Bliss in Paradise is beach, hassle-free early bedtime, bears and dogs … I mean cats

Since we got rid of the rash I have the feeling ‘Timan’s behavior has changed too, he seems more well-balanced and a lot happier. Finally my little boy is back and we had a week filled with yokes, laughter and happy playing. And lots of kisses, you know, the sweet and sometimes a little wet kisses only your little tot can give you. And what else did we learn?

1. The beach was calling us, the weather was perfect, the water warm, the surf acceptable and the tot happy.

2. And afterwards the Mommy was cleaning the powder-like sand out of everything. But as always, it was worth it.

3. This week was quite busy for our standards. Being always on the move, jumping, running, not resting at all, not even for a couple of minutes, this would make everyone tired. No wonder the tot was on the brink of a fit the longer the day lasted.

4. Over time the 5pm frenzy has turned into a 7pm meltdown while he’s taking a shower. However this outburst happens only when the tot didn’t take a nap, like … hmm almost everyday.

5. First I thought the water was painful on the rash, but now the rash has gone. So maybe it is to hot, to cold, has the wrong color, but no, not at all. ‘Timan’ is just overtired and anything slightly not the way he wants it results a tantrum with epic proportions.

6. I kept asking myself if I have any chance to stop this behavior and finally came to the conclusion: No. I just have to live with it. It will change, eventually, I hope.

7. But hey, my reward comes about 30 minutes later, when the tot falls asleep while I gently rub some coconut oil all over his body. 🙂

8. I just have to remember to carry my sleeping little boy to the bathroom after a couple of hours, or else he wakes up in a little pond. As a matter of fact, I do the same thing every night before I go to sleep. I tell him when he can do his business, he does it, but he never wakes up while doing it. And I carry him back to his bed. Easy. But now enough with talking about the potty.

9. If you plant some seeds, you have to replant them after a while, or else you wont have your kitchen herbs. Even I realized this and finally I did it. May they grow big and strong now.

10. Watching ‘King Kong’ with a 3-year-old might not be age appropriate, but it’s really fun, because he’s asking all those cute questions about the dinosaurs ‘jumping’ around and the ‘bear’ with the girl in its hand.

11. Yep, this week was all about bears. ‘Timan’ is convinced there is a bear living in our bathroom. But it’s a nice one and he can cuddle with it.

12. And it was about dogs too. One of the gazillion yapping dogs in our neighbourhood got puppies a couple of days ago. Some of the other boys living in our street get to take one home and ‘Timan’ was all ‘oh mommy, look, these cats are sooooo cute’. Luckily he didn’t ask if he could have one too. Big relief, I’m off the hook.

13. And last but not least, on such an obscure day like today, a Friday the 13th, when we have to avoid black cats crossing the street from the left to the right, we can either a) stay in bed (I wish I could, but this is not an option with ‘Timan’) or b) go to the beach. There is only the ocean, lots of sand and some coconut trees. So … off we go now. 🙂

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

For more of those important lessons life is teaching you, head over to ‘Life Ever Since’:

But now, please tell me, what is your recipe for a Friday the 13th?


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  1. I watched the Goonies with my son…it was alright until one of the characters…ironically named Chunk…started throwing out shit bombs…oops.
    So glad that the rash is at bay and he’s able to enjoy himself again!

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