It’s done, one day the preschool will call his name …

… and ‘Timan’s days at home are numbered.

The first step in ‘Timan’s academic career is done. He’s enrolled. To the local ‘Creche’ he will go, starting the end of January 2012.

In paradise Creche is part of the public school system, it’s a mix between preschool and kindergarten and an all day program during 5 days per week, including school meals, starting 8am until around 3pm. That’s 7 hours in one stretch. And two years later my tot will start P1 (first grade in primary school). And he’s going to be young, very young in my opinion. He will be 3 years and 5 month old on his first day in Creche. But things have changed a lot since the time I was a kid. I have no idea how my mom managed to keep up with me 24/7 until I was 5 years old and finally started with kindergarten.

Unfortunately we missed the official dates to sign up ‘Timan’. Mainly because the Mommy was firmly convinced this period was going to start after the school holidays. And guess what? I was wrong, it was during the two month prior to the holidays. I think there was a message on the Radio (on high frequency! I never listen to this) and the local news on TV (must have missed it because of some loud noise – screeching?), and that was it. No letter in the mail, no nothing.

So we had to fill out some paperwork at the Ministry of Education and supply a letter stating the reason why we have missed the dates to sign up. Huh? Because we didn’t know about them. But anyway, it’s done.

In a way I am so happy. Now I can start counting the days. I really need a break from my little one.  Sometimes it’s really tough, with the Hubs at work from early morning, before ‘Timan’ wakes up, until late, when the tot is in bed already. And then there is the thing with the itchy rash, it’s finally getting better bit by bit, the rash is going away, but the itching is still there. For the sake of the both of us, for ‘Timan’s social, academic and language development, for my own peace, a change of location is needed.

On the other hand it shows that my little baby is growing up. Soon the lazy days of morning-snuggles in bed are gone forever. But that’s the way life goes, I guess. And in my heart ‘Timan’ will always stay my little baby boy.

But now I still have almost 5 month to get him ready for those long ‘mommy-less’ days to come. And today already he’s looking as if he’s ready to go, don’t you think so?

Many things ‘Timan’ has accomplished already. He is toilet trained (day and night), knows his colors and shapes, some letters and numbers. But there is a little more I would like to do, to give him a head start, so he can fully concentrate on his social skills, finding new friends, learning the new language Creole, and most of all – play, play, play and have fun. For the next couple of month I’d like to focus on:

  • Finish the alphabet (he knows about half of it already)
  • Reinforce the numbers up to 10 (maybe 20) in Swiss and English. Posters on the wall seems to be a good idea for letters and numbers.
  • Talk to him more often in English (and not Swiss most of the time)
  • Teach him to clean himself properly after the big business and the do’s and don’ts in a public restroom (this is going to be a tough one, he categorically refuses to even enter one).
  • Fine tune his dressing and undressing skills, handling T-shirts for example. The bottom part seems to be a piece of cake.
  • And a couple of weeks before it starts, adjust him to the new wake up and bed times. Luckily they still do naps in Creche and I hope ‘Timan’ keeps napping for a while. For peaceful school holidays to come. 😉

And I, during the time the tot is out of the house, I will go shopping, relaxing on the beach, swimming in the azure ocean, sipping on a glass of wine while watching the clouds go by, maybe even getting a dive done once in a while. Yay, good times are coming. That’s one of the reasons why I’m living here in paradise, right? 🙂

Ok, maybe not. I guess I will shed a tear once in a while when I’m thinking about my little baby boy all alone having fun with his new friends.

What’s your advice for the first steps to prepare your (only) child for preschool?


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  1. School is an exciting thing! My boy starts preschool on Wednesday. I can’t wait to hear how it goes. He is ready.

  2. I have one more year to soak up my baby before he heads out into the big world.
    They grow too fast.

  3. This is a bittersweet occasion. Your days alone sound good but it is sad to start school. He does look excited about this change.

    • He really is, right now at least. So he can be like the ‘big’ boys in our neighbourhood, who all go to school. LOL. But still, very often he’s acting like the saying ‘two souls dwell in my breast’, very clingy and very independent. And for me it’s certainly going to be bittersweet (maybe more sweet than bitter ;-)).

  4. What a cutie you’ve got there! I’ll bet he enjoys preschool, even if there’s an adjustment period. In the meantime, get lots of cuddles in. Once they start going to school, the time really does go so fast! :>

    • Thanks, I just hope the adjustment period will be rather painless. I’m actually a bit afraid of this. He’s with me 24/7 and sometimes rather clingy. But when he’s in an environment he knows and with other kids he knows, no problem. So at the beginning it will be hard I guess. Or maybe not, who knows?

  5. I think he is ready and is going to do great. When my oldest started kindergarten last year she hadn’t been to preschool and I was worried that the organized setting and all day situation would be a difficult transition for her, but she LOVED it and really thrived. She can’t wait to start first grade this week. I think the mommies have the tougher time. 🙂

    • You are probably right. Right now I feel like he needs it and I need him to go as well, but we’ll see how it is when the time comes. The tot full of joy, the mom with teary eyes. Sigh.
      Good luck for your first grader this week. 🙂

  6. He is ADORABLE! I have no doubt that he will be super-prepared and ready to go when the time comes!

  7. I was told for kindergarten the best preparation was how to sit patiently and listen to a story or a lesson, and to be able to follow directions with more than one part (like instead of go get your box- to go get your box and take it to your cubbyhole, then sit down.)
    How exciting!

    • Does sitting patiently and watching cartoons on TV count as well? But seriously, if he wants to, he can do it, if he doesn’t, well …. I started to have story book time with him every day and he is very attentive if I include him in the story telling, or ask him questions about it.
      Same with the 2- or 3-step commands, everything works perfect, if he feels like. LOL

  8. The first day of school is such a big deal! I love the photo of Timan you posted. What a sweet little face!
    I don’t know what kinds of school supplies he’ll needs before he he begins but, my kids always love helping getting it all organized to take to school. They LOVE the smell of new crayons! 🙂
    Congrats on the upcoming big changes in your lives! And thanks for linking up!

  9. Awww, what a sweet picture. I love that smile on his face. That really does seem young to go to school, but then… as you said.. times are changing 🙂

    • I was really hesitant, but he’s not the only one. Ok, maybe he’s going to be one of the younger ones. His cousin started primary one this year and she was the same age ‘Timan’ is going to be when his time comes. I guess we have to go with the flow.

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