About me

The Mommy in a nutshell

There was a time in my life, actually a very long time, when I used to live in the center of Europe. But as you see, I was restless and wanted to explore the world.  I always loved the sea, nonexistent in my home country, so moved to the Cayman Islands.  No, not why you are thinking of, the little money I had, was not the reason. But I love scuba diving. So I figured, teaching exactly this was the way to go.

The time passed, but eventually my restlessness kicked in again. So I moved on to the Solomon Islands in the Pacific and back to the Caribbean, to the Lesser Antilles, also known as the West Indies or the Leeward Islands. Then I wanted to see and dive the magnificent Aldabra in the Indian Ocean. I did it for a while and I can tell you, it’s really great, I mean the diving part as well as the flora and fauna above the water.  I went on managing a dive operation on another island and as life goes, I found  t h e  man and got stuck in this part of the world.

One and one makes three, our ‘Piti’, our Bubba boy, arrived in August 2008 and Mommy was definitely in Paradise.

Now both of them, ‘Hubs’  the big one and ‘Timan’  the little one are doing their best to keep me happy and (in)sane at the same time.

* ‘Piti’ and ‘Timan’ are Creole and stand for son and little man.

  1. Your blog came up as I was searching for answers about my 3yr olds eczema. I bookmarked it and the pictures you had looks exactly like my little boys. I’ve switched shampoos and wash and laundry detergent for him and apply lotion everyday. It looks a lot better but as you had mentioned the backs of the knees is what is hanging around. I’m not sure if you blog anymore as your son is much older now but I read your other posts. You have a very nice way of writing and expressing 🙂
    Glad I came across your blog.

  2. your son is adorable. strangely, he looks like my little guy. just older. maybe it is true what they say, everyone has a twin. if i knew anything about computers, id attach a photo. thanks for the mango apple muffin recipe, my boys will like even if they pretend it didnt sound good.

  3. Wow your were not kidding about flip flops everyday! What a paradise you get to live in.

  4. I found your blog via Life’s Lessons on Life Ever Since, and I’m so glad I did! Sounds like you have a fun, interesting life!

  5. Wow, you truly are in Mommy’s paradise. What an exciting life you live. Kinda like being on a holiday resort all the time.

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