I need my Mojo back, where did it go?

Sometimes I have to work really hard to get my Mojo back. I’d rather stay in bed, bury my head under the pillow and drift back to dreamland. But no, that’s not possible. Not since 2 years, 11 month and 13 Days to be exact. As much as I love my son, sometimes I wish he would dance after my drum and not his own. Sigh.

On some days I feel like I’m down in the dumps. Normally this happens when ‘Timan’ wakes up before I do, comes to my bed and yells ‘Mommy, don’t sleep.’ I mean he yells this into my ear. Probably everybody on the other side of the island can hear it too.

As the day goes on, it’s not getting any better. At least the tot is eating his meals and falls asleep during nap time and I have some time for myself. Time I should spend wisely. I want to write a new post, read and comment on some blogs, but … I don’t feel like doing anything else but sipping my coffee and watching the clouds go by. I feel like doing nothing, not even lifting up my cup. Sigh.

And in the evening, when I have some time for myself again, when ‘Timan’ is sleeping, I do nothing, I just lounge on the couch and go to bed early. Poor Hubs.

I feel worn-out and listless. I’ve lost my Mojo.

I need my groove back and my blogging Mojo will come back with it. I know.

So what should I do?

In the past I found a couple of things that will get me in a better mood and sometimes wipe out my blogging down phase as well. And they are even possible with having the tot with me 24/7. Here they are:

  • Shopping. Easier said then done because shopping for Mommy with a 3-year-old tot in tow is sometimes just a tiny little bit difficult. And sadly not the very best shopping experience. But it’s shopping nevertheless. I learned to thrive with small things. Sigh. And most of the time I end up shopping for kids stuff anyway.
  • Getting a good nights sleep and everything looks different the next morning, hmmm, most of the time.
  • Baking: It smells good, tastes good and it’s rewarding (if only for myself because the tot doesn’t like sweets and the Hubs is into all these creole things, so there is more to eat for me 🙂 ). But I try to stay as healthy as possible, with using whole grain flour, brown sugar and fruits or vegetables. I might just do this today again. And the tot even gets to help.
  • Surfing: On the ocean or the web, both work like a charm for me. Ok, the first one isn’t possible with ‘Timan’ right now, but maybe it will be in the future.
  • Enjoying a glass of wine, preferably with my Hubs. But without him, no problem, it does the trick too 😉 ).
  • And concerning the lack of blogging ideas: In this case I don’t even think about my blog, my brain is blog-empty anyway. I might read some other blogs, comment on them, or I
  • Play a game on the computer, any game will do.

And all of a sudden it makes ‘puff’, I’m bursting with energy and I know what I’m going to write about.

Hmm, this sounds all very simple, I know. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But I don’t mind too much. The good times will come back and I’ll have enough energy to pull out a tree, I just have to take one day after the other. Everything in life is just a matter of time.

So I lean back, give ‘Timan’ the fiftieth hug of the day, play blocks or puzzle with him, or read a story to the tot and it’s going to happen.

But the most important thing I keep reminding myself: Think positive and put a smile on your face. 🙂

What do you do when you lost you Mojo in real life or in the virtual world?


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  1. UGH! I have been there for a couple of months now! I finally feel like I’m getting my mojo back after spending 2 weeks in Georgia visiting friends & family. I’m physically exhausted but my brain seems to be working (mostly) again. I definitely had some blogging burnout. I needed to check out for a while.

  2. Hope you get your mojo back soon!!
    P.S. Sipping coffee or wine and just watching the clouds go by sounds wonderful!!! Do some of that for me too 🙂

    • Thanks. I would if I could. But there is just one little problem, it’s raining cats and dogs right now and it’s pitch black outside (11:30pm). But at the next opportunity I will sip some wine for you too. 😉

  3. i usually just take time for myself and relax. I unplug and focus on the things that are important. that means the things that are important to ME.. not everyone else!

    It’ll come back!

    • Sounds like a very good idea. The only problem is my tot, who hardly agrees with this and my Hubs, who would have to leave the house with the tot to give me the peace I’d need. So my plan is to send them both to the MIL for a couple of days the next time the Hubs can take a couple of days off. And stock up the house with good food and good wine. 🙂

  4. I just go out and do something- go about my day, and usually by the end of the day, I have something to write about! If not, one day without blogging isn’t going to kill me. Really. : )

    • That’s what I’m trying to do. Sometimes I think I run out of ideas because I’m stressing myself too much with getting a decent topic. And the next day might bring the perfect idea, isn’t it like this? 🙂

  5. A glass of wine, sitting on the sofa in a recently cleaned living room…


  6. Blogging mojo droughts are hard, at least they are for me. But, I can relate to a lot of your solutions and add, go for a drive. If I can leave the kidlets at home with their Dad for just a little bit to go on a country drive, I feel a thousand times better. And if you take your camera with you, you’ve got a blog post afterwards! :>

    Stopping in from Sunday Funday!

    • I like the idea, thanks. I will definitely add it to my ‘to-do-to-feel-good-arsenal’, but unfortunately I have to wait until the Hubs is off next time. And that is going to take a while. Sigh.

  7. I read, organize my ‘life’ stuff in the house, switch up my routine. 🙂

  8. Sometimes, as far as blogging mojo, you can get a guest to post, re-run some older popular posts or just post pictures. I’m sure it’s gorgeous where you live so it’d be fun to see pics!

    As far as real life lack of mojo? Do what makes you happy and forget the rest. At least for a bit.

    • Yep, you are right. Do something that makes you happy. And in parameters I did this today, we did the ‘baking-thing’. And I was able to kill two flies with one slap, I took some photos and when ‘Timan’ was finally napping I wrote a post for next Tuesday. 🙂 But still …

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