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Interrupted napping – that’s the way to go

I didn’t make it today. I mean getting up at 6am, just so ‘Timan’ isn’t going to have problems napping at 1pm.  So much about getting back to our schedule. 😦

But we were in town this morning. The town is actually rather a big village, is called Victoria and is the only town in Paradise. We are doing this for a change of scenery, for ‘Timan’ to ride the bus, for me to get a cappuccino and for both of us to check out what’s new in the shops. We did a lot of walking and my ‘perfect’ son complained only towards the end. That’s very unusual but I guess he was in a real good mood today. He was quietly sitting on my lap for 45 (forty-five!) minutes, waiting at ‘Careless & Useless’  until it was our turn.

After we got home we had lunch and I put him to bed so he can take his nap and … and … and …

… finally he fell asleep on his own around 1:45pm – not bad – just to wake up again at 2pm, crying, calling me, and pushing me away at the same time. Quite confusing. I managed to get him back to bed, he pushed away from me, rolling himself to the other side, grabbing some big pillows and just lay there. I stayed until his eyes were slowly closing and he fell asleep again.

A sigh of relief escaped my mouth. ‘Ok, good enough for today’ I thought while I tiptoed out of the room, trying not to make any noise at all. ‘If he stays like this for one more hour I’m done with my work, perfect.’ And guess what? Around 3:30 he was shooting out of the bedroom, all giggles and smiles and asked what was causing the noise outside  (somebody was cutting the grass).

It’s not the first time he wakes up and is dosing off again in the afternoon.  He actually did this a couple of times last week.

Maybe his mind is busy while he’s sleeping, maybe he’s dreaming about the many new things sees every day, maybe he wants to play, is too tired but keeps thinking about playing nevertheless, I don’t know. But for now this interrupted napping is the way we go.

And that’s still much better than not napping at all :-).


Oh dear, ‘Timan’ is trying to ditch his nap

Has this time come already? But he’s not even 2 1/2 years old.

I was hoping I will have some (a lot) more month to come of nice quiet relaxing time after lunch, just for myself. But no, ‘Timan’ wants to see what I’m doing, wants to play in the living room, wants this and that, with other words he does not want to nap. What now? I thought the developmental stages of a toddler include napping and maybe a pre-schooler doesn’t need the daytime sleep anymore.

Ok, I made my plan, I am n.o.t. giving up on this. Because if he doesn’t nap he’s going to be really cranky by 7pm, wants to sleep (or nap), skips dinner, wakes up around 9pm because he’s hungry and stays up until who knows when. No way, I need my treasured time to relax, a quiet evening with Hubs.

We, or should I say I, have to get up a bit earlier. Lately we were ‘sleeping in’ quite a bit until 7:15am at least. Sunrise in Paradise is about 6:20am this time of the year and because it’s often cloudy and raining early morning it does not get real bright inside the bedroom, therefore ‘Timan’ sleeps until I get up.  Half a year ago I was considering myself very lucky when he stayed quiet in bed until 6am and he had no problem napping at 1pm for almost 3 hours.

Luckily nothing has changed with his bedtime 9:15pm so far.

So I have to get back on this schedule. I’ll try tomorrow and see what happens. If I can get up at 6am. That is so much to early for me. But if not I’ll have to suffer the consequences. Maybe the thought of this is going to help. Or maybe not and I just turn over and snooze some more. I’m only human.

Or maybe he just has a cranky day today. Tomorrow is going to be another day anyway. Toddlers can change their mind as they please, don’t you think so?

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