Wordless{ish} Wednesday – I play hide and seek and get a whole bus

I’m sitting in the kitchen, sipping on my morning-cup-of-tea, completely in peace, but all of a sudden I hear … nothing.

No sounds coming from the direction where ‘Timan’ is supposed to be … this is always bad. Always, with no exception. So I got just a tiny little bit worried.

I called him, but no answer. Not a sound.

I had to investigate.

This time however it wasn’t bad, nothing to worry about and the tot was cracking up and thought it was absolutely funny that I found him.

Sitting in the wardrobe, that’s the new place to be.

The day went on and guess what, the little one disappeared once more.

Well, Mommy is clever and I played along. I loudly checked all the other possible hiding places and ‘found’ him in the wardrobe.

But … the Mister was busy:

My happy ‘I found you’ was totally ignored.

Obviously I was not so happy anymore about this hide and seek game and reminded him to leave Mommy’s wallet in her handbag and the later closed and where he had found it.

The day went on and guess what, the little one disappeared once more.

This time I went straight to his new place to hang out.

And what did I see?

‘Timan’ was ecstatic about his discovery. And he said:

‘Is for ‘Timan’, I put in piggy bank and I buy bus for you to go to town’.

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  1. He is so incredibly cute!

  2. He’s really sweet and I love that he found a good spot and is committed to it! I hate those quiet moments. I always think the worse – and usually I’m right.

  3. For you to go to town? Just you? Is he trying to be rid of you? Haha! He’s so very cute and funny, all curled up rifling through your purse.

  4. I can just see you going to town on your bus! Maybe he could get you a pimped out one with like shiny rims and a booming system?! That would be awesome!

  5. Ha ha. Little stinker! So cute when they figure these things out.

    Smart boy!
    once I left my purse out and my son (and this was unknowing to me) pick-pocketed my credit cards and hid them under his mattress. Yea, that was fun trying to find. Oy!!!

  7. It looks like he found a treasure! What an adventure he had in the wallet.

  8. So is there a reason he wants to buy you a bus? Just curious. I love that he was hiding in the closet.
    The second picture reminded me of a shot I have of my now 19 year old. when he was around two he snitched a friends purse, whom they affectionately call auntie rhonda, and was sitting on his bed emptying it. I still think that shot is cute
    Love for you to come share and linkup

    • Well, we always take the bus to go to town. So ‘Timan’ either thinks Mommy just needs to have one of those buses for herself. 🙂 Or he simply used the wrong word and actually meant he’s going to ‘pay’ the bus fare for me. I’ll never find out.

  9. So cute! I love it, what a great and fun place for him to be!!

  10. LOL. Uh oh! You better hide your wallet now. heehee

  11. Ha!! That’s hilarious…so nice he’d like to buy you a bus! I imagine that’s something you’ve always wanted 😉

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