The bucket lists

I love lists. We have a shopping list hanging on the fridge for the Hubs where we write down groceries and household items we need, another shopping list I use for personal items or things for ‘Timan’ and every time I’m going to town, even just for having a coffee with a friend, I take my list with me, just in case I see the desired item. And then I have to buy it right away, otherwise I won’t be able to get it for the next 2 years, or ever. That’s how we roll here in Paradise.

Of course I also have a bucket list. A list of all the things I want to do before I … ahem … cash in my chips.

There was a time I would have had only one list. But now, a couple of many years later, I have two lists. Plus the list with the things I have done already.

And the items keep moving forward on those lists, slowly from the last one towards the first one. Here they are:

List #1: Five things I’ve done

• Get out of the cold and live in the tropics.

• Travel and work in different countries and cultures while living the ‘beach-bum’ life. Earning a living by doing what I love most (diving) in the best places for scuba diving around the globe.

• Get a tatoo.

He is my buddy since almost a decade:

• Find and marry the partner who is willing to keep up with my sometimes stubborn determined and quirky unconventional behavior.

• Have a child, give birth.

List #2: Five things I want to do

• Learn to speak Creole. I understand almost everything, just the talking is rather difficult because I mix it up with French.

• Scuba dive in Antarctica, under the ice. Preferably with a good camera, but I’d go without, no problem.

• Teach my son how to scuba dive and plant in him a life long passion for the marine environment. His dad will take care of the boating skills, I don’t doubt it. And maybe he (or both of them) will be coming along with me to dive with the Seals and Orcas.

• Buy the perfect house, with the perfect yard, in the perfect neighborhood, with the perfect view where I want to get old with the Hubs. Working on this one. Sigh.

• Sit with the Hubs on the front porch of this house, watching the ocean, sipping a strong coffee, good glass of wine soothing herbal infusion and talking about the good old days some 40 years ago, when our son just started preschool.

List #3: One utopian idea I dream about

• Travel into the abyss, for example the Mariana Trench or any other ocean trench, to see with my own eyes the creatures that live in the dark and cold. I’d like to explore the great depth and maybe find a new form of life. And give it my name and become very famous. 😉


Maybe I was born a couple of centuries too early, or maybe not? …

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But I’m curious, what’s on your list to do (or your dream of doing) before you kick the … ahem … before you leave?


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  1. This was a hard prompt for me so I skipped it. Love that you broke your’s up in to what you’ve done and want to do……….

  2. chosenchaosblog

    I also have a BFF relationship with lists! Monday Listicles with Stasha is a favorite linky of mine! That and Yeah Write of course!! It’s nice to put things on the done side of lists isn’t it!

  3. Hmmm…so much to do and see, this was a hard prompt for me so I skipped it. Love that you broke your’s up in to what you’ve done and want to do.

    for me, it changes all the time. But some things I know I want to do:

    1. Go to Africa
    2. Learn to Kayak
    3. Learn to develop real film (photos, dark room techniques)
    4. Learn another language
    5. Have kids

    Looking forward to next weeks list.

    • Your list sounds great. Can I join you when you go to Africa? Such a huge country with lots of different cultures to explore. And kayaking sounds like fun, fun, fun.

      There was a time I used to develop slides for clients (without playing around with the chemicals, of course), but I never ventured into prints. That time it was all about slides in underwater photography. And nowadays everyone goes digital, which is much easier in my opinion. But the ‘true’ ability to take the perfect picture gets lost. Everything can be photoshopped afterwards.

  4. I love this post! My dream throughout my childhood and young adulthood was to be a marine biologist. Events transpired and I started college in my landlocked state, but I majored in wildlife biology. Alas, I married and had kids.

    I had hoped to pass this dream on to the boy, but he’s all about history and archeology. I guess that’s OK!

    Great post!

    • Just imagine, I had the same dream as a kid: marine biologist, I called it ‘underwater explorer’ at that time. 😉 But then I grew older, became a teenager and wanted to taste the life, so I chose a career in marketing/advertising. Still, eventually I got restless and went back to my childhood dream, in a different form though.

      My boy is still to young to pick an interest. But archeology sounds great, I would totally support it. Was he inspired by dinosaurs or by ‘Indiana Jones’?

  5. Wow! I would love to hear more about your diving passion. How interesting.

    • I got hooked to the marine life a long time ago, I think I was around 9 or 10 years old when I started to collect and categorize the shells and clams I brought ashore while snorkeling. Later I learned how to scuba and that was it. 🙂
      It’s giving me a total sense of peace when I’m underwater, like being a part of that environment.

  6. Your list of things you’ve already done is very impressive. I wish you luck in completing your other lists.

  7. Love this post! How lucky you are already with the things you HAVE done! I’m jealous! I wanna come live with you!

  8. There are so many things that i want to do…I really need to just make them happen.
    Did that spot hurt to get the tattoo?
    I really want to get my son’s name done. I have 2 tattoos. They’re so addictive.

  9. I love your bucket list. There’s always lots of new species being found, don’t give up on that one!

    • You are right. To find something ‘new’ and never categorized before I wouldn’t have to go as far as to the deepest part of the ocean and it doesn’t need to be big either. But I really would like to sit in a submarine, and see all those animals life, kind of like face to face.

  10. Growing old with the hubby is one we both have. And on the ones you have already done, the tattoo we have in common. But mine is a dragonfly.

  11. The Mariana Trench – now that’s some serious diving! Loved your list – you have inspired me to be a bit more adventurous. Not diving under ice adventurous, but…maybe I’ll go see a glacier in Alaska or something….I’m a big wuss. 😉 Thanks for linking up this week! I hope you’ll join in again next week! 🙂

    • Alaska with glaciers that calve into the ocean sounds great too, I’m sure there is also scuba diving up there, never thought of that. And the animals are probably similar in the north, don’t you think. And yes, now I remember, aren’t Belugas living there? I’d love to see those famous white whales.

  12. Before I kick the bucket I’ve GOT to dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef! I did lots of scuba diving before I had kids. Haven’t gone since. When my boys get older I’d love for them to get into scuba diving with me.

    • I actually learned scuba at the Great Barrier Reef a long time ago. Obviously I didn’t know too much about diving that time and was much too busy with myself. LOL. But the memories I still have are great. And I think it’s perfect you want to open this world for your sons as well.

  13. I’d love to have a book on the bestseller list. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

  14. I actually want to have my own museum, full of stuff that I designed & created! Have you seen my children’s picture book for eczema kids?

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