A rather windy week

We had a lot of wind lately, not so much outside, but inside the house. Here we had storm after storm. Nevertheless it was a quiet and peaceful week. I didn’t really learn any life-saving things, but I learned several rather important lessons I just need to share with you:

1. The stormy weather in our house was mostly caused by ‘Timan’. He takes immense pleasure in passing his own wind. The louder and smellier the better. And if this is causing some kind of reaction, maybe discomfort in other people, it’s the best. Ghee, this must me a boy thing. Will it stop at one point? Or are my days doomed for the next 20 years?

2. My tot loves his morning cuddle in my bed as much as I do. One morning I started to make my bed, the tot was already happily playing in the living room, but all of a sudden he shoots into the bedroom and says with a disbelieving look on his face: “Mommy, are we not going to cuddle today?”. Gha, this made me happy.

You see, I was not so far off, quite a while ago I gave him the nickname ‘Knuddel-Furz’ (‘Snuggle-Fart’) I use when we’re just the two of us. 😉

3. I shall not leave an open cup of yoghurt in the fridge. Your son will take an egg (a raw one) and plop it into the cup, the yoghurt will be splattered all over the fridge and the kitchen. But that is nothing to worry, the fridge and the kitchen need to be cleaned at one point anyway, so why not now. Sigh.

4. ‘Timan’ has to climb other things than our furniture or kitchen counter. So we went to the playground. For the first time ever we went to play on the ‘toys’ and we did not just pass through. This place in the center of town is empty the whole day, unless there is some sort of organized activity going on. Unfortunately there is not enough shade and it’s getting really hot there on a sunny day. But this time of the year, with the sky cloudy and some rain off and on, it’s perfect. Still, there are no kids. Seems like local moms don’t have time to spend on the playground. We don’t care. ‘Timan’ climbed like a big kid and had a blast on the slide.

5. We need an apple orchard. Seriously, even if we have to plant it inside the house because we’re living in the tropics. No, not because of the cider for mommy (hicks), but because ‘Timan’s  immense apple consumption. Right now he’s eating an average of 5 per day. How about changing the well-known saying into ‘5 apples per day help your bowel go YAY’?

6. Somehow I need to cut the tots mouthing habit. He doesn’t suck on this fingers though. At least that’s something. But now it’s actually worse than when he was a baby. Now he does it fully intentional and sucks a random item he finds at home, chews it and spits it out. He doesn’t swallow, no, he uses it as some sort of a mouth toy. And he prefers these things to chewing a gum or eating something not so healthy and yummy ;-). How strange is that? Rubber things are preferred, like elastic rubber bands, but he also sucks on painted wooden blocks with round edges and he even does it with metal toy cars. I really fear for his pearly whites. Gha, I don’t now anymore what to do. I asked him why he’s putting things in his mouth and he simply said he likes the feeling.

7. My little one thinks he really is someone. He put on his pyjama top all by himself and commented this with a big smile and ‘I’m a genius’. The next day he took his toy car apart, the one that’s meant to be taken apart, and when he was trying to put it together again, he got stuck. And he was shaking his head with a big sigh and said ‘I’m not a genius’. At least he’s realistic. But …

… isn’t everyone a little genius somewhere with something? I think a healthy self-esteem should be nourished, don’t you think so?

Happy weekend to all of you.

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If you have a suggestion how I can stop the tot to take inappropriate things in his mouth, I’d be grateful forever. With a (virtual) cake and all. 😉

And as always, tell me what you think, I love your comment. 🙂


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  1. Timan sounds like such a fun, happy kid! How great that he’s an apple-eating machine.

    I wish I had advice to help with his tendency to chew on objects/toys. My boys didn’t do that much. It must just be a phase that will pass…hopefully quickly.

    • And now I have to train him to eat the core as well, like I do. So I don’t have those cream-coloured-turning-to-brown thingies lying around anymore. LOL.
      I really hope he’s going to stop with this mouthing habit, I feel like a broken record with my ‘don’t take the … in you mouth’ (fill in the blank with whatever item you feel like ;-)).

  2. Love the new apple slogan! I also think the oral fixation is a boy thing, my son still does that with legos or other odd things at 9 and I’m not sure how to break the habit, I even throw the stuff away if I catch him with it in his mouth..

    • And that means it’s not going to end anytime soon? What a bummer. I will try the throwing away (putting away for some time), maybe it’s working with ‘Timan’. Thanks for the idea. On the other hand it might cause a fit. :/

  3. My daughter eats banana’s like that!

    How hot is it there right now? I really don’t know how you live in that heat.
    We are just entering fall and it’s low 60’s.

  4. Laughing at the five apples a day. Our kiddo loves apples too, and yes, his bowels are thrilled.

  5. It is amazing how much you can learn in just one week isn’t it?
    You will remember all those snuggle moments as he grows older, farting or not farting lol.
    Myt boys refuse to snuggle these days, they tell me they are to big now, yeah right??

  6. I love that he loves to snuggle! My 5 yr old is the same way! And farting… lemme tell ya! With 4 boys living at my house… there are days that I threaten to ban them all outside! What on earth is so funny about stinking us all out of house and home? I don’t think I’ll ever get it!

    Timan’s a cute! Thanks for sharing his sweetness… genius and all… with us!
    And thanks for linking up for #SundayFunday!

    • I don’t understand it either. It’s not only the smell, it’s also the sound. And there are ways to make it sound rather ‘weird’, i.g. by doing it sideways while sitting. Hmm, you see, I know it all. These very important things I have learned many years ago, during the time I was sharing an apartment with members of the male guild.

  7. Snuggle fart is the best nickname! I’m gonna borrow that!

  8. My little one doesn’t fart much, but my husband does. All the time.lol

  9. He sounds super adorable to hang out with! I’d take all them snuggles even though I’m sure he’s a fart master with all them apples he’s eating!! LOL

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