What are little boys made of? (Memories Captured)

Hardly a day passes and ‘Timan’ doesn’t find something highly interesting walking home from ‘creche’ (preschool).

Last week there were at least twenty baby centipedes he had the immense pleasure of squashing flat by repeatedly jumping on them (with shoes, of course).

Yesterday his sharp eyes spotted this next to the steps:

lyrics: traditional nursery rhyme

Never ever it is ‘sugar and spice’ or anything nice, but I don’t care, it keeps my tot busy for a while. 😉

For those of you, who are curious, here’s a close up:

No further comment.

If you want to see more ‘Memories Captured’, head over to Alison @ Mama Wants This or Galit @ These Little Waves for their meme

Is your little guy a ‘typical’ boy and your girl a little lady, or is it maybe the other way round?


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  1. What a precious little guy and lovely poem!

  2. Oh the things I have to look forward to! You capture “what boys are made of” so well.

  3. Just like my boys! We are an all boy household so no sugar and spice except Mom around here. But that’s okay, they tell me I am their princess. Priceless!

  4. I say ew, but my 5 year old would have been fascinated, too.

  5. Boys and the gross out factor…gotta love them! That poem should include lizards..

  6. I love that saying. when the twins were premies – one of my best friends sent me matching shirts of what little boys and what little girls are made of. Now my kids use them on their doll babies. Love it!!!

  7. LOL. Ewwww! Whatta boy! Adorable and totally cool at the same time!

  8. Hah! That IS exactly what little boys are made of!!

  9. Hee! Oh my, did this all come together perfectly, or what?

    And yes, this is *exactly* what boys are made of! 🙂

  10. Very cute, and I agree – perfect picture to go with the poem.

  11. A perfect picture to go with the poem!!

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