I’ve lost my virtual eye, …

… my connection to the rest of the world was gone for quite a while.

And what did this week with its internet-less days show me?

– I miss to satisfy my curiosity about what’s going on in other places.

– I miss blogging and the things that come with it.

– All of a sudden I have so much more time during the day. And this is pretty cool, isn’t it?


It happened on an ordinary day, ‘Timan’ was having his nap, I was working on my blog and … puff … my connection was gone.

My first thought was ‘oh f*ck, this is going to take a century until it’s fixed’.

It could be physical nature, like a problem with the phone line, or plain stupidity by an employee of the telephone company/internet provider ‘Careless & Useless’, this has happened already. The girl at the help line was convinced it’s my modem/router that is causing the problem. Hmmm.

Here in paradise it’s double as bad, because it means you lose the window that lets you peak into the things the rest of the world is doing.

But it’s not a big deal, no, not at all, because there are so many things to do here, beginning with going to the beach and ending with … well, the things to do here are certainly limited. Sigh. Especially during this time of the year, it’s hot and humid when the sun is out, but the southwest monsoon is blowing your hat off with its gusty winds and the ocean is a lot cooler, much to cold for me. So the beach is not an option. The tourists go there nevertheless, maybe they don’t know of the better month to come here for holiday.

And what am I going to do? Here are the things I did or wanted to do in these desperate times when I lost my connection to the rest of the world:

  • Play, cuddle, play, cuddle and play again with ‘Timan’, with lots of kissing time in between.
  • Nap with the tot. It’s supposed to be really refreshing when you sleep for 2 hours after lunch.
  • Go shopping, at least do some window shopping, you never know what you’re going to find. Because shopping in Paradise can be rather tricky sometimes.
  • Drag ‘Timan’ to the local playground, the only one on the island and the one that’s always in the sun. But when it’s raining off and on, like these days, it’s perfect.
  • Get some pots.
  • Start planting some awesome plants in those pots, like Aloe Vera, or some flowery bush.
  • Call ‘Careless & Useless’ once in a while, just to check so they won’t forget you.
  • Bake muffins or a cake, anything for a sweet tooth.
  • Write a lot of blog posts in advance for the days of brain-emptiness to come (aka the days when the Mojo goes missing).
  • Curse the nice people at ‘Careless & Useless’.
  • Have an espresso and a piece of the just baked delicious cake, without the fear of raising an ant colony in the keyboard, feeding off the crumbs.
  • Go to bed early and start the next day full of strength to kick the ass of greet those guys from ‘Careless & Useless’ with a bright smile on the face. 🙂

But now, as you can see with this post, all is good again. Reason this time: a problem in the main phone line, cause unknown or nothing-the-customer-should-know-of. But never mind, the problem is fixed, the is customer happy. 🙂 Happy weekend everyone.

For more of those important lessons life is teaching you, head over to ‘Life With Baby Donut‘:

Life With Baby Donut

What are you doing when you’re cut off the net? Please tell me this happens to you as well, at least once in a while. 😉 Don’t leave me standing in the rain, all alone. Will  you, please?


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  1. Visiting from Lady Bloggers, and I cannot wait to read the rest of your story! I would go insane without the internet! (Jules from A Little Bite of Life) http://www.alittlebiteoflife.net

  2. I don’t think I got this much done when we lost the internet.

  3. Though I’d go crazy with no internet connection, it definitely is nice to get away from it and spend time with what really matters.

  4. Our internet wasn’t working earlier in the week. At first I panicked, but then I was kind of glad. I feel like I spend too much time on here and it’s nice to get a break. If I lived where you do, I think I’d be at the beach all day long!

    • Oh, we love going to the beach, just not this time of the year. 85F with a cloudy sky off and on and sometimes strong wind make a rather cold day for me. And the water must be in the low 70ies. Brrrrrr. But you’re right, the break and the need to do other things instead was good. 🙂

  5. Love these lessons. What a great reminder to focus on what matters.

  6. I keep turning it on too. But I am going to take a break this weekend to make some skirts…after I use the internet to find a pattern…

  7. Glad you got it fixed! And had some time to relax/nap/eat cake. Maybe I should turn our internet off…

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