“Preschool is so cool – but I wanna go home – but I love preschool …”

… to be continued in January. 😉


Lots of laughter and about the same amount of tears we shed this week. And with ‘we’ I’m talking about ‘Timan’, myself and maybe also the Hub. But what did I learn? Or better what did my little tot learn?

Being a big boy can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s sooo nice to be Mommy’s little ‘snuggly’.

This week was all about ‘creche’ (preschool).

1. Finally the Hubs was off for 5 (five!!) days in a row. I didn’t believe this would happen ever again. LOL. He hasn’t had a single day off in 2 (two!!!) months. What a relieve for all of us. And ‘Timan’ was beside himself with joy. Me too by the way. 🙂

2. The three familiarization days in ‘Lakres Bel Eau’ (the preschool) started middle of the week.

Day #1 was quite ok, the Hubs was still off and we all went together.  ‘Timan’ was looking forward to go. When we were there, the tot … hmm … kind of agreed to stay on his own. But he was very happy to see us in the afternoon.

3. Day #2 didn’t go well at the beginning. ‘Timan’ didn’t want me to leave at all. And cried, and begged me to stay …. and cried and held on to my clothes … and cried some more. So I stayed for a couple of hours. When I left he cried again. And inside myself I cried a little too. I was told by the teacher the crying didn’t last long and he had a good time after all.

Just before he fell asleep that night he told me he has made a new friend, Corin, his first girl-friend. Way to go little one. 😉

4. I really enjoyed the way to school with a great view over the harbor area and the islands close by.

5. Day #3 was all right again. The tot seemed to get used to all the other kids. He was still begging me to stay and shed a couple of tears when I left, but was all right soon after. And he was very proud of his art work when I came to pick him up.

6. But I think sometimes ‘Timan’ felt a little left out because he doesn’t speak ‘Creole’. The teacher however reassured me that he will pick it up in no time from the other kids and be able to speak like anyone else in school within the fist six months.

7. And finally I had a blast being myself again during these three days. It’s so nice to go shopping without a little tot, talking to people I met in town without someone pulling me away, cleaning the house in peace, having some time for myself. I was loving it.

8. Of course I missed my little one for a couple of minutes terribly, but I know he was in good hands. I’m looking forward to next January, when ‘Timan’ starts preschool full-time. Happy times lay ahead of us. 🙂

9. Now I will put up the dark curtains again, so the sun won’t wake up ‘Timan’ too early and sleep in until … maybe 6:45am?

Have a good weekend.

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How did your little one handle the familiarization days for preschool or kindergarten, being away from the family?


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  1. Oooh, I’m sorry he was so upset. Hopefully he’ll get used to it and start making more friends. Then he’ll never want to stay home, lol! BTW, what a gorgeous route to school.

  2. Preschool can be difficult at first but it sounds like Tinman is adjusting. Enjoy the hours you get to yourself.

  3. Timan is so adorable… and I love his painting! So cute! I’m so glad that you’re both doing well with this new transition for your family. What a great thing!
    And Hubs was off for 5 days?! That’s awesome! I love it (so do my kids!) when my husband is home for several days in a row. I’m sure you guys had a wonderful time together.

    Thanks so much for linking up for #SundayFunday! I always love reading about your life in paradise! 😉

  4. This reminded me of when my son started preschool at age 3. I was so torn because he would cry when we sent him there and the night before, he would tell us he didn’t want to go. On somedays he would be alright. We finally changed his school and now he’s happy as ever to go to school. Some kids take longer to fit in and some would fit in right away, you just have to see how it goes for your child and take it from there. Also, I think the teachers are so important at this stage to help the child familiarize himself in school. My son adores his teachers and I think that’s the major reason why he enjoys this school so much.

    • I’m glad your son is all right now. During these first three days my tot was torn between ‘I love it in preschool, let’s go there’ and ‘I want to stay home with you’ and the teacher told me for some kids it takes until almost half a year to get used to it. As you said, some kids take longer to fit in. I also believe not only the relationship between teacher and kid, but also between teacher and parent is very important.

  5. He’s doing great! It’s normal to have a little trepidation at first, but he will adjust quickly! (and P.S. My daughter still has mornings where she cries when I leave her even though she’s been in daycare since a few months after she was born…she should be used to it by now!)

    Hope you enjoy your alone time! Kids are great but so is a little time to ourselves.

    • I’m relieved when you tell me this also happens to kids who were in daycare. Most of the other parents here have their kids in daycare or leave them with other family members and all of a sudden I thought maybe I should have done the same. And I’m really looking forward to a little time for myself. 🙂

  6. He looks so cute with his little backpack! And it is nice to get some of your own time back when they’re in school. My girls were in daycare from the time they were 12 weeks old, so they were totally ready for school. My baby boy stays home with his daddy, so I think it will be much harder when we get ready to send him to preschool/school. Good luck with the transition!

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