Rainy days are great, but can be nerve wracking

This week was wet, wet, wet and ‘Timan’ and I were staying inside the whole time. Poor Hubs, who had to go to work, sometimes I really felt sorry for him. 😉

But because of the bad weather the outdoor play to burn energy was limited to zero and it was all about ‘Timan’ this week. The whole time most of the time the tot made my Mommy-heart swell with pride:

1. ‘Timan’ scribbled around and asked me: “Mommy, what did I write?” Me: “I don’t know.” ‘Timan’: “It’s an X” LOL, but for sure he did scribble something like a cross. A little later he told me he wrote an S and it really looked a little like it. Way to go my little genius.

2. All the things that shouldn’t be pulled apart are very interesting for ‘Timan’. Obviously I don’t like him to work on these kind of handyman skills, especially not after he was told numerous times ‘don’t do this, it’s not to take apart, it’s going to break’. No wonder he loves toys he can take apart and put together again the way he wants and nothing will break. And that’s a sure way to keep him busy for more than 3 minutes. This week I have a big thumbs up for LEGO and MECCANO.

3. And he even cared about me with his new inventions. I was asking him: “What did you build?”  ‘Timan’: “It’s a helicopter with a mopeller (he meant the rotor), you know, I fly with it to creche. And look, this one is for you.” He was holding up his second construction. Me: “And what is it?” ‘Timan’: “That’s a helicopter for you, so you’re always with me at school.” Well, little one, soon enough you will find out how this will work. I will get you there, but no way I will stay.

4. Finally my preaching is bearing fruits: Whenever the tot is pulling out a toy and wants to play with something else after a short while, he nicely collects all the pieces and takes them back to the place where they belong. And then he’s pulling out the next toy. My words are sinking in. That’s my boy, I’m so proud. 🙂

5. We reached, or we are in the process of reaching, another milestone: This week our little baby had his first lessons using the next item of the ‘grown-up’ silverware: the knife. And he was proudly practicing with omelets, sweet potatoes and squash. He understood the do’s and don’ts and did it right, at least when I was watching him. And soon he’ll be a master with a steak knife. LOL. In his dreams only.

6. Because of the constant thunder storms and rain it’s not as bright early in the morning and the tot was sleeping in. But when his wake up time is around 7:30am, never in his life he is going to nap after lunch. But this was quite ok with me, because around 7:30pm he realizes he’s getting tired, I tell him to go pee, he does it without complaint, I guide him to the bedroom, no complaint either, he lays down, I hold his hand for not more than 15 seconds and he’s passed out until 7:30am the next morning. I just have to make sure he really goes to the toilet before he falls asleep, otherwise there might a little problem in the middle of the night when he’s in deep sleep. Or maybe not and he wakes up before he’s floating in a pond.

7. However attending to my own personal needs can result in chaos. Especially during those strenuous nap-less times. Even though this particular morning he was an early bird and pulled me out of bed at 6:30am, still it’s not a good idea to go to another room. Leaving him by himself in such a situation, tired but full of beans, even just for a couple of minutes, always results in mischief.

The forecast for this weekend is still rain, rain and more rain, so nothing is going to change anytime soon. But when the sun is shining again into the bedroom at 6am, ‘Timan’ is going to wake up early and will return to his nap schedule. I hope.

Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine, or rain if you prefer it wet.

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But tell me, what is your suitcase full of tricks for the days it’s raining only once? Sometimes I feel like I always have to come up with something new to keep my little boy busy during a whole day without nap.


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  1. I just had a few indoor ideas to share.
    – indoor baseball with a balloon and carboard tube (one from paper towel works well) balloons are great in many other ways too.
    – crafts are great! My little ones love it whether I give them some crayons and paper or just some play dough. I know glue can be difficult some times but I just put a bit in a dish with a little water and let the kids use popsicle sticks to apply it and there are so many materials to use. My kids love glitter, and of course paint (I have 3 @ 3 yrs old)
    – you can make great necklaces with O shaped cereal (I used yarn with some tape on the end but chenille stems (pipe cleaners) are a bit easier to use) or if you can make or buy beads with a big hole that works too
    – I used masking tape to make hopscotch on my kitchen floor
    – bowling with empty soda bottles
    – if your son recognizes numbers there are a few card games to play (such as go fish), there’s also board games like chutes and ladders and caribou island (my favourite)
    -a great craft game we did was we decorated cardboard tubes with construction paper and letter stickers and then I made up a buch of cards with letters on them and hid them around the house. They then had to use the “letter finders” they made and find all the letters or just one certain one (works great with numbers and shapes and anything else you can make on a card and hide).
    – puzzles are awesome!

    I could just go on forever, but I hope this helps!

    • What a coincidence you commented just today, it’s raining and raining, since days. Thanks you shared some great ideas, I think the ‘letter finders’ we’re going to do today. 🙂
      An all time favorite indoor game the little one loves to pay is ‘badminton’ with a balloon.

  2. I keep a bunch of crafty stuff on hand for rainy days. 😉 We tend to watch a movie or two (my kids are a bit older than Timan so… their attention span for that sort of thing is probably a bit higher than his.) And we read a LOT! We have a huge assortment of books for kids… but sometimes, we make a special trip to the bookstore for something new for those rainy days!

    And you’re right! It doesn’t take long for smaller people to get into mischief on rainy days! Their speed blows my mind sometimes! ha ha!
    Thanks for linking up for #SundayFunday!

    • Thank you for more ideas. 🙂 Just today we went to town and I got more coloring books, more pencils, more glue, some marbles and I already have an idea what we are going to put together, crafty days lay ahead. Even if the tot might be a little young for this, we’ll see.

  3. Your little guy is beautiful. With my two, I dread rainy days especially now that the energy level is CRAZY! We go somewhere like the library – ours has long hallways good for running! I also try to get the arts and crafts going – bring out my glue and scissors when desperate!

    • Thank you. The running, he he, our place is getting very small all of a sudden when the tot is ‘locked’ inside. Sometimes I put on some loud dance music, just to get him tired. And yes, crafts is a good idea, I need to find preschooler glue and scissors somewhere. I wouldn’t dare to use my ‘Super Glue’ and in spite of the knife during meal time I think metal scissors are a little too early, am I right?

  4. Your little guy is mastering all sorts of new skills! Funny, I’ve never let my boys use a knife and they are 5 and 7. But they are also crazy and totally not trustworthy. It’s probably time for them to learn, though.

    • I didn’t know when to start with the knife and during a rainy week you come up with all sorts of ideas. But the tot caught on and likes eating with it, of course under my supervision and not for every meal. I thought practice makes perfect, so an early start won’t be bad. 😉

  5. I think the more you tell kids not to do something, the more determined they are to do it! So maybe next time, tell him to take something apart and maybe he’ll leave it alone!

  6. Oh I remember those days…leave the room for just a minute and oh my. I love a week of rain, but must admit, that even as my kidlets are a bit older, they can still get into mischief after a week of indoor play!

  7. Rainy days around here = lots of reading & a Disney movie, most of the time. I do have a membership at the Children’s Museum & the Living Museum, so we have those as indoor option during inclement weather.

    • Going to the museum sounds like a great idea, when we have a couple of hours without rain. Our one and only museum is the National Museum, but I guess they also have some exhibits to look at so it’s still interesting for little ones.

  8. He looks pretty handy with that knife! I love the photo of mass destruction too.

    I wish it would rain, geez. Everything is wilting before it can turn pretty fall colors.

  9. I love these simple moments. And the pictures are precious!

  10. It’s tough to get out of the normal routine because you can’t get outside any! I hope you don’t have rain all next week too.

    And I still don’t often let my 10 year old use a steak knife 🙂

    • Me too, I hope we will have some nice days for outside play again. Clouds are perfectly ok, just not buckets of water falling from the sky all the time.
      Yep, for the steak knife my tot has to wait a ‘little’ longer. LOL

  11. Rainy days can be hard…make me stir crazy. I sometimes just have to move to different rooms to keep the little boy occupied. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog 🙂 Oh and that’s a success that he’s putting his toy back up before he gets another one!

    • I don’t know why, but suddenly it made ‘clic’ somewhere in his head and it works like a charm with putting the toys away. And a parenting success once in a while is great for mommy’s mental state of mind. 😉

  12. love number three! that’s super sweet. and he looks like a little man using his knife.

  13. Sometimes rainy/thunderstorm days end up being the most fun. We’re big fort/tent builders with sheets when we’re stuck inside. I love that he puts his toys away before pulling out new ones. I’m hoping he’ll conference call with my boys to show him that really, kids do put their toys away. 😉

    • That’s a good idea with building a fort/tent/house, I totally forgot about this. Thanks. We could let them talk on Skype, but I’m not so sure if that’s a good idea, boys in company tend to come up with very mischievous ideas or even plan a mutiny. 😉

  14. Thanks for this post – I laughed at “mopeller” and at him asking you what he wrote. My daughter used to do that! I remember when she would write a bunch of random letters down and then ask me what word she wrote. Then we would giggle as I tried to pronounce ‘koauerxzlasi” 🙂

  15. Looks like he was a pro with that knife already!

    • Thanks, but it only looks like this. Maybe because he is quite good with fork and spoon. Or because he actually did what I told him to do for once. Or because it was just his lucky second. 😉

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