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The sick Mommy needs help

This was ‘Timan’ probably thinking last Saturday. And this is maybe why my little man ended up doing what he loves to do and he’s really good at it, I’m telling you.

It happened that even I came down with the same type of stomach bug the tot had suffered from a couple of days earlier. The only difference was I had it probably 100-times worse. It wouldn’t be a big deal on a Saturday if your spouse is around to pamper you take care of the little dude, right? Unfortunately my Hubs was at work, like he is almost every weekend. On top of this the already fully recovered ‘Timan’ was not happy at all he had to stay home on a bright and sunny Saturday we usually spend on the beach.

Anyway, I gathered enough strength and managed to put out something to eat and drink for the little one, started a DVD for him, grabbed a little bucket and retreated towards the bathroom where I spent literally hours leaking from every body orifice possible. Yeah, it was that bad. At this point I was still able to keep the little rascal in check with the pure power of my slowly failing voice.

While holding on to my bucket I finally dragged myself to the bedroom, collapsed on the bed and just wanted to relax, only for a couple of minutes. But out of pure exhaustion after the ordeal in the bathroom I must have fallen asleep. BIG MISTAKE.

When I woke up it was quiet. And this is ALWAYS bad around my tot. Something was going on. I knew I had to get up and check. I found the little one doing this:

Oh how sweet, he’s cleaning the house for his sick Mommy.

The only problem was, he was using glass-cleaning liquid in a spray bottle. And he was using it not only for the windows, but together with a bottle of dish-washing liquid also on the couch, the table … and my laptop. Maybe this cleaning idea grew in his little head when he realized that Mommy won’t be happy to see the foundation he found in her makeup bag in the bathroom smeared over the DVD. I believe you understand I was not able to take a picture of all this, I was outraged shocked … phoned the Hubs and ordered nicely asked him to jump in the boat and come home immediately to talk to his son. Which he did, of course.

Bottom line: our DVD is very durable and forgiving, the computer screen however doesn’t appreciate to get thoroughly soaked in Windex and turns first blotchy and later into a solid gray colour in protest.

But with the investment of US$ 200.- and a little luck to find a new laptop-screen on this island I’m in the game again. 🙂

And no, I will not fall asleep anymore when my son is at home and not sleeping, never, ever, not until he’s 25 years old, at least.

What was the ‘worst’ that has happened when you accidentally fell asleep and your little one roamed through the house or decided to be helpful?



… is not to confuse with ‘Thank God I’m Male’, because of course I’m not, no, it stands for ‘Thank Goofy It’s Myday‘. And of course Myday stands for Monday, what else? Hey, the reasons are simple and they don’t have anything to do with Football neither, I’m really not too much into that sport.

Life however is much easier on a Monday, everything is so much easier. Now you probably say I am totally wrong with this. But for here, in our hood, I’m not wrong. Here it is easier, believe me. The whole neighborhood is quiet and relaxed. Everybody has left, has gone to work, just some people are doing what they are doing every day and that’s it.

In our house it’s much more relaxed as well. Hubs is leaving for work and ‘Timan’ is getting up at a time which is neither later nor earlier than on the weekend. We cuddle a little bit in bed, I’m getting out to do the daily routine in the bathroom (lady things), make the tots ‘Vitamin syringe’ ready (Vitamin syrup in a syringe dropper), pour his Corn-Flakes, chop a Mango (his favorite breakfast every morning for the last three month these days), prepare a tea for myself and check what’s new on my computer.

Later I’m doing some cleaning while ‘Timan’ is following me at every turn sitting on the couch and quietly watching a cartoon. I don’t know why, but bugging me while I’m sweeping is much more interesting than playing outside or watching his favorite Cartoon character. And he objects very loud when I tell him I will turn off the TV and runs back to the living room, just to reappear not even 2 minutes later. Sigh.

But still, since this scenario is happening every morning, both of us are used to it, we know our roles in this play by heart and it ends up as a game most of the time.

However the most important reason why I dread the weekend is because ‘Timan’ doesn’t nap and I so much need him to nap to get some time to write some posts, play with my Hubs read a book in peace:

  • When the Hubs is home, the tot doesn’t sleep during the day. He refuses to even consider thinking about taking a nap, just because there is someone else in the house, other than him and I. He could miss out on something extremely important. So I tried to imply some ‘quiet time’ which is working for about 15 minutes. Ugh.
  • Our neighbours are playing loud music. Actually it’s nice music, dance music ‘local style’ called Sega, that just makes you want to move your body. And our tot is not immune to dancing. Like every little kid, he loves it.

And of course the drawback is coming late afternoon. On top of the normal 5-6 pm frenzy he’s getting tired by now, a little cranky, wants to lay down and totally refuses to do it at the same time (not that he’s allowed going for a nap now anyway).

Somehow Hubs and I have to survive this hour. I’m making sure he’s getting something to eat (just in case he doesn’t make it until the official dinner is ready) and he’s taking a shower.

Sometimes he is joining us later for dinner and sometimes he passes out somewhere on the couch or the living room floor long before dinner is served. I just have to carry him to his bed, he doesn’t even wake up until the next morning around 7 am.

And YAY, the Hubs and I have the whole evening for ourselves. That’s the good part about the weekend.

But other than that, I honestly prefer the days during the week. So I say to everybody: TGIM or T or W or …

Are you all YAY for the weekend? Or are you like me, a SAHM who doesn’t really care because every day is so much the same, just some are either more difficult or I have to make them different myself?

Wordless Wednesday – a tot, a broom and ants learn to fly

‘Timan’ has graduated from cleaning indoors to being my one and only

little helper around the house:

“Ok, the break is over, I gotta get up and work, Mommy said so …

… just wait you naughty little ants …

… I’m gonna get you real good for biting my tootsies …

… see, toldcha, I gotcha …

…  and I’m teaching you how to fly …

… straight to the neighbours.

But now I got enough, it’s really hot and I’m hungry.

Where on earth is Mommy with my cookies and the juice?”

(as part of Wordless Wednesdays and linked up with live and love … out loud, project alicia, parenting BY dummies, Dagmar’s Momsense, Seven Clown Circus, Tara’s view of the world, Crazy About My Baybah and more )

Every Mommy needs a helping hand

I’m in the wonderful position of having a little magnet. No, I am not talking about a maggot, maggots are what I’m trying to prevent the little magnet from putting in his mouth (they say it’s a good source of protein, but I do not recommend it).

My magnet is referring to himself as ‘Mommy’s little helper’ and is doing many of my chores at home.

Now you probably say ‘no way, never in a gazillion years’ or you’re shaking your head disapprovingly and uttering a ‘ts ts ts, that house must me a mess’. But only because you don’t know what I am talking about.

Well, maybe you’re right about the mess but I really do have help and it’s not a nanny or a housemaid.

The magnet, that is my ‘Timan’. Other than following my footsteps glued to my butt he loves doing what I’m doing, whatever it is.

So I just need to channel this never-ending energy into something useful for me (and for him), like helping Mommy for the main purpose of having a relaxed and happy Mommy. And ‘Timan’ keeps working and working and working and working because he …

… likes to clean the kitchen (great, I get to work on my blog),

… likes to broom (perfect, I get to drink my coffee, I have to lift the feet up anyway),

… likes to mob (terrific, I always wanted to start this book),

… likes to be in charge of the laundry, for example taking it out of the machine (cool, time to polish the nails ?!?),

…  collecting the dry clothes off the rack (time for a chit-chat with the neighbour, to get the latest update what’s going on in our district)

… and folding them (nicely!)

This is why I really  l.o.v.e.  being a housewife.

Life is good here in paradise with ‘Timan’ (and Hubs too, of course, no, no, I’m not forgetting you).

What other things can I get the little one to do for me? I really need to do some serious thinking about this.

I am just wondering what things are your toddlers helping you with. For sure I’m not the only Mommy with a little helper on hand who runs the show.

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