Pain at midnight and a Copycat syndrome …

… or the big man was down and the little man was suffering with him.

The other day my Hubs came home late from work. I was in bed already when he woke me up knocking on the bedroom window.  And outside the house I found my man with his teeth clenched while hopping on one leg, without the house key. My poor Hubs had made a wrong step and strained his ankle. At least, that’s what it looked like to me. But looking at his face, I could have sworn he just lost his whole foot. My poor Husband, why is it, that men are so vulnerable and weak when they are in pain.

Unfortunately for him there were no pain-killer in the house either (mental note for me: buy some for the next time Hubs is close to tears). So I was a good wife, did some TLC and helped him taking off his clothes and take a shower with lots of “ouch”, “it hurts” and “ayoyo”. Never in their life men (my man) would have been able to push a football through a wedding ring, if you know what I mean. 😉

The next morning, he felt much better already and of course he was able to go to work. But I guess he was really in pain because he came home that day with a crutch and a new bandage.

So while Hubs was sipping on his coffee and changing his bandage (probably for the 10th time in the last 5 hours?) he was closely observed by ‘Timan’.  While the big man was moaning his “ouch”, the little man was joining in with “me too, it hurts, ouch, ouch”. And he needed some ‘kiss’ medicine, and a bandage of his own.

Actually everything that is happening to the Hubs or me is happening to ‘Timan’ as well. The bad events luckily just happen in the little ones imagination and the other things are funny and some are a little bit annoying sometimes. For example I am cutting myself in the kitchen (this can tell you a lot about my cooking skills, I know) and try to stop the bleeding, ‘Timan’ needs a plaster very urgently. Or I put on foundation in the morning, ‘Timan’ needs to powder his nose. And when Hubs is wearing Jeans, ‘Timan’ would not leave the house with anything else. Sometimes Hubs is playing Guitar, the tot is playing his toy trumpet and Mommy is running far away.

I only wish he would imitate me the same way when it comes to eating his meal with fork or spoon like he nicely did until a couple of weeks ago or when I ask him to put his toys away and even start with the task.

Luckily imitation comes natural to children and it’s an easy way to learn. For example with crayons: I draw a curved line with a circle above it, he does the same (sort of) and it’s a mountain with the sun shining down. Or rolling up the bandage to use it again, the same way he saw Hubs doing it, and unroll it around his own foot.

But I am absolutely fine with it, when he ends up doing something completely different. Every person is an individual and a creative spirit needs to be free.

But tell me, is your partner acting the same as mine when it comes to pain? Or is he playing the fierce hero? And what about your tot, do you also have a little copycat running through your house?


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  1. And that’s why women bear children!

    Timan is an adorable copycat patient!

  2. Tinman is adorable with the pretend bandage on his foot. My oldest used to pretend her back hurt anytime anyone had a back ache. It was funny.

    • I’m just waiting what his next ‘injury’ will be. At least he’s learning how to react and what to do. And how to properly bandage a foot. And maybe in the far future we’re going to have a doctor in the family. 🙂

  3. My friend was just telling me yesterday how her husband was so annoying with a recent injury, and she re-counted his lack of sympathy after her labor, emergency c-section, breastfeeding, and no sleep! Yes, there is something about men and pain that does not work well. When I was having my Mohs surgery on my skin cancer on my neck, the surgeon told me that men were the worst patients and the best were older women because they have “been through everything.”

    • LOL, you are so right with this. Just never let your significant other half know. When his pain is over he would never agree with it and tell you he was not moaning, you were just imagining it. ;;-)

  4. Husbands really can be…intolerant of pain. Unfortunately for mine, I have more patience for the toddler when he’s sick
    (or even imitating being sick)
    than I do when my husband is sick.

    • Me too, even though I truly feel sorry for him and of course I don’t want him to be in pain. But the ‘ouch’ and the moaning? Maybe because I act differently, when I’m in pain I’m rather getting angry and clench my teeth than start moaning.

  5. your mini-me is pretty darn cute!

  6. My husband is a baddddd sick person, so I’m with you on this. But I love his moaning anyway 🙂

  7. Isn’t it so funny how much kids can be copy cats? Maddie develops the same “pains” that Kate has!

    Good luck surviving with your TWO injured kids!

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