Some people dance, but others just run and count and some grow plants

We had many happy days this week and hardly any temper tantrums or other fits. Video taping the tot in action and showing him the footage really seems to work.

But what did I learn this week? One major thing: Think where you go before you go. 🙂

But first things first, the week started very loud and very sweaty:

1. Last weekend we went to a party. Nice people, some kids for ‘Timan’, good food and drinks, but most of all, good dance music. And this music (and probably the food and too much sugar) made ‘Timan’ hyper, he kept jumping and dancing, but all of a sudden running and running like a perpetuum mobile. He didn’t stop anymore. Eventually we had to leave and it took ages to calm the tot down afterwards. Even at home, it was around 11pm, he wanted to party and ‘run’ to the music. Oh, little one, dancing is perfectly ok, just skip the running, the only thing you do is knocking over other people.

2. The way to handle ‘Timan’s toilet issues in town is to look ahead. In the past, every single time the tot had to go potty we were busy in a shop. And this means, stopping the shopping and dropping whatever I had in my hands, heading outside on the lookout for a public restroom (that doesn’t exist anyway or is much too dirty) or an appropriate place with a tree and not too many people around. This is sometimes difficult in town. But I realized, whenever we were passing such a place (the tree – not the public restroom, ‘Timan’ is still refusing to even enter one) and I remember to ask the tot if he has to go, the answer is always ‘yes’. However, before we leave home, the answer is always ‘no’. How come?

3. Concerning school skills we had a successful week: ‘Timan’ is counting from 1 to 10 in Swiss and in English. I’m so proud. The rainy days are paying off. 😉

4. I’m a plant lover and since a couple of days I own a plant, an ‘Aloe Vera’. This may sound funny to you, but I didn’t grow plants for years. I used to have many Orchids when I was in Europe, however living on a boat doesn’t work out for plants and with all the green in the tropics I saw no need for plants inside the house either. But now, I want to start growing some kitchen herbs and most of all medicinal plants.

5. And the very last thing, yesterday the Hubs picked up a present for ‘Timan’ at the post office. It’s from my parents and it’s a new DVD with the ‘Cars’ characters. The tot will be beside himself with joy when I’m going to give it to him Sunday morning. I hope this will buy me some quiet time this weekend after all, in spite of the little one skipping naps.

And maybe, just maybe, ‘Timan’ decides to sleep in on Sunday. I would be so happy.

I hope you’ll have a perfect weekend.

For more of those important lessons life is teaching you, head over to ‘Life Ever Since’:

But please tell me, are you growing medicinal plants as well? What plants are you growing and what for?


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  1. Herbs can be grown anywhere with a little dirt and a lot of sun. Involving your tot may just peak his curiosity as well watching them grow. My girls are all grown now but reading your post brought back all the memories of trial and tribulation. Thanks for a great read and good luck.

    • Thanks. I think the little one might really be interested to have his own little plant. I already got the pots, now I just need to find the seeds. And you’re right, herbs are easy to grow and the tot can even pick them himself.

  2. Wow, counting in Swiss! Impressive! Sometimes I think diapers are a pain, but then I think about how hard potty training must be and I’m glad we’re still in diapers, lol!

    • He he, enjoy this time. ‘Timan’s potty training was actually easy after the tot decided he wants to do it. And we had the help of a doctor, a man with a beard, who apparently made quite an impression. Good luck with Donut when her time comes.

  3. I tell you, a weekend with hardly any fits is, indeed, a very good weekend!!

  4. I have three girls. Thankfully they are willing to use public potties. We had to teach them NOT to go outside after they saw a girl at daycare do it. And we use the potty anywhere we can find one. We like to go to a park but late in the season most of the bathrooms are locked, so we stop at the chiropractors and use his 🙂 We used to carry a potty seat in the car for some emergencies where there was nothing or it was too disgusting to use.

    • The docs office sounds like a very good plan. I have to inquire with some local moms with girls how people are doing it here. There is actually just one public restroom in town that I know of. Or maybe they use the facility at a restaurant. Since ‘Timan’ and I go on outings by bus, the portable potty seat is not an option. 😉

  5. I sometimes think that we got super lucky when we had a boy…they can pee ANYWHERE!!! LOL
    Try that with a girl 😉
    My son is super stubborn when it comes to learning. He used to be able to count to 12 but all of a sudden he can’t anymore. Weird.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    PS. My son is a diehard Cars fan. We just saw the second one last night.

    • I really wonder how moms with girls are handling this. Yep, we are lucky. He he.
      I’d love to take the tot to the movie, but they are not showing it here, maybe they will later. You too, have a great weekend. 🙂

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