When nothing goes right

Sometimes we just have those days. The days when nothing goes right and everything goes wrong. I think everybody has bad days, I do, you do probably too, and ‘Timan’ does have them more often than others. Sigh. I just hope this past day marks one of his last toddler outbursts. I’m allowed to dream, right? 😉

We have had a couple of nice, joyful, playful, happy days. But yesterday was one of these bad days again. Even though his prickly heat rash has gone worse over night, the day started actually very nice with cuddling in bed, followed by reading his favorite stories about ‘Thomas the Train’.  Of course he didn’t agree when I went to the bathroom to get ready for the day, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. This happens every day.

The initial refusal to drink his vitamins is also something he does every day. Nothing to worry so far.  Making a mess with his Corn Flakes, no problem, it happens every day. Taking a shower and donning clothes as usual. Mommy sweeping the house as usual. But no, not really, because at one point I realized it was quiet. Too quiet. And that’s not good. I called ‘Timan’, no answer. I went to look for ‘Timan’ and found him in the bathroom, busy painting this:

Ok, no problem.

He’s always standing on this chair when he’s brushing his teeth or playing with water in the sink and he knows he has to pay attention. Not today.  As soon as I turned away to put down the camera, I heard a bang and ‘Timan’ screaming. He’s fallen off the chair. My poor little one, he bit his lip, hit his front teeth and blood was everywhere. This was my mistake, right away I should have taken him off the chair. Not even a second I should have thought about taking a picture. And he would have complained, would not have understood the reason and would not have agreed with me lifting him off the chair because he does climb on this chair about one hundred times a day. And of course I did not take a picture of the bloody mess afterwards, but was holding him for an hour until he stopped crying. And the rest of the morning he was one cranky little boy in pain and my heart was crying with him.

Fast forward, eating a real lunch was not an option because of his hurting mouth, but he agreed to have some noodle soup. Afterwards I wanted him to brush his teeth himself so he could control the pain but also to get some of the blood away. And while I was cleaning the dishes he run outside, to play hide and seek until I was supposed to come and get him for his nap. Not yesterday, almost immediately after he left I heard him screaming as loud as he did when he fell off the chair. I hurried outside, and he came running towards me, his knees and toes all scraped and bloody.

Sigh. Poor little one, mouth swollen, teeth hurting, knee bruised, prickly heat rash itching all over the body, refusing to get the wounds properly taken care of. He didn’t even let me look at his teeth, I just hope they stay healthy. Sigh again. And of course he was throwing a fit, who wouldn’t. We were not having a good day yesterday.

Finally he was napping for a while. The rest of the day ‘Timan’ was more or less whiny and cranky, very clingy and in pain even though he said he wasn’t.  Not even his favorite movie could cheer him up, but he was watching it anyway.

And the day ended with quietly eating Vegetable Pilav, I guess his teeth weren’t that painful anymore, followed by a loud and painful shower with lots of screaming and putting lotion and medicine on the body with more screaming, even though I knew for sure this wasn’t painful, maybe just not the way the tot wanted it. And then ‘Timan’ went to sleep.

But, as I said, this happened yesterday. Today is a brand new day. Let’s see what it brings us. It can only be better. ‘Timan’ is giggling happily. Let’s smile again. 🙂


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  1. Oh no! When it rains, it pours, right? I’m glad to hear he’s doing much better.

  2. OH, Mama. I hate those days. Klaw has them, too…where it seems like every time I turn around he’s hurting himself somehow! We had the whole bloody mouth ordeal last week and it was almost more than I could handle. I hope you are doing okay now, too.

  3. awww…he’s having a rough week isn’t he? But he is a trooper. Love the smile in the second pic. Cute.

  4. Aw, poor Timan! Hope he’s much better now.

  5. Aww poor guy. That’s what I call a bad day. I’m glad he’s giggling again today though.

  6. I always have to remind myself that kids are resilient and fall often.
    This is part of how they learn.
    That makes me feel better even if it’s not true.

    • He he, it’s very true what you say, I mean the part about making you feel better. 😉 And they do fall and they are more resilient than adults, like little rubber balls, they just seem to bounce off the ground. Just imagine you fall the same way and as often as your tot. This would be so painful. But the learning part? I really don’t know. This doesn’t apply to my tot. Sigh.

  7. Poor little man! He had a rough time!

    We’ve had those kind of days here too!

  8. Poor babe! My kiddos have those days too, where just nothing is on track. Hope you have more smooth days in the near future!

    PS: I totally took a picture of my daughter doing something ridiculous too, I couldn’t help it! Thankfully all turned out well.

    Have a great week!

  9. Bless his little heart. Don’t feel bad–this mommy would have taken that adorable picture too! Hope today is all sunshine and butterflies.

  10. Oh, poor little guy! Sounds like he had a rough time.

  11. Awww, poor little guy, and you too!

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