Did I really put an end to the screeching habit?

Finally, we had less rain this week. ‘Timan’ and I even went to town for a coffee with the Hubs. Or course we took the bus. No, no not the one the tot wanted to buy for me. 😉

Still, several things have happened this week. And ‘Timan’ and I learned a couple of things as well:

1. We have a change of season coming up here in paradise, from hot and wet warm and dry to hotter and wetter hot and wet. Actually just about now is the official beginning of the northeast monsoon or the ‘rainy season’, but it seems like it has started a couple of weeks earlier this year.

2. When we were in town I stocked up on some crafty materials, some more coloring books, pencils and crayons. For the many rainy days to come until the tot is going to preschool next year. Obviously ‘Timan’ wanted to do many colorful paintings the very same day.

3. During a temper tantrum, or better a screeching fit, I grabbed my camera and recorded the whole episode. A day later I showed ‘Timan’ the footage on the computer and the tot was rather surprised and quite impressed. “That’s I screaming!! Mommy, that’s not nice. I don’t like. Mommy, why I do this??” And I explained why he was having the fit and he was just looking at me with big eyes. Maybe, just maybe he’s realizing now how unnecessary and silly the screaming is and that screeching is getting him nowhere, especially not the item or action he wanted in the first place.

4. My little boy can be really polite again, if he wants to. This week we had days when phrases like ‘Mommy, please help, take these two (pieces of LEGO) apart’ and ‘can I please see movie when you sweep the floor’ came so effortless. All of a sudden the ‘magic word’ is a part of his speech again. These days were full of smile and laughter and sweet talk.

5. Talking about talking. There are three people living in our house and one of them is talking and babbling and talking and whispering and talking every second he’s awake, even when he’s eating and sometimes in his sleep as well. Especially during the time another person is also talking on the phone, talking to a neighbour or trying to watch the news on TV. Take a guess who I’m talking about.

6. Accidentally I found out how to give pictures on my wordpress.com blog a custom size. 🙂 I don’t understand how I could have missed this before. Probably there are many more things I could do, if only I knew. It wouldn’t hurt if I dig a little bit more into this matter.

And that’s one of the plans for this weekend. Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

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Are or were your tots sometimes screeching and screaming as well? How did you stop this habit? Please tell me, just in case my tot is forgetting how silly he looks during a fit. 😉


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  1. Recording a fit is a great idea to playback to show your child how ugly it can be. I’m glad Tinman realized that when watching it.

    • I was surprised myself about his reaction. He did not like it and didn’t understand why he was acting like this. I think often a fit is taking over and a little child cannot gain control over himself the way he wants to. In the past I felt ‘Timan’ actually wants to stop the tantrum, but he can’t, his mind says no, but his body doesn’t react the way he wants.

  2. What a good idea recording him and his tantrum. It seemed to make sense to him, so hopefully it works! Good luck with the monsoon season coming up–I guess that’s your version of winter, huh?

    • Right now it’s working, but little ones are unpredictable. 😉 Actually no, we are heading into ‘summer’, with more rain and a few degrees warmer because the wind is not coming from the south but from northern directions.

  3. That sounds like a great idea! I hope it works for you!

  4. That was a wonderful idea maybe I’ll do the same!

  5. Ohh you might be on to something. Wonder if it works on two six year old boys?

  6. What a great idea to show him how he is behaving! So glad it worked! I may have to try this!!!

  7. Great way to show him the temper tantrum – just hope he doesn’t come to enjoy being on camera and can still constructively criticize himself instead of thinking he’s a star.

    • That’s a very good point. I hope this is not going to happen, but seriously, it could, because he likes watching himself in videos. So far he likes himself when he’s laughing and having fun, not when he’s screaming and screeching.

  8. I love your method of dealing with the temper tantrum. I may have to try that myself.

    My only advice is to keep thinking. What works today may not work tomorrow. I’ve learned that lesson one or two times too many.

  9. I love that he was disgusted with himself having a tantrum. I may just use this little parenting technique. I’ve got one who throws four year old tantrums and one just learning the art of tantrums. Sigh!

    • My tot really doesn’t like to see himself like this. I think you will get your 4yo’s attention when he sees himself throwing a fit. Right now I just have to remind ‘Timan’ about the recording or tell him I’m going to tape it again and he’s running away to the bedroom to calm himself.

  10. My kids always squeal when excited, I think we will forever be the loud ones on the playground.

  11. That was so clever – to record the tantrum! I’ll have to remember that one.

    And thanks for the reminder that I need to explore what all wordpress can do – I never take the time to try to figure out what else it can do.

    • Same here, I always find out how things work at wordpress by chance. Or when I’m specifically looking for something. But I guess it’s really worth dedicating a couple of hours for just trying out things.

  12. I think I’m going to do just that whenever my daughter exhibits some unacceptable behavior. I never thought a camera could be an excellent discipline tool! Thanks for the clever tip 🙂

  13. I love his reaction to seeing himself on video! So cute.

  14. I must say that is freaking genius idea to video tap the screaming and then show it to him. Congratulations 🙂

  15. WordPress is likes room filled with unlocked doors. When you learn to open them there is a surprise behind each one 😉
    Oh the tantrums…hate them…maybe I should video tape him doing it too ?!

    • It’s like an Advent Calendar, he he, everyday something new.
      And the little movie really opened my tot’s eyes, I just hope he’s not forgetting it anytime soon. It’s so peaceful right now. I can get used to it. 😉

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