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Rainy days are great, but can be nerve wracking

This week was wet, wet, wet and ‘Timan’ and I were staying inside the whole time. Poor Hubs, who had to go to work, sometimes I really felt sorry for him. 😉

But because of the bad weather the outdoor play to burn energy was limited to zero and it was all about ‘Timan’ this week. The whole time most of the time the tot made my Mommy-heart swell with pride:

1. ‘Timan’ scribbled around and asked me: “Mommy, what did I write?” Me: “I don’t know.” ‘Timan’: “It’s an X” LOL, but for sure he did scribble something like a cross. A little later he told me he wrote an S and it really looked a little like it. Way to go my little genius.

2. All the things that shouldn’t be pulled apart are very interesting for ‘Timan’. Obviously I don’t like him to work on these kind of handyman skills, especially not after he was told numerous times ‘don’t do this, it’s not to take apart, it’s going to break’. No wonder he loves toys he can take apart and put together again the way he wants and nothing will break. And that’s a sure way to keep him busy for more than 3 minutes. This week I have a big thumbs up for LEGO and MECCANO.

3. And he even cared about me with his new inventions. I was asking him: “What did you build?”  ‘Timan’: “It’s a helicopter with a mopeller (he meant the rotor), you know, I fly with it to creche. And look, this one is for you.” He was holding up his second construction. Me: “And what is it?” ‘Timan’: “That’s a helicopter for you, so you’re always with me at school.” Well, little one, soon enough you will find out how this will work. I will get you there, but no way I will stay.

4. Finally my preaching is bearing fruits: Whenever the tot is pulling out a toy and wants to play with something else after a short while, he nicely collects all the pieces and takes them back to the place where they belong. And then he’s pulling out the next toy. My words are sinking in. That’s my boy, I’m so proud. 🙂

5. We reached, or we are in the process of reaching, another milestone: This week our little baby had his first lessons using the next item of the ‘grown-up’ silverware: the knife. And he was proudly practicing with omelets, sweet potatoes and squash. He understood the do’s and don’ts and did it right, at least when I was watching him. And soon he’ll be a master with a steak knife. LOL. In his dreams only.

6. Because of the constant thunder storms and rain it’s not as bright early in the morning and the tot was sleeping in. But when his wake up time is around 7:30am, never in his life he is going to nap after lunch. But this was quite ok with me, because around 7:30pm he realizes he’s getting tired, I tell him to go pee, he does it without complaint, I guide him to the bedroom, no complaint either, he lays down, I hold his hand for not more than 15 seconds and he’s passed out until 7:30am the next morning. I just have to make sure he really goes to the toilet before he falls asleep, otherwise there might a little problem in the middle of the night when he’s in deep sleep. Or maybe not and he wakes up before he’s floating in a pond.

7. However attending to my own personal needs can result in chaos. Especially during those strenuous nap-less times. Even though this particular morning he was an early bird and pulled me out of bed at 6:30am, still it’s not a good idea to go to another room. Leaving him by himself in such a situation, tired but full of beans, even just for a couple of minutes, always results in mischief.

The forecast for this weekend is still rain, rain and more rain, so nothing is going to change anytime soon. But when the sun is shining again into the bedroom at 6am, ‘Timan’ is going to wake up early and will return to his nap schedule. I hope.

Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine, or rain if you prefer it wet.

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But tell me, what is your suitcase full of tricks for the days it’s raining only once? Sometimes I feel like I always have to come up with something new to keep my little boy busy during a whole day without nap.


Wordless{ish} Wednesday – Uninvited guests show up for a sleep over

We have plenty of space, come all in, it’s yours anyway, my creeping and crawling friends.


Yes! It’s raining these days. It’s raining almost every day, not the whole day long but off and on for hours. On the good side, the quality of the tap water is improving, but …

When it’s raining, it’s pouring. You know, I’m talking about tropical showers, sheets of water falling from the sky and when you happen to be without shelter, you’re soaked to the bone. You’re still warm and reasonable comfy, but there is not a centimeter of dry skin on your body.

Well, I think not only humans don’t necessarily like it when they are getting soaked, I know for a fact that not only humans don’t like this feeling. Gazillion of others feel the same. And all of a sudden they all seek refuge in our house.

And all of them, I’m serious now, ALL OF THEM I hate from the bottom of my heart.

Starting with the little black ones. A real nuisance, because they are everywhere, show up in billions and after you got rid of them, there are more showing up.

And their little cousins, they always get into the water kettle and therefore into my tea or coffee. Yuck.

And the ones with the hairy legs, looking down at you from the top of the window.

And their sisters, really lovely when you find them taking a shower with you.

There are the ones with ‘thousand legs’, but no problem, they are harmless.

However to top it off: The ones with ‘hundred legs’:

Pretty cute to look at as babies with their blue head and legs,

but they are the ones that will get you a free ride to the hospital if they bite you in your butt in the middle of the night while you’re peacefully sleeping in your bed (as happened to the Hubs).


Oh, how much I LOVE the tropics after days of rainfall, with all its lovely creeping and crawling inhabitants.

What are your favorite surprise guests?

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Of Jeans, Rain, Toys and successful Shopping

There are things in life you cannot change. Not anywhere and especially not here in Paradise. And of course I knew about them before. Shortly after I begun to work and live here I learned it. But at that point in time I didn’t care, because there was just me, myself and I and I could handle it …

… but now, with a three-year old in tow, things are totally different.

I’m talking about ‘Shopping’ in Paradise. Here it doesn’t work like in many other places. From other countries I remember the leisurely stroll through a mall, looking at things, knowing you can come back anytime in the future and your object of desire will still be there, patiently waiting for you.

Not here in Paradise. Here we live with the motto you see it, you better buy it, or else you won’t find it again for the next 2 or 3 years. No joke.

And this week, a very cloudy and rainy week so far, I learned the following:

1. You want cool looking 3/4 Jeans, you will not find them. Not in the colour you prefer, and in the very unlikely event you find the colour you most certainly will not find your size. Nowhere.

2. You see another pair of beautiful, rather expensive full length Jeans in the preferred colour and in your size, buy them at the very instant, even if you were not looking for them. It shouldn’t matter if your tot is getting cranky and refuses to play along, if you have problems taking him with you to the changing room and keeping him there. No, you shall not care about other people witnessing your struggles, just buy those Jeans.

3. Do apply this procedure not only for your own clothes, do the same for your tots clothes, and for your tots toys, of course. However concerning the toys, keep a close eye on your tot and watch out for the development of tantrums in case you don’t meet his demands. Your Hubs can take care of himself. 😉

4. Go on your shopping trip when it’s raining off and on, even when it’s pouring down sometimes. Getting home is easier when you have a car, I agree, but moving around in town is so much easier without one. In the worst case, when sheets are falling from the sky, you can always take a taxi. Do it during this weather because there are not too many people in town.

5. But be aware, don’t try to buy things in town on a Friday or towards the end of the month. In that case every shop is packed, you won’t find anything, but get poked everywhere by hundreds of wet people, doing the same thing that you’re doing. Especially do not go shopping from the 27th until the 3rd the next month.

6. When you pick up a parcel at the post office, do let your tot carry it. Until he prefers the much lighter and smaller bag with the Jeans you just bought. It doesn’t matter if the pack is almost half his size and he keeps bumping into things. Let him. Otherwise you will have a full-blown tantrum on main street with 100 people watching.

7. When you get home with the above parcel, do NOT open it right away. Otherwise the said tot refuses to eat lunch and there will be no quiet time for you in the afternoon, because he also refuses to nap and prefers to play with toys you were playing with as a child, the ones your parents just mailed to you in the parcel he was schlepping through town. Yep, you won’t find LEGOs in Paradise, sniff. 😦

8. And last but not least, do buy some wine on you shopping spree, because you are going to need it. But be aware, your Hubs might surprise you because he reads your mind, always tries to buy all the items from the shopping list you gave him loves you so much and does the same thing. The more wine you have the better, it won’t go to waste if your tot keeps skipping his nap. 😉

With those conclusions in mind, life and shopping in Paradise will be a piece of cake for you.

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But now, please tell me about your special experience with shopping, with your little one(s) or without. Does it also seem like everyone else is buying (or just bought) the same thing you are looking for?

The mysterious rash

The nice time of the year, you may call it ‘summer’ and others call it northeast monsoon, is over and the next season, the southwest monsoon has begun, strong and cold winds are coming from the south. That’s ‘winter’ here in Paradise. Temperatures drop to 29C/85F and it’s supposed to be dry. Well, it is kind of dry and because it doesn’t rain enough we might run into a severe water shortage soon. But nevertheless the air is filled with humidity and feels hot, hotter than during the ‘summer’-time.

Because of all this ‘Timan’ developed a Prickly Heat Rash and I treated it accordingly. But the rash behind his knees got worse, got infected because the tot was scratching, and one Saturday morning it looked really bad. So I sent my two men to our local clinic’s ‘casualties’ to get a treatment. They came back with an oral antihistamine (allergex elixir, ‘Timan’ refused to take it because it’s deep red, like blood according to him) and a cream for fungal infections (Clotrimazole). I was using Clotrimazole a couple of times when ‘Timan’ had a diaper rash and it used to work pretty good.

Not this time with Prickly Heat though. My poor tot kept scratching behind his knees, the pimples got bigger and spread over this leg. The following Friday we went to our private Pediatrician, it’s the only way to get a decent diagnosis and reasonably effective medicine. Of course you have to pay for it, and of course we are more than willing to pay.

One important thing I learned about our Paradise is, that if you have a choice, do not use the public health system. In those local clinics you have to wait for hours, get to talk to a doctor who probably knows less than you for not more than 5 minutes, get no explanation you might understand (not because you don’t have enough brain cells, but because you don’t understand what he’s telling you very fast with his Indian accent) and if you have to come back for a second treatment, you will not talk to the same doctor again. Everything is free of charge, also the medicines, and therefore they are not the best, but the cheapest on the market. Oh, I forgot to tell you, sometimes they run out of them as well. But it’s the only place you get a medical treatment during the weekend.

‘Timan’s pediatrician, the one who sent him to the hospital because of his stomach problems, treated his rash with oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, an ointment with a low hydrocortisone content mixed with calamine and some tincture to dry out the prickly heat part. And advised me to come back by next Thursday if the rash is still there.

After the weekend I also noticed little pimples on his belly, the small of his back, his knees and ankles, his elbows and his cheeks. So I started to give him an oatmeal bath 4 times a day and I had the impression it was  improving a little bit. But after the course of antibiotics and creams the tot’s face still looked like this:

His legs improved a lot but still looked like this:

Yesterday we went to see the doctor again and she started treating the rash with more Steroids, definitely not my first choice of treatment. But it’s getting better, a big relieve. Now the tot is taking 4 oral medications (Predine, Cetirizine, Polariamine, something to soothe his gassy tummy caused by the antibiotics), his Vitamins and I’m still applying the Hydrocortisone/Calamine cream.

The more I thought about it and researched on the internet, the more ‘Timan’s mysterious rash looked like an Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis to me. But what was the trigger?

There were no changes in our life, nothing, except the water in the two reservoirs on the island is getting less and less every day. And the little it rains doesn’t make a difference.

Could the tap water have triggered ‘Timan’s rash? Maybe the local PUC changed the chemicals to treat the water. And again I went online to find out more. Maybe they changed Chlorine to Chloramine (both of them are toxic and can cause skin rashes) and failed to inform the public I missed the public announcement in creole because ‘Timan’ was babbling into my ear during the evening news?  I tried to find out, but didn’t get an answer on the phone.

I still hope it was not the water and just the change in humidity. Because I have enough of the water problems in the past. (But that’s going to be the subject for another post).

How are you treating Heat Rash so it doesn’t turn into a secondary infection with a toddler/preschooler? Do you have experience with preventing and treating Eczema without the use of Corticosteroid Creams?

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Wordless Wednesday – the bowling alley for rainy days

“Shall I go for the bear? Or maybe the frog? …

bummer, I missed either one …

but it was thaaaaat close.

Now I’m aiming a bit more careful

and I got a hit …

Yep, that was easy, I’m so goooood.”

And so it goes on and on for hours and hours some minutes,

just enough time for Mommy to write this post ;-).

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