It’s Sweet Tooth Tuesday: Healthy Mango Cake

Since he started eating, ‘Timan’s favorite fruits are Mangoes. From the day he had his first Mango he completely fell for it and this hasn’t changed and I doubt it will anytime soon. So what does the well-meaning father (the Hubs) do? He makes sure every day we have an adequate supply of Mangoes on hand.

Shouldn’t be a problem I thought at the beginning, at least we are living in paradise, and if you look at the trees all over the island and the stalls in the market, there are Mangoes everywhere. But I was wrong. Because there is a season for Mangoes. Well, I didn’t know this, but now, because of my ‘Mango-Munchkin’ I do know. Yes, you find Mangoes off-season, but they are the bad ones. The ones that taste of ‘starches’ and end up very fibrous when ripe. They are ok to eat, but the window to do this is very narrow, maybe half a day.

The Hubs however is like all the other men here in paradise, he loves to buy in bulk, it actually doesn’t matter what it is, brooms, shampoos, cereals, salads, fresh fish, mangoes … to be fair, often he doesn’t buy the perishable goods, he’s getting them from some uncle (he has 33 of them!!!) or friend. So sometimes we are literally getting inundated with mangoes, all of them are ripe at the same time and we need to use them before they go really bad.

Since I have my sweet tooth, I think it’s obvious what I like to do. But I also want to keep the outcome as healthy as possible. A cake is in order.

And again ‘Timan’ is doing his part, as in ‘no work, no treat’ or something like this. And he is completely into it, fully concentrated until the end.

The recipe I picked up somewhere, but I changed a couple of things and I believe my version is much ‘healthier’.

Healthy Mango Cake


1 cup (125gr) whole meal flour

1 cup (125gr) all purpose flour

2 tsp baking soda

4/5  cup (200gr) brown sugar – loose

2 tsp ground cinnamon

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 oz (90ml) melted unsalted butter

3 oz (90ml) oil, I used sunflower oil

3 medium size (400gr) ripe Mangoes, chopped fine or into chunks


Preheat oven to 180C/350F/Gas 3-4

Sift together dry ingredients, stir to combine.

Beat eggs, add melted butter, oil and vanilla extract and stir to combine.

Gradually fold in dry ingredients, combine with spoon or spatula.

Fold in Mangoes, don’t overmix when you use chunks, or they get mushy. (This also depends on the sort of Mangoes you use and how ripe they are, mine were very ripe and a little ‘fibrous’).

Bake in a greased square 8″ (20cm) tin for about 50 minutes or until an inserted wooden toothpick comes out clean.

Let cool for at least 10 minutes before taking out of the tin and let completely cool on a rack.

Store in an airtight container and the cake stays moist. I assume you can store it for a some days in the fridge, if it’s going to last that long. 😉


Oh, by the way, the Hubs loves it and he’s super picky when it comes to sweet things. But he was laughing until he dropped when I told him what’s in the fridge. “Ha ha, no way, a ‘gato mang’, I never had this before.” And these were the words of a man who grew up in paradise with its gazillion mango trees. He ate half of the cake.

If you want to check out more ‘good and tasty’ recipes or want to share one, head over to ‘Stay At Home Babe‘ and link up for the



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  1. I CRAZY love mango. Like I could eat my weight in Mango and risk turning myself yellow. That looks so good. Thanks for sharing and linking!!!

  2. Oh yum – that sounds wonderful! Fresh mangoes would definitely be a perk I would enjoy if I lived in a tropical location.

    • This is one of the best cakes, seriously, it’s tasty, and moist and still reasonable healthy. But what really surprised me, was my Hubs, who has never had one before in his life. Hard to imagine my MIL never made one, but apparently not.

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