Some of my magic moments in paradise

Our life is full of those moments, I don’t always capture them, the best moments tend to happen when nobody is expecting them.

But sometimes I manage to shoot at the right time. Here you find a selection of these moments that mean a lot to me.


The Hubs and I made our own little paradise while we were living on an outer island.

Once in a while we took the boat, did some fishing on the way

to our ‘very own private little hideaway’ (yes, it’s the one in my header)

and there we spent a perfect day. Never I’ll forget those days.

And then we moved back to the main island and there we said our vows.

And then ‘Timan’ arrived. Nursing him were some of the most magical moments a mother can share with her child.

And then the tot grew bigger. Now I can see the magic in the moments my two men are sharing together, the magical moments only a man can have with his little son.

I’m sharing my magic moments over at Shell’s Things I Can’t Say, head over there, check out the other Magic Moments of everybody and link up yours.


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  1. Beautiful photos. I agree with you about those moments between father and son. I have four men (3 boys and a husband) and the moments with the husband with his sons – priceless!

    I love your paradise!

    Visiting from Shell’s.

  2. Amazing moments. Paradise all the way!

  3. Can I just say that the picture of you nursing is absolutely beautiful? I hope that wasn’t creepy…I could only nurse my son for two weeks. If I have another I hope to be able to do it for much longer. I loved the bonding that nursing created.

  4. looks like the perfect place to hole up when America goes thro its next election … said i was heading to Nimh’s Island … but that will definitely do 😉
    Share your paradise!

  5. Oh, I’d like to escape to that island!

    • He he, after working for days, spending countless hours under water, on the boat, in the office, it was a real get away from all the daily business of a dive operation on an island with about 100 permanent residents. 😉

  6. What an amazing place! The water is so blue. Thank you for stopping by!

  7. I also have many magical moments, but I wonder how much more magical they would be in a setting like that! Beautiful!

    • Sometimes I feel we are spoiled. And then again, now, on the main island, it’s a live like everywhere else in the tropics. With the difference that lots of things we don’t get here. So it’s not so magic anymore. But the environment is absolutely great.

  8. You have many magical moments over there in Paradise. It’s awesome to know that the image you use for your header is a picture of a place you have actually been to.

    • It’s a beautiful tiny little uninhabited island some of miles off the little island we used to live, the one with the resort, both are in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes we took clients there for a couple of hours, to experience the castaway feeling. Not that this wasn’t possible on the other island. 😉

  9. Absolutely beautiful! I can’t imagine how many albums full of stunning scenery (and loved ones) you must have. Ah, life in paradise…


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