Ultimate Blog Party 2012 {#UBP12)

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to my paradise. Once again I’m joining the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom where you get to visit other blogs you have no idea they even existed.

My name is Karin, I’m married to the Hubs and we have an awesome little dude I simply refer to as ‘Timan’. Timan (=little man) is Creole and that’s the way we call here the little dudes. Actually, you can call here any dude Timan up to the age of about 16 years.

I blog about our life on a tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about my wild child (the 3 1/2 year old preschooler with a strong mind of his own), about muffins and cakes to pamper my sweet tooth (lately I made up some allergy free recipes) and sometimes I write about my tots eczema and the food intolerance that is causing it.

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If this is your first visit, make yourself comfortable and snoop around for a while, if you’ve been here before, thanks for coming back. But anyway, enjoy the party and have fun.

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The sick Mommy needs help

This was ‘Timan’ probably thinking last Saturday. And this is maybe why my little man ended up doing what he loves to do and he’s really good at it, I’m telling you.

It happened that even I came down with the same type of stomach bug the tot had suffered from a couple of days earlier. The only difference was I had it probably 100-times worse. It wouldn’t be a big deal on a Saturday if your spouse is around to pamper you take care of the little dude, right? Unfortunately my Hubs was at work, like he is almost every weekend. On top of this the already fully recovered ‘Timan’ was not happy at all he had to stay home on a bright and sunny Saturday we usually spend on the beach.

Anyway, I gathered enough strength and managed to put out something to eat and drink for the little one, started a DVD for him, grabbed a little bucket and retreated towards the bathroom where I spent literally hours leaking from every body orifice possible. Yeah, it was that bad. At this point I was still able to keep the little rascal in check with the pure power of my slowly failing voice.

While holding on to my bucket I finally dragged myself to the bedroom, collapsed on the bed and just wanted to relax, only for a couple of minutes. But out of pure exhaustion after the ordeal in the bathroom I must have fallen asleep. BIG MISTAKE.

When I woke up it was quiet. And this is ALWAYS bad around my tot. Something was going on. I knew I had to get up and check. I found the little one doing this:

Oh how sweet, he’s cleaning the house for his sick Mommy.

The only problem was, he was using glass-cleaning liquid in a spray bottle. And he was using it not only for the windows, but together with a bottle of dish-washing liquid also on the couch, the table … and my laptop. Maybe this cleaning idea grew in his little head when he realized that Mommy won’t be happy to see the foundation he found in her makeup bag in the bathroom smeared over the DVD. I believe you understand I was not able to take a picture of all this, I was outraged shocked … phoned the Hubs and ordered nicely asked him to jump in the boat and come home immediately to talk to his son. Which he did, of course.

Bottom line: our DVD is very durable and forgiving, the computer screen however doesn’t appreciate to get thoroughly soaked in Windex and turns first blotchy and later into a solid gray colour in protest.

But with the investment of US$ 200.- and a little luck to find a new laptop-screen on this island I’m in the game again. 🙂

And no, I will not fall asleep anymore when my son is at home and not sleeping, never, ever, not until he’s 25 years old, at least.

What was the ‘worst’ that has happened when you accidentally fell asleep and your little one roamed through the house or decided to be helpful?

This is the way we spend the day … (Memories Captured)

… after coming home from preschool, or on a lazy Sunday afternoon at home when the Hubs is not around.

Living in a tourist destination has one major drawback when your spouse is working for exactly this industry.

Odd working hours and being away from home during the weekend happens on a regular basis. Bummer.

That’s why you find ‘Timan’ and I usually on the beach on Saturday, not only because it’s fun, also because I have to get him out of the house before the roof starts falling on our heads. But on Sundays we stay home because everybody else is going to the beach.

I need my space and can’t stand it when other people drop their possessions closer than 100 yards from my towel. This may sound a little bit spoiled, I know, but usually there are not too many people around, on some beaches you won’t find anybody else at all during the week.

But to keep a 3 1/2-year-old-boy busy doing something by himself on Sunday it not always easy, but it’s feasible. Even without TV. Take the early morning for example. I already trained him to start the day slowly. It was hard work at the beginning, but the little man seems to understand that Mommy needs to sleep in once in a while. At least for one more hour. Nowadays he wakes up briefly around 6:15am, turns around, closes his eyes, sleeps some more, does this maybe twice, by the time it’s around 6:45am he jumps out of bed, grabs his juice next to the bed (lovingly put there by me the night before), slurps it down, I hear the door to the bathroom open and close. Then he jumps on my bed and plays with his LEGOs (also lovingly arranged there the night before by me). I guess he can’t be without me. Sigh. But he plays quietly for another 30 minutes. Mission accomplished. Yeah.

Around 7:30am I slowly open my eyes and watch him playing until he looks at me and chirps ‘Morning Mommy, did you wake up?’ followed by a ‘I wanna have pancakes … NOW’. And off we go.

And the calm and the quietness are over for the day. Until he feels like coloring:

Cars of course.

Or drawing:

A butterfly … and another one … and another one … and another one … and another one …

If you want to see more ‘Memories Captured’, head over to Alison @ Mama Wants This or Galit @ These Little Waves for their meme

How are you getting some time for yourself during the weekend when your partner is not home and your little one has no intention of taking a nap ?

Carnival time in paradise

During the last weekend we had carnival time in paradise. It was the 2nd edition under the theme ‘Melting Pot of Cultures’ after its relaunch last year. The first ever ‘Carnaval International de Victoria’ took place in 1972 as a part of the 200th Anniversary of the first settlement of the islands.

Together with many local floats and groups delegations from 33 international destinations, which included UK, Trinidad, China, Korea, Indonesia, South Africa or Germany to name a few, took part.

Last year we were in the hospital because of ‘Timan’s ruptured appendix, so we were missing out on this, but this year we went to see parade in town.

It’s very different to the ‘Fasnacht’ from my childhood, with frightening wooden masks or lots of painted faces and colorful dresses. And not to forget the ‘Guggemusig’, a sort of brass-band that doesn’t quite hit the right note, plays very, I mean VERY,  loud and is accompanied by even louder drums. It’s definitely worth to check out too. Oh, and don’t forget, the best part of it happens during the night in the alleys of the old town. Unlike here in paradise it’s essential you dress up yourself in a costume and you need to have stamina. However, every couple of hours you can ‘warm up’ in a Bar with some hot or cold alcoholic beverage. You’ll need this to make it through the night. February or early March is usually still very cold and snow is not unusual.

But back to our very own carnival in the tropics. Here you can wear what you like, but light summer clothes are preferable. And this weekend was cloudy but HOT, HOT, HOT.

What makes it so special is that you are right in the middle of everything. Remember, the paradise is very small. Compared to the other ‘big and famous’ carnivals ours is tiny, but literally in touching distance. You actually have to make sure some of the costumes don’t poke you in the face.

So come and enjoy some impressions of the ‘Carnaval International de Victoria 2012’:










Everybody loved the Samba Dancers from ‘Notting Hill Carnival’.

My son however didn’t seem to be very interested.

Until I realized that he was actually VERY interested,

he simply preferred a different perspective. 😉

We had a great time and hope we’ll get to see a similar spectacle again next year at the ‘Carnaval International de Victoria’.

How is your Carnival? Is it based on ancient or heathenish customs or do you celebrate an elegant venetian version?

Some things my son needs to know

Yesterday my little ‘Timan’ turned 3 1/2 years old. To me it seems as if his birth was just yesterday too, time has passed so quickly and he’s growing so fast. He’s clever and in a certain way he is even wise, way beyond his years. But then again he’s my little baby boy who wants to be pampered and cuddled and won’t start his day in preschool if he can’t cover me with ‘by by’-kisses at the door.

I know, before I can turn around he will be going to primary school, to secondary school, to advanced studies (maybe), to ???

And as every parent I want him to be prepared for the beautiful and sometimes cruel big wide world out there.

‘Timan’, I want you to know a couple of things I hope you will keep in mind on your path.

• Be a child now, run around, climb, play, paint, create … and even later in life be a creator, don’t lose your imagination.

• Explore and learn. Do this now and in the future. Don’t ever stop or your mind will get stuck somewhere. And don’t think you know it all. Nobody does, and nobody ever will.

• Play and be silly when you get the chance, work and be serious when it’s needed. There is always a time for everything.

• Travel, explore the world and see how other people are living. Find out with your own eyes about other cultures, other life-styles. Your way of life is not the only one that works. Pick the good things from what you see, skip the things you don’t like. But never judge other people because they lead a different life.

• In the same context: accept, don’t judge. Every person is different. Accept other opinions, discuss them if you like, but don’t judge a person because of what he or she thinks. Accept people as who they are and not for their looks.

• Sometimes you have to do something you don’t like to do in order to get another thing you really need or want. So do it quick, get over with it and have fun with the thing you are striving for. Just make sure nobody/nothing is getting hurt in the process.

• Take care of our nature. There is probably only one earth you will be living on, so don’t litter it, don’t help destroying it. You wouldn’t like others to deposit their trash in your house either.

• Be kind to animals and respect them as living beings. Every creature has a reason to live, even if we don’t always see the reason behind it. Every form of life has its own way to act and react to other living beings, respect this and you will be respected (and won’t get harmed).

• Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t do things you don’t want to be done to you.

• Your body is precious. It belongs to one person only and that is you! Make sure you take good care of it.

• Smile. Smile often. Smile at others and they will smile back at you. Smile at yourself and you will feel good.

• Believe in yourself and be proud of who you are. For me you are the most wonderful person on this earth, but I’m your Mommy. You have to believe this yourself and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve when you are convinced that you can do it. (Tilting your head up and pushing your chest out a little works wonders too. :-))

• You are my son and you will always be, no matter what and no matter where you are.

♥ I love you ♥

Your Mommy

What inspiration would you give your child once he or she is ready to fly?

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