for are a sure ‘no, no, don’t like’ for ‘Timan’. But he likes peanut-butter and bread, not combined however, each one by itself (a spoon full of peanut-butter next to a plain slice of bread, no jam of course!). He loves apples and mangos, the later he started to eat only three month ago. Any other tropical fruits such as bananas, papaya, guava, you name it, he categorically refuses.

But I have my tricks, I mix milk powder (a lot) in his apple-porridge in the morning (without added sugar of course)  and very often he’s eating his rice cooked in milk (again with lots of milk powder added).  Sometimes he likes veggi stew, sometimes he’s refusing it, sometimes he likes fish, sometimes not. He eats sausages (processed food – ‘Timan’s favorite, not mine however) prepared with onions, garlic and ginger but no pieces of chicken, beef or pork or the minced version thereof. And he loves Ginger-Cookies, the ‘spicier’ they are the better!

So this leads me to the question: Is he just being a normal Toddler? A picky eater? Or maybe both?

I know about the 10-times-rule and try to follow  it as best as I can, but the outcome still stays the same. He ends up being stuck with the same old same old for months.

Or maybe I should try something completely different and let him go hungry? As in an old saying I remember from my childhood. It goes like  ‘When the devil is hungry he’s eating fly’ when I translate it. But this would break my heart.

I don’t know anymore. I guess time will show and eventually ‘Timan’ is growing out of this developmental stage and his taste buds are going to take a turn for the better (and healthier), so I hope.

Maybe you have any experience with this issue? Please feel free to leave your comment, your support and your ideas are most welcome. Thank you so much.

A big Welcome to everyone visiting my ‘Paradise’

Finally my blog is up and running. My plan is to write posts. Oh, please don’t laugh, I know every blogger wants to write posts, no, I mean substantial posts, or better, posts that are substantial to me and you too.

Posts  that show how we live our everyday life, a life that is probably quite different from yours (remember, after all we are living in Paradise), posts that show my struggles with my soon to be 2 1/2-year-old toddler son (this you most likely can rely to), posts about how I see the world (the ‘real’ world and the ‘Paradise’ – you know, I was not born here, I come from the ‘real’ word out there, like you).

I know, by now you might most likely say that you don’t really care how I see everything, but maybe you do …. so keep on reading, check back frequently because my website is still in progress, feel free to leave a comment, subscribe to new posts by email or follow me on Twitter.

Thank you for passing by, hope to see you soon again :-).

Take care of yourself,

The Mommy in Paradise

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