Dancing the streets or how to get a message in paradise

This week I learned that the proverb ‘constant dripping wears away the stone’ is totally true when it comes to the public school system here in paradise.

But first comes first, it started with a street party local style:

1. I already mentioned the ‘Creole Festival’ last week. I would have loved to see more of it, but without the little one in tow. On Saturday however we went to watch ‘Kanmtole’ in town, with the little one. ‘Kanmtole’ are many different traditional dances to creole music and a big part of the local culture. They look a little bit like square-dance with a different music and the steps are different as well. Similar to country dances the changes of steps during the dance is also being announced by a caller. And all took place in the streets, in the center of town.

‘Timan’ was a good sport at the beginning, but got a little bored after a while. He couldn’t run around the way he wanted and he didn’t get the ice-cream he wouldn’t have eaten anyway. Bad Mommy. 😉

But we had fun anyway and followed the parade after the dance.

2. More than a month ago my neighbour told me about a meeting with all the future preschool-parents. Hey, I am one of them. 🙂

But nobody at the school was able to tell me the correct date. Instead they said I should listen to the radio every morning. Eventually, I would hear a message that tells me (and the whole population in paradise) about the date. Please note that we are talking about roughly 30 parents to take part in this meeting. Hmm, I never listen to the radio and certainly not to the shortwave radio messages at 6:15 AM. So once a week I gave the school a quick phone call and all of a sudden, past Wednesday, the head teacher told me: “Wait, wait, ahem, yes, the meeting is tomorrow at 8:30 AM.”

Huh??? Planning the future a little further ahead then the same week is apparently not possible. Oh, well …

But all is good now. I went to this meeting. The school is taking it very seriously, has a proper curriculum and is very focused on frequent interaction with the parents. Maybe they actually wanted me to call them every week. 😉

So next week ‘Timan’ is going to spend three familiarization days in ‘Lakres Bel Eau’. I hope, no, I know, he’s going to have a lot of fun.

3. The Hubs just has to give the tot a crash course in those most important words in Creole. Apparently they focus on good interaction with the fellow students who are already attending preschool. I’m sure he needs to know phrases like “Hey dude, show me where I have to go to make pee pee/poo poo.” or ‘Oh man, that Miss is making us doing funny stuff, I’d rather go outside to play on the slide/kick a ball.”

4. We are all set now. After the meeting the tot and I went to buy a raincoat, a new drinking bottle, new food containers and other important things for this full day preschool-try-out.

5. As usual I let the tot carry some of the bags while we were in town. At home I unpacked them and found a ball. I’ve never seen this ball before, didn’t buy it and certainly didn’t pay for it. ‘Timan’ didn’t even ask me to get it for him. And one more time, I explained my little one that everybody has to ‘give money to the store keeper’ before leaving the shop with the item he wants. This is not the first nor will it be the last time this has happened. Bummer. But hopefully … eventually … the do’s and don’ts are going to sink in.

Have a good weekend everyone. 🙂

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Tell me about the secret how you made your little one understand that not everything he sees and wants is to steal grab and put in his bag without telling anyone.


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  1. Hooray for Timan starting preschool! I bet he has a ton of fun! And your husband’s expert advice was totally hysterical! What a character!

    Thanks for linking up for #SundayFunday!

  2. You sound a lot like me! I have no problem blowing the phone lines up calling our school If I’m not getting the answers I’m seeking. Good for you! Best of luck to you and your little man with his new pre-school experience!! 🙂

    • Since I’m the one who is going to bring the tot there and picking him up every day, I will have plenty of opportunity to bug them with questions. But at the meeting they actually encouraged this.

  3. you are a good mom!
    Too bad you had to chase the school to get the info but you did and your son will do great!

    • Thanks, your words are soothing my soul. You know, sometimes it’s pretty tough to adjust to the ways of living here. I’m sure in Switzerland you would get notified by mail, weeks or even several month ahead.

  4. Good luck to Timan with starting pre-school! I sure do hope he has a great time.

  5. We haven’t had too much of the taking stuff without paying, but I am sure it will come…if I ever let them out of the shopping cart!

    • I hope it’s just a phase. Or I need to grow more eyes, maybe some on the back of my head. 😉 But some of the shops make it really easy for the little ones. They put the toys in baskets right on the floor.

  6. Glad you found out even though it was easy! LOL can’t say I would be listening to the radio at 6 in the morning either! I’m sure he’ll do great!

  7. Good luck Timan!!! How exciting!! I’m sure that he will do just fine on his trial runs!!! And good luck to you too!!

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