‘Timan’ says

‘Rasta Carrots’ and other self invented words

Rasta-Carrots:  Vegetable stew with carrots and other vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, lentils, onions, garlic, etc. and  rice. The mix are Rasta Carrots. I guess highly influenced by Bob Marley songs he likes to hear while he’s eating. (January 2011)

Flit-Flat: You find them everywhere, in town, in the bus, at home. Even ‘Timan’ has them. Flit-Flats are flip-flop sandals. (January 2011)

Flick-Ofel: He’s clipping two clothespins together, that’s a flick-ofel. A flick-ofel can fly like a plane, with ‘Timan’s help or without (?). (January 2011)

Pirates Arms: Parmesan (cheese), ‘Pirates Armes’  is actually a restaurant and meeting place in the capital of Paradise. – (August 2011)



“Timan’: Mommy, I’m a babysitter.

me: Who’s babysitter are you?

‘Timan’: I’m my own babysitter. pause Or I’m your babysitter.

I’m not too sure if that’s a good idea. (July 2011)


‘Timan’ while washing his hands with liquid soap: This is no good.

me: Why?

‘Timan’: It’s no yummy.

Did I mention he’s a picky eater? (July 2011)


‘Timan’: I wanna see ‘moster plat’. (he’s pointing to the DVD)

me: Hmmm, what’s that? You want to watch something with a monster?

‘Timan’: No, I wanna see ‘moster plat’, same as yesterday.

me: Aaah, you mean ‘Postman Pat’?

‘Timan’: Yes, but it’s ‘moster plat’.

I put it on and keep working around the house, after a while

‘Timan’: Mommy, I wanna see something else.

me: Sorry, I told you I can’t switch now, you’re stuck with ‘Postman Pat’.

Silence, he’s clearly thinking. After a while

‘Timan’: No mommy, I’m not, I’m not in the TV.

(August 2011)


while eating lunch:

‘Timan’: You member aadig?

me: Oh you mean I remember when we went to La Digue?

‘Timan’: Yes La Digue.

me: Yes, I remember. Did you like it there?

‘Timan’ with a big smile: Yeeees, I was puking. (Ich han gchoetzlet.)

me: ????

I guess I missed that. (September 2011)


me: Snuggy, what letter is this?

‘Timan’: That’s a U for Umbrella.

me: Yery good. And what letter is this one?

‘Timan’: That’s a G for Gumbrella.

(October 2011)


about the sad facts of life ‘Timan’ is brooding in Swiss-German:

‘Timan’: Mommy, waenn der Poeppeler tuet nuemae poepperle, daenn laebt me nuemae, oder? Tuesch luegae, dass es immer tuet poepperle bi Dir, gaell!

(in English this would be something like: Mommy, when the throbbing thing stopped throbbing, you don’t live anymore, right? Make sure it’s always throbbing inside you, ok?)

(March 2012)


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