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Stay like this forever, will you?

Sometimes I wish I could put the time on hold, freeze the moment, keep my little man at the stage he is right now.

Always in motion, jumping, running, climbing, dancing, talking, exploring, asking endless questions.

And then again, after a while, I’m totally happy he’s still snuggling, hugging and kissing and most of all: calming down.

This is ‘Timan’s world:

And I’m trying to keep the memories alive as long as possible. 🙂

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Surviving the bug and diggin’ the dirt

I think every woman knows when men are sick, the world is falling apart for them and they suffer a gazillion deaths. This week I learned that my little tot is on the way to become a man.

1. Last week ‘Timan’ was in creche (preschool) for only three days, for the first time in his life. And he caught a bug already. Saturday night he was a very sick little boy, suffering from THE COLD.

Ok, I agree, having a cold is uncomfortable and a pain in the neck, especially when you’re three years old. But all the screaming ‘Mommy, Mommy, hold my hand, stay with me, don’t go away, never, Mommy, Mommy’ sounded more like my Hubs when he’s sick (just change the Mommy to Honey). Well, the little one is a man in training after all.

2. This shows without a doubt, bugs are everywhere and just wait to jump on my tot. Well, that’s the way it is and I better get used to it. But there is a good side to every coin, isn’t it? The more often ‘Timan’ is coming down with a cold, the better his immune system will get trained and the easier he can handle getting sick later in life, or the more immune he will become to those nasty bugs.

3. Just look at me. When I was a child I probably had every virus on the planed that is causing a cold. But now, not anymore. These days, both of my men are getting sick, the big one on a regular basis. And me, I can be the nurse.

4. The Hubs was working on Sunday so the tot and I spent the day cuddling on the couch watching movies and I was the ‘nursie no. 1’ to my ‘oh so very sick’ little man.

5. And guess what, early Monday morning ‘Timan’ was himself again and started the day with decorating the bathroom with toilet paper and the cold was just a shadow from the past.

6. And because I’m desperately looking for things to do with the little one we did some planting this week. I’ve bought some seeds for kitchen herbs and ‘Timan’ was very eager to help when he heard the magic words ‘let’s dig the dirt’. But he did it very carefully and filled up the pot and put the seeds in.

If all goes well and he doesn’t I don’t forget to water the plants,

we will have basil, sage, thyme and parsley in no time. Hey, we are living in the tropics and everything is growing like weeds ;-), anyway, things are growing much faster here then in a temperate climate.

8. I’m already looking forward to a good old ‘insalata caprese’ (if I’m lucky and find somewhere some mozzarella), one of my favorites.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

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Do you experience the same phenomena with your male family members when they are sick?

I need my Mojo back, where did it go?

Sometimes I have to work really hard to get my Mojo back. I’d rather stay in bed, bury my head under the pillow and drift back to dreamland. But no, that’s not possible. Not since 2 years, 11 month and 13 Days to be exact. As much as I love my son, sometimes I wish he would dance after my drum and not his own. Sigh.

On some days I feel like I’m down in the dumps. Normally this happens when ‘Timan’ wakes up before I do, comes to my bed and yells ‘Mommy, don’t sleep.’ I mean he yells this into my ear. Probably everybody on the other side of the island can hear it too.

As the day goes on, it’s not getting any better. At least the tot is eating his meals and falls asleep during nap time and I have some time for myself. Time I should spend wisely. I want to write a new post, read and comment on some blogs, but … I don’t feel like doing anything else but sipping my coffee and watching the clouds go by. I feel like doing nothing, not even lifting up my cup. Sigh.

And in the evening, when I have some time for myself again, when ‘Timan’ is sleeping, I do nothing, I just lounge on the couch and go to bed early. Poor Hubs.

I feel worn-out and listless. I’ve lost my Mojo.

I need my groove back and my blogging Mojo will come back with it. I know.

So what should I do?

In the past I found a couple of things that will get me in a better mood and sometimes wipe out my blogging down phase as well. And they are even possible with having the tot with me 24/7. Here they are:

  • Shopping. Easier said then done because shopping for Mommy with a 3-year-old tot in tow is sometimes just a tiny little bit difficult. And sadly not the very best shopping experience. But it’s shopping nevertheless. I learned to thrive with small things. Sigh. And most of the time I end up shopping for kids stuff anyway.
  • Getting a good nights sleep and everything looks different the next morning, hmmm, most of the time.
  • Baking: It smells good, tastes good and it’s rewarding (if only for myself because the tot doesn’t like sweets and the Hubs is into all these creole things, so there is more to eat for me 🙂 ). But I try to stay as healthy as possible, with using whole grain flour, brown sugar and fruits or vegetables. I might just do this today again. And the tot even gets to help.
  • Surfing: On the ocean or the web, both work like a charm for me. Ok, the first one isn’t possible with ‘Timan’ right now, but maybe it will be in the future.
  • Enjoying a glass of wine, preferably with my Hubs. But without him, no problem, it does the trick too 😉 ).
  • And concerning the lack of blogging ideas: In this case I don’t even think about my blog, my brain is blog-empty anyway. I might read some other blogs, comment on them, or I
  • Play a game on the computer, any game will do.

And all of a sudden it makes ‘puff’, I’m bursting with energy and I know what I’m going to write about.

Hmm, this sounds all very simple, I know. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But I don’t mind too much. The good times will come back and I’ll have enough energy to pull out a tree, I just have to take one day after the other. Everything in life is just a matter of time.

So I lean back, give ‘Timan’ the fiftieth hug of the day, play blocks or puzzle with him, or read a story to the tot and it’s going to happen.

But the most important thing I keep reminding myself: Think positive and put a smile on your face. 🙂

What do you do when you lost you Mojo in real life or in the virtual world?


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… is not to confuse with ‘Thank God I’m Male’, because of course I’m not, no, it stands for ‘Thank Goofy It’s Myday‘. And of course Myday stands for Monday, what else? Hey, the reasons are simple and they don’t have anything to do with Football neither, I’m really not too much into that sport.

Life however is much easier on a Monday, everything is so much easier. Now you probably say I am totally wrong with this. But for here, in our hood, I’m not wrong. Here it is easier, believe me. The whole neighborhood is quiet and relaxed. Everybody has left, has gone to work, just some people are doing what they are doing every day and that’s it.

In our house it’s much more relaxed as well. Hubs is leaving for work and ‘Timan’ is getting up at a time which is neither later nor earlier than on the weekend. We cuddle a little bit in bed, I’m getting out to do the daily routine in the bathroom (lady things), make the tots ‘Vitamin syringe’ ready (Vitamin syrup in a syringe dropper), pour his Corn-Flakes, chop a Mango (his favorite breakfast every morning for the last three month these days), prepare a tea for myself and check what’s new on my computer.

Later I’m doing some cleaning while ‘Timan’ is following me at every turn sitting on the couch and quietly watching a cartoon. I don’t know why, but bugging me while I’m sweeping is much more interesting than playing outside or watching his favorite Cartoon character. And he objects very loud when I tell him I will turn off the TV and runs back to the living room, just to reappear not even 2 minutes later. Sigh.

But still, since this scenario is happening every morning, both of us are used to it, we know our roles in this play by heart and it ends up as a game most of the time.

However the most important reason why I dread the weekend is because ‘Timan’ doesn’t nap and I so much need him to nap to get some time to write some posts, play with my Hubs read a book in peace:

  • When the Hubs is home, the tot doesn’t sleep during the day. He refuses to even consider thinking about taking a nap, just because there is someone else in the house, other than him and I. He could miss out on something extremely important. So I tried to imply some ‘quiet time’ which is working for about 15 minutes. Ugh.
  • Our neighbours are playing loud music. Actually it’s nice music, dance music ‘local style’ called Sega, that just makes you want to move your body. And our tot is not immune to dancing. Like every little kid, he loves it.

And of course the drawback is coming late afternoon. On top of the normal 5-6 pm frenzy he’s getting tired by now, a little cranky, wants to lay down and totally refuses to do it at the same time (not that he’s allowed going for a nap now anyway).

Somehow Hubs and I have to survive this hour. I’m making sure he’s getting something to eat (just in case he doesn’t make it until the official dinner is ready) and he’s taking a shower.

Sometimes he is joining us later for dinner and sometimes he passes out somewhere on the couch or the living room floor long before dinner is served. I just have to carry him to his bed, he doesn’t even wake up until the next morning around 7 am.

And YAY, the Hubs and I have the whole evening for ourselves. That’s the good part about the weekend.

But other than that, I honestly prefer the days during the week. So I say to everybody: TGIM or T or W or …

Are you all YAY for the weekend? Or are you like me, a SAHM who doesn’t really care because every day is so much the same, just some are either more difficult or I have to make them different myself?

My happiness in short words

This post is for the Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt #5:

On a piece of paper write down something that makes you happy…take a photo of your paper and wa la…there’s your post.

Still being in a ‘happy liking phase’, inspired by my last post, I just had to pick this prompt.

And I like so many things and too many things can make me happy. For instance a compliment from my Hubs (or any other person, a some handsome hunk for example, he he, who wouldn’t like this?), a dinner with friends, a glass of wine, dark chocolate, my Hubs cooking, people smiling back at me, ice cream, the list is endless. And it pretty much depends on the day, but there are some things that always make me happy.

For this prompt I came up with something from my past and something from today.

So here we go:

I always had a blast and some of my happiest times when I was doing this (and I would still do it, if only I could, sigh):

But times have changed and today I’m over the moon when this is happening:

And then when ‘Timan’ wakes up, smiles and loughs with his sweet toddler giggles, I’m getting goose pumps and my day is perfect. 🙂


Mama’s Losin’ It


What what is your ‘phrase’ for happiness?

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