… is not to confuse with ‘Thank God I’m Male’, because of course I’m not, no, it stands for ‘Thank Goofy It’s Myday‘. And of course Myday stands for Monday, what else? Hey, the reasons are simple and they don’t have anything to do with Football neither, I’m really not too much into that sport.

Life however is much easier on a Monday, everything is so much easier. Now you probably say I am totally wrong with this. But for here, in our hood, I’m not wrong. Here it is easier, believe me. The whole neighborhood is quiet and relaxed. Everybody has left, has gone to work, just some people are doing what they are doing every day and that’s it.

In our house it’s much more relaxed as well. Hubs is leaving for work and ‘Timan’ is getting up at a time which is neither later nor earlier than on the weekend. We cuddle a little bit in bed, I’m getting out to do the daily routine in the bathroom (lady things), make the tots ‘Vitamin syringe’ ready (Vitamin syrup in a syringe dropper), pour his Corn-Flakes, chop a Mango (his favorite breakfast every morning for the last three month these days), prepare a tea for myself and check what’s new on my computer.

Later I’m doing some cleaning while ‘Timan’ is following me at every turn sitting on the couch and quietly watching a cartoon. I don’t know why, but bugging me while I’m sweeping is much more interesting than playing outside or watching his favorite Cartoon character. And he objects very loud when I tell him I will turn off the TV and runs back to the living room, just to reappear not even 2 minutes later. Sigh.

But still, since this scenario is happening every morning, both of us are used to it, we know our roles in this play by heart and it ends up as a game most of the time.

However the most important reason why I dread the weekend is because ‘Timan’ doesn’t nap and I so much need him to nap to get some time to write some posts, play with my Hubs read a book in peace:

  • When the Hubs is home, the tot doesn’t sleep during the day. He refuses to even consider thinking about taking a nap, just because there is someone else in the house, other than him and I. He could miss out on something extremely important. So I tried to imply some ‘quiet time’ which is working for about 15 minutes. Ugh.
  • Our neighbours are playing loud music. Actually it’s nice music, dance music ‘local style’ called Sega, that just makes you want to move your body. And our tot is not immune to dancing. Like every little kid, he loves it.

And of course the drawback is coming late afternoon. On top of the normal 5-6 pm frenzy he’s getting tired by now, a little cranky, wants to lay down and totally refuses to do it at the same time (not that he’s allowed going for a nap now anyway).

Somehow Hubs and I have to survive this hour. I’m making sure he’s getting something to eat (just in case he doesn’t make it until the official dinner is ready) and he’s taking a shower.

Sometimes he is joining us later for dinner and sometimes he passes out somewhere on the couch or the living room floor long before dinner is served. I just have to carry him to his bed, he doesn’t even wake up until the next morning around 7 am.

And YAY, the Hubs and I have the whole evening for ourselves. That’s the good part about the weekend.

But other than that, I honestly prefer the days during the week. So I say to everybody: TGIM or T or W or …

Are you all YAY for the weekend? Or are you like me, a SAHM who doesn’t really care because every day is so much the same, just some are either more difficult or I have to make them different myself?


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  1. For me, weekends mean eating out. So that’s why I like them!

  2. I like both for different reasons. Weekdays are good because we can go to pool, library, and stuff. Weekends are good because daddy is home and I really like the help.

    • I like the help of my hubs too but I prefer the week because there are much more things to do here and much less people. Weekends are always crowded everywhere. Actually I love it when he has days off during the week, that’s perfect.

  3. I prefer weekend days (because I have to work and…blerg) where we have no plans. No birthday parties, no anything. Those days we can just lounge and go with the flow – it’s beautiful.

    But birthday parties? Those throw a wrench in our nap routine.

    • Here it’s quite the opposite, when we have plans for the weekend he doesn’t nap but there many things going on that keep ‘Timan’ busy. And make him tired, so he might fall asleep earlier than usual.
      It’s interesting how a different lifestyle can change the way you look at things like this.

  4. I actually love the weekend because my husband is home to help! of course i don’t mind the weekdays either because it’s just him and i but I do love my breaks!

    • He he, I so n.e.e.d. my breaks, but unfortunately even when the Hubs is home, I end up being involved in everything. The only way I would get some time for myself is when they are leaving the house or I go. And sometimes I just send them on an errand i.g. to get rid of the trash. 😉

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