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The ‘best’ month in Paradise

Mid April until mid May is my favorite time in paradise. The weather is as hot as it gets here (33C/92F), the sea is warm like a bath tub, we have hardly any rain and the storage lakes on the island are still halfway full from the downpours during the peak of the rainy season, it couldn’t be better.


1. Starting today ‘Timan’ is on school holiday for the next three weeks. In one way it’s very nice, I get to play (and snuggle :-)) with my son and maybe I get to sleep in until 7am. On the other hand however this isn’t good at all because I need to keep the little tot occupied or he will keep me on my toes the whole day long. Since many months we live in the era of ‘no-I-won’t-nap-ever-again’.

2. I’m not used to this anymore. After not even 3 short months I got so used to my free mornings I usually spend lounging on the couch, chatting with the neighbors, shopping cleaning the house. But luckily we have the perfect activity right next door. Ok, ‘sort of’ next door.

3. And this is the plan: Day #1 we go to the beach. Day #2 we go to the beach. Day #3 we might go to another beach (just for a change). But on day #4 we go to town. And on day #5 we visit Gromi. Day #6 we make a trip to the playground and stay there forever some hours. On day #7 we’ll go to the beach (again). And then we’ll start from the beginning. I just hope the weather is on our side. Sigh.

4. One thing I know for sure, ‘Timan’ can’t stay at home for more than 1/2 day. He needs an activity that involves running around, jumping and more running, burning energy, doing something physical. Any activity which doesn’t necessarily involve me every second of the day would do it and I’m starting to wonder how I’m going to survive these three weeks. How did I do this before? So fast did I get used to these 6 hours per day for myself.

5. But this week I was enjoying my last ‘free’ days for several weeks.

6. A friend came to the island and gave me some CDs with children songs and audio plays in Swiss. Songs and plays I remember from my own childhood. Since ‘Timan’ is singing the whole day, I’m sure he’ll like them and will pick up some songs in no time.

7. We went for another appointment to the dermatologist, the one I was not happy about the last time. This time however she was totally different. Maybe I’ve done her wrong in the past, because at that point she was not used to the way of life here (which is so much different then anywhere else. Deep down it still is a banana republic). We had a good talk and she completely agreed to the way I was handling ‘Timan’s eczema (double dosing one antihistamine and follow-up with another one at night, both in case he ate an allergen). She also told me about the local pharmacists who refuse to follow the doctors orders but rather ‘follow the book’ concerning prescriptions, even if the particular prescription is the norm in other countries. So we ended up laughing together and making fun of the locals like two expats living in a foreign country. Anyway, that’s what we both are.

8. Yesterday, to celebrate the last day of school, all the kids in preschool went to the local playground in town and I went along to snap some photos. I never thought it would be so difficult. They run and run, all of them, all at the same time, with no direction in mind. The playground looked like an anthill. I tried to make some group shots but 3- and 4-year-old kids are not able to stand still long enough, let along able to look into the same direction, all at the same time, not even for maybe 3 seconds.

Never before I ended up with so many crappy photos.

But all the kids had a great time and that’s what counts. 🙂

Wish me luck for the weeks ahead, enough coffee for the early morning hours and enough wine for the 5pm-frenzy or the overtired-after-dinner-tantrum.

But in the meantime I wish everyone a great weekend.

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Come sing with me (Memories Captured)

These days we are past ‘Jingle bells’ (finally, sigh), we’re done with ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ and we moved on to other lyrics and songs, which are recited by ‘Timan’ on a regular basis, like … all the time.

With other words: His repertoire of songs and rhymes is steadily growing.

Of course, we are singing the ‘ABC-song’ and he knows some songs in Swiss. But lately he’s coming home with one Creole song after another, these are all songs or rhymes he’s learning in preschool.

Like this one for example:


The children are sitting in a circle. And while one kid is walking around this circle, all kids are singing:

“I am planting, I am planting,

a carrot, (a) little eggplant,

(if) it doesn’t grow, (if) it doesn’t grow.

I pull out one.”

and with the last words the one walking touches the nearest child on the head. This kid is following now the one going around. This is repeated until there is only one person left sitting.

“Look at the one that is rotten.”

Everybody is laughing and the ‘rotten’ one gets to be the person ‘pulling out’ the other kids in the next round.

‘Timan’  l.o.v.e.s.  this game.

But sometimes we are making up our own lyrics, like this one for example:

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Tell me about your kid’s favorite songs or nursery rhymes. Do you make up your own variations as well?

The bucket lists

I love lists. We have a shopping list hanging on the fridge for the Hubs where we write down groceries and household items we need, another shopping list I use for personal items or things for ‘Timan’ and every time I’m going to town, even just for having a coffee with a friend, I take my list with me, just in case I see the desired item. And then I have to buy it right away, otherwise I won’t be able to get it for the next 2 years, or ever. That’s how we roll here in Paradise.

Of course I also have a bucket list. A list of all the things I want to do before I … ahem … cash in my chips.

There was a time I would have had only one list. But now, a couple of many years later, I have two lists. Plus the list with the things I have done already.

And the items keep moving forward on those lists, slowly from the last one towards the first one. Here they are:

List #1: Five things I’ve done

• Get out of the cold and live in the tropics.

• Travel and work in different countries and cultures while living the ‘beach-bum’ life. Earning a living by doing what I love most (diving) in the best places for scuba diving around the globe.

• Get a tatoo.

He is my buddy since almost a decade:

• Find and marry the partner who is willing to keep up with my sometimes stubborn determined and quirky unconventional behavior.

• Have a child, give birth.

List #2: Five things I want to do

• Learn to speak Creole. I understand almost everything, just the talking is rather difficult because I mix it up with French.

• Scuba dive in Antarctica, under the ice. Preferably with a good camera, but I’d go without, no problem.

• Teach my son how to scuba dive and plant in him a life long passion for the marine environment. His dad will take care of the boating skills, I don’t doubt it. And maybe he (or both of them) will be coming along with me to dive with the Seals and Orcas.

• Buy the perfect house, with the perfect yard, in the perfect neighborhood, with the perfect view where I want to get old with the Hubs. Working on this one. Sigh.

• Sit with the Hubs on the front porch of this house, watching the ocean, sipping a strong coffee, good glass of wine soothing herbal infusion and talking about the good old days some 40 years ago, when our son just started preschool.

List #3: One utopian idea I dream about

• Travel into the abyss, for example the Mariana Trench or any other ocean trench, to see with my own eyes the creatures that live in the dark and cold. I’d like to explore the great depth and maybe find a new form of life. And give it my name and become very famous. 😉


Maybe I was born a couple of centuries too early, or maybe not? …

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But I’m curious, what’s on your list to do (or your dream of doing) before you kick the … ahem … before you leave?

“Preschool is so cool – but I wanna go home – but I love preschool …”

… to be continued in January. 😉


Lots of laughter and about the same amount of tears we shed this week. And with ‘we’ I’m talking about ‘Timan’, myself and maybe also the Hub. But what did I learn? Or better what did my little tot learn?

Being a big boy can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s sooo nice to be Mommy’s little ‘snuggly’.

This week was all about ‘creche’ (preschool).

1. Finally the Hubs was off for 5 (five!!) days in a row. I didn’t believe this would happen ever again. LOL. He hasn’t had a single day off in 2 (two!!!) months. What a relieve for all of us. And ‘Timan’ was beside himself with joy. Me too by the way. 🙂

2. The three familiarization days in ‘Lakres Bel Eau’ (the preschool) started middle of the week.

Day #1 was quite ok, the Hubs was still off and we all went together.  ‘Timan’ was looking forward to go. When we were there, the tot … hmm … kind of agreed to stay on his own. But he was very happy to see us in the afternoon.

3. Day #2 didn’t go well at the beginning. ‘Timan’ didn’t want me to leave at all. And cried, and begged me to stay …. and cried and held on to my clothes … and cried some more. So I stayed for a couple of hours. When I left he cried again. And inside myself I cried a little too. I was told by the teacher the crying didn’t last long and he had a good time after all.

Just before he fell asleep that night he told me he has made a new friend, Corin, his first girl-friend. Way to go little one. 😉

4. I really enjoyed the way to school with a great view over the harbor area and the islands close by.

5. Day #3 was all right again. The tot seemed to get used to all the other kids. He was still begging me to stay and shed a couple of tears when I left, but was all right soon after. And he was very proud of his art work when I came to pick him up.

6. But I think sometimes ‘Timan’ felt a little left out because he doesn’t speak ‘Creole’. The teacher however reassured me that he will pick it up in no time from the other kids and be able to speak like anyone else in school within the fist six months.

7. And finally I had a blast being myself again during these three days. It’s so nice to go shopping without a little tot, talking to people I met in town without someone pulling me away, cleaning the house in peace, having some time for myself. I was loving it.

8. Of course I missed my little one for a couple of minutes terribly, but I know he was in good hands. I’m looking forward to next January, when ‘Timan’ starts preschool full-time. Happy times lay ahead of us. 🙂

9. Now I will put up the dark curtains again, so the sun won’t wake up ‘Timan’ too early and sleep in until … maybe 6:45am?

Have a good weekend.

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Of mice, DVD-technology and endless babbling

Living with ‘ups and downs’ would be the best way to describe the past week in paradise. And I learned that Mommy knows nothing about anything these days. But it started nice with lots of sweet talking, or rather babbling:

1. ‘Timan’ is talking a lot these days. Since I can’t talk 24/7 without a break, he has to find somebody else to talk to. And if he doesn’t find someone, he’s talking to himself, or to his stuffed animals, or to his cars, or to the neighbours dog. Surprisingly always in English and not in Swiss, the language the tot and I use most of the time. Maybe I should speak more often in English with him?

2. Having PMS and a lively 3-year-old, who is refusing to nap, doesn’t work well together. Feeling incredibly tried doesn’t help either. At least I only have this once or twice (or three or more times) a year. 😉

3. Every year, during the last week of October the Paradise is celebrating the ‘Creole Festival’. The locals revive the ‘creole spirit’ with its art, music, dancing and dramatic productions and of course everybody indulges in the ‘cuisine creole’. But to get the latter on a regular basis we just have to go to my MIL. 🙂 However all the presentations are in the evening. The ones where the tot could join us and actually would get something out of it are very limited. Having said this, I wasn’t expecting anything at all when ‘Timan’ and I paid a short visit to the ‘bazar creole’ while we were in town. It was morning and it was completely empty. Luckily it happened to be at the one and only public playground. At least the little one got his share of fun.

4. We have a mouse in the house. No, not a pet, but a 2 inch long roommate, who leaves its little droppings everywhere. I have nothing against mice, as long as they stay outside, with all the other flying and creeping critters. That’s why we launched ‘project catch-the-mickey’. Last time this has happened the Hubs solved it very skillfully with lots of special glue spread on a wooden board with a piece of yummy meat/cheese/I-can’t-remember-what in the middle. This time however my dear husband got lazy and gave me a piece of cardboard, pre-fitted with some glue. I put it where I’ve seen Mickey a couple of times.

And what happened???

Nothing. Nada. Nixynixnix.

The mouse ignored my treats, I was disappointed and passed the task on to my dear Hubby. Shall he try his luck as ‘The Piper of Hamelin’, or ‘Timan’ is soon getting a real pet, a kittty-cat.

5. We are really living in the boonies. The tot’s new DVD with the beloved ‘Cars’ he got last Sunday doesn’t work in the player anymore. On day no. 4 it started to ask for a password. Either because ‘Timan’ was messing around with the remote control and added a password, or because Mommy knows nothing about modern technology and has no clue where to find a password for a DVD, a DVD that is from age ‘0-years’ onward. Why on earth would anybody need a password protection for children DVDs anyway? On the laptop however it’s working like a charm. I’m utterly frustrated.

As a last resort we would have to buy a connection between laptop and TV, but that would leave the lap very vulnerable to the tots busy little fingers when I’m busy somewhere else. Sigh.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Is there anyone who can help us with the DVD problem? It’s the Disney DVD ‘Cars Toon – Mater’s Tall Tales’ bought oversees and maybe there was a sticker on the cellophane wrapping, I can’t remember, but I don’t think so. And there is nothing on the box or the DVD itself. What a Bummer. 😦

The Hubs was wrong by accusing the innocent DVD for the above problem and Mommy is a genius, I always knew it. 😉 Since my dear husband is just a normal man who doesn’t need useless stuff, he normally throws away loses the user manuals by mistake, when moving to another place. So I went online and did some research. After a while I found said manual.

If you happen to have a Phillips DVD733K, your tot is playing around with the remote control, locks his favorite movie and you urgently need to unlock the disk to save the day, go to ‘General Settings’, press ‘unlock’, start the disk and it will ask for a 4-digit-password, use 3308 (default). What a weird combination. Why did Phillips not use something simple instead, like 1234?

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