Of Jeans, Rain, Toys and successful Shopping

There are things in life you cannot change. Not anywhere and especially not here in Paradise. And of course I knew about them before. Shortly after I begun to work and live here I learned it. But at that point in time I didn’t care, because there was just me, myself and I and I could handle it …

… but now, with a three-year old in tow, things are totally different.

I’m talking about ‘Shopping’ in Paradise. Here it doesn’t work like in many other places. From other countries I remember the leisurely stroll through a mall, looking at things, knowing you can come back anytime in the future and your object of desire will still be there, patiently waiting for you.

Not here in Paradise. Here we live with the motto you see it, you better buy it, or else you won’t find it again for the next 2 or 3 years. No joke.

And this week, a very cloudy and rainy week so far, I learned the following:

1. You want cool looking 3/4 Jeans, you will not find them. Not in the colour you prefer, and in the very unlikely event you find the colour you most certainly will not find your size. Nowhere.

2. You see another pair of beautiful, rather expensive full length Jeans in the preferred colour and in your size, buy them at the very instant, even if you were not looking for them. It shouldn’t matter if your tot is getting cranky and refuses to play along, if you have problems taking him with you to the changing room and keeping him there. No, you shall not care about other people witnessing your struggles, just buy those Jeans.

3. Do apply this procedure not only for your own clothes, do the same for your tots clothes, and for your tots toys, of course. However concerning the toys, keep a close eye on your tot and watch out for the development of tantrums in case you don’t meet his demands. Your Hubs can take care of himself. 😉

4. Go on your shopping trip when it’s raining off and on, even when it’s pouring down sometimes. Getting home is easier when you have a car, I agree, but moving around in town is so much easier without one. In the worst case, when sheets are falling from the sky, you can always take a taxi. Do it during this weather because there are not too many people in town.

5. But be aware, don’t try to buy things in town on a Friday or towards the end of the month. In that case every shop is packed, you won’t find anything, but get poked everywhere by hundreds of wet people, doing the same thing that you’re doing. Especially do not go shopping from the 27th until the 3rd the next month.

6. When you pick up a parcel at the post office, do let your tot carry it. Until he prefers the much lighter and smaller bag with the Jeans you just bought. It doesn’t matter if the pack is almost half his size and he keeps bumping into things. Let him. Otherwise you will have a full-blown tantrum on main street with 100 people watching.

7. When you get home with the above parcel, do NOT open it right away. Otherwise the said tot refuses to eat lunch and there will be no quiet time for you in the afternoon, because he also refuses to nap and prefers to play with toys you were playing with as a child, the ones your parents just mailed to you in the parcel he was schlepping through town. Yep, you won’t find LEGOs in Paradise, sniff. 😦

8. And last but not least, do buy some wine on you shopping spree, because you are going to need it. But be aware, your Hubs might surprise you because he reads your mind, always tries to buy all the items from the shopping list you gave him loves you so much and does the same thing. The more wine you have the better, it won’t go to waste if your tot keeps skipping his nap. 😉

With those conclusions in mind, life and shopping in Paradise will be a piece of cake for you.

For more of those important lessons life is teaching you, head over to ‘Life With Baby Donut‘:

Life With Baby Donut

But now, please tell me about your special experience with shopping, with your little one(s) or without. Does it also seem like everyone else is buying (or just bought) the same thing you are looking for?


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  1. Now I feel bad for thinking shopping is ever difficult for me! I do a lot of online shopping too, even for my groceries! My baby’s not old enough to be a pain when shopping (he’s still content strapped on my chest), but my big girls drive me crazy. And now they actually like shopping for their clothes with me – it was easier when they would let me pick out their clothes and be done with it!

    • Oh, I remember the times when my tot was riding on my arm when I was shopping. And smiling and cooing at all the sales girls. 😉 I miss those days. Sigh. I hope it’s going to take a while until he starts telling me what clothes he wants. I normally pick and let him choose the colour or design, if there are choices.

  2. Oh, I have not visited you in forever. I am terribly sorry! Timan is SO grown!

    Sounds like you had a bummer of a time as well. This week, may we find sunny skies on our shopping trips and everything in our size and readily available for sale!

  3. Argh, hate it when shopping becomes an illustration of Murphy’s Law!

    • Oh, me too. But it’s not always bad, sometimes there is the rare occasion, when you are one of the first ones entering a store full of newly arrived clothes and your tot is playing along and wants to see Mommy with a new skirt.

  4. That must be a pain to shop there! i can say that i don’t have the same troubles. But I do have a boy and for some reason boy clothe sizes are ridiculously hard to find. Oy.

    • I have two stores with good boy clothes I like and I regularly go to and there we have the same situation, they have a certain number of items per size on stock and you have to buy them when you see them. If you go back a week later, sometimes even a day later, the thing you wanted is gone. But everybody knows this and is used to it, that’s the way life is here. 😉

  5. I’m so used to having everything available whenever we need it, so it’s kind of funny to read your experiences. But you know what? I’d trade the convenience for paradise!

    • Well, that’s exactly what I did. And after a while you’re getting used to the ‘na pa’ (doesn’t have) and your rather bad day turns into a super day when you actually got to buy all the things you wanted. 😉

  6. Wow, I can’t imagine what a different experience you must have with shopping on an island. I guess we are rather spoiled over here–especially with internet shopping too! I do shop with my daughter, but she’s still small enough that she just sits in the stroller or I put her in a carrier and we’re off. I’m sure we’ll have more challenging shopping trips in the future!

    • They will come, don’t you worry. Sometimes she’s going to play along, sometimes she’ll just want to do something else or go somewhere else. But that’s the way they are, the little ones.
      Maybe that’s why not many local moms are taking their 2 or 3-year old kids shopping with them, especially shopping for mommy-clothes. 😉

  7. Oh my goodness. “Shopping in Paradise” sounds wonderful as a stand-alone phrase, but not when you actually read about it! Good lessons. I’d shop online a lot!

    • Paradise is a middle to low income country in the middle of the ocean and we are very dependent on the arrival of cargo ships. There are less around 30’000 people living on the main island and the shops order what the majority prefers and buys. So it’s even more important you pick the right day, I forgot to add ‘a day after the things arrived in the shops’. Some owners of shops I prefer go to Italy by themselves to buy their merchandise.
      Online shopping is definitely easier. When you’re living in Europe or the States. 😉

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