My cars are not for racing (Memories Captured)

What to do with a well-functioning battery operated race car with radio remote control?

Some kids might play with it, they race it around the house. Awesome.

Well, ‘Timan’ did this too … for a short while.

But then his curiosity took over and he was more interested in using Daddy’s tools to skillfully disassemble it.

I guess his next birthday present will be his very own real tool set with many different screw drivers, a pair of pliers, a wrench and a small hammer.

And all broken mechanical objects in our house will be saved for disassembling by my little mechanic in training.

I’m just waiting until he starts with electronic things. Duh.

Please have mercy, I fear for Daddy’s phone, Mommy’s phone, TV, DVD, laptop, the car in front of the house the worst. 😉

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How did you fulfill your kids needs to satisfy their curiosity by taking apart mechanical things?


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  1. How sweet! It’s great that he is trying to figure things out!

  2. he will be a mechanic or an engineer of some sort. He really seems into it too. Happy WW!

  3. Reverse engineering at its finest :). Most men I know used to tear things apart as kids. They’re the smart ones, I have to admit 🙂

  4. 🙂 rumor has it that my husband was the exact same way. he grew up a genius (no, really) and currently is in IT and builds computers from the ground up…

  5. That curiosity has a ton of potential. I bet in his eyes he’s just fixing it the whole time!

  6. Watch out electronics, he’s on a mission

  7. Oh boy! My husband is an engineer. To this day we all fear him for ruining things out of curiosity. Your son has a bright future ahead of him 🙂

  8. I love that he’s so curious!!

  9. I love it!!! An engineer in training perhaps?

    • Maybe, or maybe he’ll fly to Pluto, or become a Rock Star, or maybe he’ll choose to grow some ‘herbs’ somewhere in the boonies. We’ll see, the future is his.
      But engineering wouldn’t be bad. 🙂

  10. jdaniel4smom

    JDaniel hasn’t thought of this yet. When he does, his cars will be in pieces too.

  11. He looks so intent on his work. My boy has taken apart his fair share of cars and also watches daddy fix computers. I can’t wait for the day I walk into his room with his laptop in a million pieces!!!

  12. In this case do not let him anywhere near your car without supervision 😉

  13. Hee! Love this! Such a ‘lil smart pants! 🙂

  14. Chunky. Does. The. Exact. Same. Thing!!!
    He takes off the wheels and then he takes a look under the hood.
    Mostly he does it in the yard with a giant rock though.
    And he asked Santa for a broken car so that he could fix it.

    • LOL, boys will always be boys I guess. ‘Timan’ really thinks he’s not destroying anything and actually expects me to put the things together again after he’s finished disassembling to the very last screw. ??!!??!!

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