Life is good

All of a sudden my days have so many hours. I still can’t believe it, it’s just wonderful. Oh, life is good. 🙂

Every single day since years I’m getting up at the crack of dawn, but starting this week I am free, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want (for 6.5 hours per day). I’m still getting up at the same time though, but I don’t mind. Oh, life is good.

1. This week I relearned to drink my coffee totally relaxed and in peace. There was nobody who constantly pulled on my legs, was whining about this and that and wanted me very urgently – meaning this very second – to build a ‘bobblebeckerbus’ with LEGOs. Oh, life is good.

2. This week I relearned to use the bathroom all by myself. What a pleasure. Oh, life is good.

3. This week I relearned to enjoy cleaning the house while whistling to a melody on the radio.

4. Actually this week I relearned to listen to whatever music I wanted to hear. Oh, life is good.

5. This week I relearned to be myself again, hmm, at least for those 6.5 hours per day. Oh, life is good.

6. This week I had a happy little son walking home with me in the afternoon, telling me about the things he was doing and who and what he was playing with. Oh, life is good.

7. This week I relearned to have fun playing with blocks and LEGOs and cars again, because the dinner was already made. Oh, life is good.

8.  This week I relearned to stay very calm. I really was a good girl, I didn’t freak out, I didn’t give a spiced answer and I even forced a smile when the tw@t of a dermatologist laughed and said ‘Oh, is this your first child? He he he, that’s why. And eczema has nothing to do with calcium deficiency. No, he he. But here in the tropics a lot of children have skin problems. It may go away eventually. And your son is looking fiiiine.’ Sure, now that the eczema has gone – because of the calcium supplement and wet wraps – he’s fine. He wasn’t fine though when I scheduled the appointment a few months ago.

(Dry coarse skin, dermatitis, hyperpigmentation and eczema can be a symptom of Hypocalcemia (calcium deficiency) according to the Cleveland Clinic and it looks as if this was a reason (or maybe the reason) why ‘Timan’s eczema kept flaring up.)

After she finished laughing she gave me a three-month supply of Cetrizine (antihistamine) and Hydrocortisone, just in case the rash would come back. And yes, this was after I told her that I was successfully trying to get off the steroids. Having specialists from other countries with not much experience who are pushing certain medicines to make it easy for them, these are the beauties of a free healthcare system. 😦

Luckily I got ‘Timan’s eczema under control, I found the triggers, without a doctor. Oh, life is good.

9. This week I didn’t care about those downsides in Paradise, the sometimes rude behavior people show here, because ‘Timan’ is healthy and happy, the Hubs is healthy and happy and the Mommy is healthy and happy. Oh, life is good.

10. This week, today, I’m finally going to the beach all by myself.


I wish everyone a great weekend.

For more of those important lessons life is teaching you, head over to ‘Life Ever Since’:

P.S. I’m not the only person complaining about the public healthcare in this country. Everyone here makes the same experience. It’s sad, but if you don’t have to pay for it, you wont get the service either. Unfortunately there are not so many other options, private specialists are rare.

But for now, life is good. 🙂


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  1. Just today I wondered if I’d ever be able to drink my tea while it was still hot! I’m glad you are enjoying the time for yourself and that ‘Timan is happy at school. And the eczema–I totally get it. I researched until I found something for Donut b/c I didn’t want the steroids on her skin either. And I was met with the same response by the doctor here too.

    • Thanks for letting me know that this happens in other parts of the world too. I was wondering why the derm didn’t consider another solution, maybe something that is not exactly out of the textbook she was studying from, but others found out. In my case also ‘doctors’. Why didn’t she tell me she never heard of this, but will inform herself so we can discuss it during the follow up appointment? Hmm, I think because this would be too much effort for something that can be solved with medication.

  2. There are days I love going to work and leaving my three bundles, there are days I hate it, hate it I say. And I think that is normal. Enjoy.

  3. That? Sounds like heaven.
    I haven’t done any of those things for three years.
    Although I think that I’m going to still be completely devastated when he goes 😦
    And poop on that doctor. Poop I say!

    • It is like heaven, you’ll see when the time comes. 🙂
      Maybe Chunky is different, but ‘Timan’ was very clingy/demanding/stubborn in the last couple of months and I felt he was missing the company of other kids to run around and play. He was so ready to go.
      And the doc, I won’t go for the follow up. Or maybe I should go with all possible info with me, just for the fun of it. LOL

  4. Bummer about the physicians lack of care! Glad you were able to solve the issues though.

    I’m so ready for that time when little man goes to school. Heck I’m excited for the three hour preschool in our future!!

    • On Monday I almost felt bad that I was so excited. Wasn’t I supposed to be sad to give my little baby into other peoples care? But no, I felt so relieved and the tot was so ready for it. It’s a change, but for us it’s a change for the better. Good you’re looking forward to this milestone.

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