Come sing with me (Memories Captured)

These days we are past ‘Jingle bells’ (finally, sigh), we’re done with ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ and we moved on to other lyrics and songs, which are recited by ‘Timan’ on a regular basis, like … all the time.

With other words: His repertoire of songs and rhymes is steadily growing.

Of course, we are singing the ‘ABC-song’ and he knows some songs in Swiss. But lately he’s coming home with one Creole song after another, these are all songs or rhymes he’s learning in preschool.

Like this one for example:


The children are sitting in a circle. And while one kid is walking around this circle, all kids are singing:

“I am planting, I am planting,

a carrot, (a) little eggplant,

(if) it doesn’t grow, (if) it doesn’t grow.

I pull out one.”

and with the last words the one walking touches the nearest child on the head. This kid is following now the one going around. This is repeated until there is only one person left sitting.

“Look at the one that is rotten.”

Everybody is laughing and the ‘rotten’ one gets to be the person ‘pulling out’ the other kids in the next round.

‘Timan’  l.o.v.e.s.  this game.

But sometimes we are making up our own lyrics, like this one for example:

If you want to see more ‘Memories Captured’, head over to Alison @ Mama Wants This or Galit @ These Little Waves for their meme

Tell me about your kid’s favorite songs or nursery rhymes. Do you make up your own variations as well?


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  1. Great idea to do the songs in pictures, and that last one is just perfect!

    • Thanks. And starting today he’s on school holidays. That means I get to hear the whole repertoire, day after day, during 12 or 13 hours per day, for three weeks. That’s a lot of singing, I can tell you. 😉

  2. What wonderful pretend play! I love the song too.

  3. Such sweet lyrics and pics! What a good idea to capture his little songs in the photos.

  4. Love this photos and the songs! My absolute favorite is hearing my sons around the house singing to themselves or each other. It’s so sweet. PS I want to visit too!!

  5. He’s like a model in that last one! Gorgeous! I love the little songs, too.

  6. I love the different version of Row Your Boat.

  7. Kids are so creative.
    Sadly mine dosen’t really know any kid songs. He does know “Down by the bay”…but he’s really into Lady Gaga…and Motley Crue…don’t ask.
    Adorable as always.

    • Maybe I should start ‘Timan’ on more ‘worldly’ songs too. I’m sure he’d love it.
      But don’t despair, just wait until Chunky starts preschool and you’ll get flooded with those children rhymes. F.o.r. s.u.r.e. !

  8. Hee hee! I love your version of Row Row Row Your Boat MUCH better 🙂

  9. Can I please come visit you? It’s so gorgeous there – all your pictures are stunning with that water…seriously I need to come 🙂

    • It is very nice indeed. Actually it’s the nearest beach to where we live, so we go there all the time. But you haven’t seen it during a storm. 😉
      But seriously, the Seychelles are worth going to for a holiday.

  10. Oh, my heart is melting. Your Timan is growing up! I do love the songs our little ones sing. I wish I could bottle the moments.

  11. Bilingualism is so important to me and what I want for my son. It seems like your family is embracing multiple languages! Those pictures make me want to book a family cruise!;)

    • I believe it’s important that a child has the opportunity to learn several languages early on. It makes it even easier for him to learn more in the future. Well, I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what I think.

  12. Ohmyheart, this is so very sweet.

    I adore that you chose to capture songs. Our littles really do spend a lot of time singing, don’t they?


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