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The sick Mommy needs help

This was ‘Timan’ probably thinking last Saturday. And this is maybe why my little man ended up doing what he loves to do and he’s really good at it, I’m telling you.

It happened that even I came down with the same type of stomach bug the tot had suffered from a couple of days earlier. The only difference was I had it probably 100-times worse. It wouldn’t be a big deal on a Saturday if your spouse is around to pamper you take care of the little dude, right? Unfortunately my Hubs was at work, like he is almost every weekend. On top of this the already fully recovered ‘Timan’ was not happy at all he had to stay home on a bright and sunny Saturday we usually spend on the beach.

Anyway, I gathered enough strength and managed to put out something to eat and drink for the little one, started a DVD for him, grabbed a little bucket and retreated towards the bathroom where I spent literally hours leaking from every body orifice possible. Yeah, it was that bad. At this point I was still able to keep the little rascal in check with the pure power of my slowly failing voice.

While holding on to my bucket I finally dragged myself to the bedroom, collapsed on the bed and just wanted to relax, only for a couple of minutes. But out of pure exhaustion after the ordeal in the bathroom I must have fallen asleep. BIG MISTAKE.

When I woke up it was quiet. And this is ALWAYS bad around my tot. Something was going on. I knew I had to get up and check. I found the little one doing this:

Oh how sweet, he’s cleaning the house for his sick Mommy.

The only problem was, he was using glass-cleaning liquid in a spray bottle. And he was using it not only for the windows, but together with a bottle of dish-washing liquid also on the couch, the table … and my laptop. Maybe this cleaning idea grew in his little head when he realized that Mommy won’t be happy to see the foundation he found in her makeup bag in the bathroom smeared over the DVD. I believe you understand I was not able to take a picture of all this, I was outraged shocked … phoned the Hubs and ordered nicely asked him to jump in the boat and come home immediately to talk to his son. Which he did, of course.

Bottom line: our DVD is very durable and forgiving, the computer screen however doesn’t appreciate to get thoroughly soaked in Windex and turns first blotchy and later into a solid gray colour in protest.

But with the investment of US$ 200.- and a little luck to find a new laptop-screen on this island I’m in the game again. 🙂

And no, I will not fall asleep anymore when my son is at home and not sleeping, never, ever, not until he’s 25 years old, at least.

What was the ‘worst’ that has happened when you accidentally fell asleep and your little one roamed through the house or decided to be helpful?


Wordless{ish} Wednesday – I play hide and seek and get a whole bus

I’m sitting in the kitchen, sipping on my morning-cup-of-tea, completely in peace, but all of a sudden I hear … nothing.

No sounds coming from the direction where ‘Timan’ is supposed to be … this is always bad. Always, with no exception. So I got just a tiny little bit worried.

I called him, but no answer. Not a sound.

I had to investigate.

This time however it wasn’t bad, nothing to worry about and the tot was cracking up and thought it was absolutely funny that I found him.

Sitting in the wardrobe, that’s the new place to be.

The day went on and guess what, the little one disappeared once more.

Well, Mommy is clever and I played along. I loudly checked all the other possible hiding places and ‘found’ him in the wardrobe.

But … the Mister was busy:

My happy ‘I found you’ was totally ignored.

Obviously I was not so happy anymore about this hide and seek game and reminded him to leave Mommy’s wallet in her handbag and the later closed and where he had found it.

The day went on and guess what, the little one disappeared once more.

This time I went straight to his new place to hang out.

And what did I see?

‘Timan’ was ecstatic about his discovery. And he said:

‘Is for ‘Timan’, I put in piggy bank and I buy bus for you to go to town’.

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Rainy days are great, but can be nerve wracking

This week was wet, wet, wet and ‘Timan’ and I were staying inside the whole time. Poor Hubs, who had to go to work, sometimes I really felt sorry for him. 😉

But because of the bad weather the outdoor play to burn energy was limited to zero and it was all about ‘Timan’ this week. The whole time most of the time the tot made my Mommy-heart swell with pride:

1. ‘Timan’ scribbled around and asked me: “Mommy, what did I write?” Me: “I don’t know.” ‘Timan’: “It’s an X” LOL, but for sure he did scribble something like a cross. A little later he told me he wrote an S and it really looked a little like it. Way to go my little genius.

2. All the things that shouldn’t be pulled apart are very interesting for ‘Timan’. Obviously I don’t like him to work on these kind of handyman skills, especially not after he was told numerous times ‘don’t do this, it’s not to take apart, it’s going to break’. No wonder he loves toys he can take apart and put together again the way he wants and nothing will break. And that’s a sure way to keep him busy for more than 3 minutes. This week I have a big thumbs up for LEGO and MECCANO.

3. And he even cared about me with his new inventions. I was asking him: “What did you build?”  ‘Timan’: “It’s a helicopter with a mopeller (he meant the rotor), you know, I fly with it to creche. And look, this one is for you.” He was holding up his second construction. Me: “And what is it?” ‘Timan’: “That’s a helicopter for you, so you’re always with me at school.” Well, little one, soon enough you will find out how this will work. I will get you there, but no way I will stay.

4. Finally my preaching is bearing fruits: Whenever the tot is pulling out a toy and wants to play with something else after a short while, he nicely collects all the pieces and takes them back to the place where they belong. And then he’s pulling out the next toy. My words are sinking in. That’s my boy, I’m so proud. 🙂

5. We reached, or we are in the process of reaching, another milestone: This week our little baby had his first lessons using the next item of the ‘grown-up’ silverware: the knife. And he was proudly practicing with omelets, sweet potatoes and squash. He understood the do’s and don’ts and did it right, at least when I was watching him. And soon he’ll be a master with a steak knife. LOL. In his dreams only.

6. Because of the constant thunder storms and rain it’s not as bright early in the morning and the tot was sleeping in. But when his wake up time is around 7:30am, never in his life he is going to nap after lunch. But this was quite ok with me, because around 7:30pm he realizes he’s getting tired, I tell him to go pee, he does it without complaint, I guide him to the bedroom, no complaint either, he lays down, I hold his hand for not more than 15 seconds and he’s passed out until 7:30am the next morning. I just have to make sure he really goes to the toilet before he falls asleep, otherwise there might a little problem in the middle of the night when he’s in deep sleep. Or maybe not and he wakes up before he’s floating in a pond.

7. However attending to my own personal needs can result in chaos. Especially during those strenuous nap-less times. Even though this particular morning he was an early bird and pulled me out of bed at 6:30am, still it’s not a good idea to go to another room. Leaving him by himself in such a situation, tired but full of beans, even just for a couple of minutes, always results in mischief.

The forecast for this weekend is still rain, rain and more rain, so nothing is going to change anytime soon. But when the sun is shining again into the bedroom at 6am, ‘Timan’ is going to wake up early and will return to his nap schedule. I hope.

Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine, or rain if you prefer it wet.

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But tell me, what is your suitcase full of tricks for the days it’s raining only once? Sometimes I feel like I always have to come up with something new to keep my little boy busy during a whole day without nap.

Wordless Wednesday – Mommy failure across the board …

… when ‘Timan’ wanted to satisfy his ‘addiction’.

Mangoes in the kitchen

result in

result in

result in

and end with

No major damage but the lesson was learned (by both of us 😉 )

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It’s only good (a.k.a. fun) when you can throw it

And IT can be anything in this case. Seriously. 😉

A long time ago it started with the normal toddler behavior of throwing food off the high chair. We used to have a covered wooden terrace where ‘Timan’ was taking his meals. This was easy to clean for me and ‘Timan’ always had company of a whole ‘lizard tribe’, waiting under his high chair for pieces he dropped, like faithful dogs. He threw them down and the lizards learned to eat carrots.

Later we moved to a different place and unfortunately he kept doing this habit even though there were no more lizards. Short of his audience, he started to throw the food behind the fridge, very skillfully, I have to admit. This had to stop of course. A new seating arrangement was necessary for ‘Timan’.

However, after moving to the big table, ‘Timan’ was in charge of a brand new territory. Getting off the chair and covering everything in his reach with Weetabix was done in no time.

But luckily he moved on to different objects. Don’t get me wrong, he is not throwing his toys around, he’s not smashing them on the wall like his little friend did. Somehow I managed to make him understand that his toys tend to break and he’s not getting new ones, so he better takes care of this toys. Mommy: task accomplished, ‘Timan’: lesson learned, sort of. 😉 But tell me, what’s so funny about throwing empty household towel tubes in the air, or his soft stuffed animals? Or other toys and household items for instance? Just to see them falling down, look for them and throw them up in the air again?

If I ask him to give me something in his reach, he doesn’t put it into my hand. He’s throwing it to me, accompanied by a smile and a “hop”. At the beginning, the first couple of times, I thought this was funny and cute.  But it isn’t, believe me. He’s doing it with everything, all the time. I had to put an end to that. Well, I still try to, it’s easier said then done. Sigh.

I realised I have to give his throwing skills a new direction. What is the best item to throw?  A ball of course. And ‘Timan’ has many of them.

He loves to play football, but he also loves to throw his football in the air. And this he can do as he pleases, as long as he does it outside.

With little balls we also have an indoor throwing version for rainy days.

At the beach he likes to throw sand into the waves. There is a lot of running back and forth involved and we are very lucky there are hardly any people on our beach during the times we go for a swim.

But there is another thing that is really bothering me and I can’t get ‘Timan’ to stop doing it. When he goes to the toilet for a BM, he doesn’t simply pull down his pants, no, he takes them off and throws them in the corner of the bathroom. I don’t think little girls are doing this.

So I started asking myself, is this whole throwing issue a male thing? Do girls throw everything in the air as well?

But in the end there’s only one solution:

‘Timan’ has to throw the towel with the whole throwing habit.

Am I the only mother with a tot without pants on the throne? Am I right and this is a male thing? And what about the whole throwing issue? Is this going to outgrow on its own? Any tip to help me cutting this habit is very appreciated. 🙂

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