About ‘Timan’

And then there came ‘Timan

I always wanted to have a child later in life.  I kept pushing it backwards and backwards. Kids did not fit my lifestyle anyway. So I thought. But then, after I married  t h e  man,  of course we wanted to have a child. But pushing 40, I thought it might take a good while for us to conceive or may not be possible at all. So I thought. And again, I thought wrong.

A little more than one year later ‘Timan’ was born in August 2008. Our life(style) changed. And did I care? No, not at all.

Fast forward to the present time.  On the move 24/7 (especially at 6am!),  eating, playing, taking the house apart, playing, riding his tricycle, splashing in puddles, eating, napping (he still does it, I’m so happy), playing, taking the house apart, playing, doing something naughty I was not able to think of and prevent in advance, playing, eating, playing, and finally …. S l e e p i n g (blessed silence, around 9.30pm). That’s the way ‘Timan’ spends his average day.

At the moment his favorites are

  • blocks, the wooden ones and the Duplo style
  • his stuffed penguin called ‘Pingo’
  • ‘helping’ me in the kitchen
  • Playing ball outside (preferable) or inside (n o t  good at all)
  • And his tricycle of course

Playing on the beach is definitely an all time favorite, but depending on weather conditions, transport issues – getting there is always easy, but getting home afterwards, uuuh, after all ‘Timan’ is still an (opinionated) toddler – and water supply at home (to clean toys and body from salt and sand with enough warm water at hand) unfortunately not always an option.

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