Of mice, DVD-technology and endless babbling

Living with ‘ups and downs’ would be the best way to describe the past week in paradise. And I learned that Mommy knows nothing about anything these days. But it started nice with lots of sweet talking, or rather babbling:

1. ‘Timan’ is talking a lot these days. Since I can’t talk 24/7 without a break, he has to find somebody else to talk to. And if he doesn’t find someone, he’s talking to himself, or to his stuffed animals, or to his cars, or to the neighbours dog. Surprisingly always in English and not in Swiss, the language the tot and I use most of the time. Maybe I should speak more often in English with him?

2. Having PMS and a lively 3-year-old, who is refusing to nap, doesn’t work well together. Feeling incredibly tried doesn’t help either. At least I only have this once or twice (or three or more times) a year. 😉

3. Every year, during the last week of October the Paradise is celebrating the ‘Creole Festival’. The locals revive the ‘creole spirit’ with its art, music, dancing and dramatic productions and of course everybody indulges in the ‘cuisine creole’. But to get the latter on a regular basis we just have to go to my MIL. 🙂 However all the presentations are in the evening. The ones where the tot could join us and actually would get something out of it are very limited. Having said this, I wasn’t expecting anything at all when ‘Timan’ and I paid a short visit to the ‘bazar creole’ while we were in town. It was morning and it was completely empty. Luckily it happened to be at the one and only public playground. At least the little one got his share of fun.

4. We have a mouse in the house. No, not a pet, but a 2 inch long roommate, who leaves its little droppings everywhere. I have nothing against mice, as long as they stay outside, with all the other flying and creeping critters. That’s why we launched ‘project catch-the-mickey’. Last time this has happened the Hubs solved it very skillfully with lots of special glue spread on a wooden board with a piece of yummy meat/cheese/I-can’t-remember-what in the middle. This time however my dear husband got lazy and gave me a piece of cardboard, pre-fitted with some glue. I put it where I’ve seen Mickey a couple of times.

And what happened???

Nothing. Nada. Nixynixnix.

The mouse ignored my treats, I was disappointed and passed the task on to my dear Hubby. Shall he try his luck as ‘The Piper of Hamelin’, or ‘Timan’ is soon getting a real pet, a kittty-cat.

5. We are really living in the boonies. The tot’s new DVD with the beloved ‘Cars’ he got last Sunday doesn’t work in the player anymore. On day no. 4 it started to ask for a password. Either because ‘Timan’ was messing around with the remote control and added a password, or because Mommy knows nothing about modern technology and has no clue where to find a password for a DVD, a DVD that is from age ‘0-years’ onward. Why on earth would anybody need a password protection for children DVDs anyway? On the laptop however it’s working like a charm. I’m utterly frustrated.

As a last resort we would have to buy a connection between laptop and TV, but that would leave the lap very vulnerable to the tots busy little fingers when I’m busy somewhere else. Sigh.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Is there anyone who can help us with the DVD problem? It’s the Disney DVD ‘Cars Toon – Mater’s Tall Tales’ bought oversees and maybe there was a sticker on the cellophane wrapping, I can’t remember, but I don’t think so. And there is nothing on the box or the DVD itself. What a Bummer. 😦

The Hubs was wrong by accusing the innocent DVD for the above problem and Mommy is a genius, I always knew it. 😉 Since my dear husband is just a normal man who doesn’t need useless stuff, he normally throws away loses the user manuals by mistake, when moving to another place. So I went online and did some research. After a while I found said manual.

If you happen to have a Phillips DVD733K, your tot is playing around with the remote control, locks his favorite movie and you urgently need to unlock the disk to save the day, go to ‘General Settings’, press ‘unlock’, start the disk and it will ask for a 4-digit-password, use 3308 (default). What a weird combination. Why did Phillips not use something simple instead, like 1234?


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  2. It’s good the mouse is gone 🙂 …and your DVD dilemma is finally sorted out

  3. I sure hope that mouse is stuck to your trap by the end of this week! oh my goodness! I hate mice!

    And I was going to mention something about remote for your DVD player… only because the same thing happened to us! Ridiculously annoying! I’m glad you got it figured out!

    And thanks for linking up for #SundayFunday once again! oxoxo

    • Why do they put such a feature in a DVD player? Who needs to lock a specific DVD anyway? If you don’t want other people to watch it, just put it somewhere where they don’t find it, or the kids can’t get it. The player actually memorizes this specific DVD, because all the others worked perfectly.

      Luckily I didn’t see any sign of our mouse for some time, I think it left the same way it came. 🙂

  4. I hope you get that mouse caught soon. I know what life is like with chatty children. Good luck getting some peach and quiet.

    • I’m pretty sure the mouse left on its own. Yay. I rather have the talking then the silence. When ‘Timan’ is talking I can hear where he is and I know he’s not into trouble, silence is only good when he’s sleeping. 🙂

  5. I hope your little visitor leaves soon. I don’t think I’d be dealing very well with a mouse in the house!

  6. That sucks about the DVD. And mice? ACK!!

  7. You clearly have quite the wise mouse!

  8. That is so odd that it asked for a password…really odd.
    And mice??? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I hate them. I hope you can get rid of it soon!!!

    • No success with the mouse so far. But ‘Timan’ got his hands into the glue and that was, hmmm, not good. #MommyFail. So you’re saying I’m not so far off when I can’t understand why you need a password to play a DVD? Thanks Kim, this is putting my mind at ease. 🙂 But I need to find out what’s wrong otherwise I have hard times coming.

  9. My middle girl has always been into talking to herself. I couldn’t talk as much as she does either. And that festival looks fun!

    • The events at the ‘Creole Festival’ are actually very interesting, but they are rather for adults then 3-year-olds. But we went again to the bazar today in the afternoon, because that’s the place where people hang out after work, especially on a Friday, and this time there were a lot of kids. There were also many stands with the typical creole food and some local crafts. So I don’t have to cook dinner tonight. Yay. 🙂

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