It’s only good (a.k.a. fun) when you can throw it

And IT can be anything in this case. Seriously. 😉

A long time ago it started with the normal toddler behavior of throwing food off the high chair. We used to have a covered wooden terrace where ‘Timan’ was taking his meals. This was easy to clean for me and ‘Timan’ always had company of a whole ‘lizard tribe’, waiting under his high chair for pieces he dropped, like faithful dogs. He threw them down and the lizards learned to eat carrots.

Later we moved to a different place and unfortunately he kept doing this habit even though there were no more lizards. Short of his audience, he started to throw the food behind the fridge, very skillfully, I have to admit. This had to stop of course. A new seating arrangement was necessary for ‘Timan’.

However, after moving to the big table, ‘Timan’ was in charge of a brand new territory. Getting off the chair and covering everything in his reach with Weetabix was done in no time.

But luckily he moved on to different objects. Don’t get me wrong, he is not throwing his toys around, he’s not smashing them on the wall like his little friend did. Somehow I managed to make him understand that his toys tend to break and he’s not getting new ones, so he better takes care of this toys. Mommy: task accomplished, ‘Timan’: lesson learned, sort of. 😉 But tell me, what’s so funny about throwing empty household towel tubes in the air, or his soft stuffed animals? Or other toys and household items for instance? Just to see them falling down, look for them and throw them up in the air again?

If I ask him to give me something in his reach, he doesn’t put it into my hand. He’s throwing it to me, accompanied by a smile and a “hop”. At the beginning, the first couple of times, I thought this was funny and cute.  But it isn’t, believe me. He’s doing it with everything, all the time. I had to put an end to that. Well, I still try to, it’s easier said then done. Sigh.

I realised I have to give his throwing skills a new direction. What is the best item to throw?  A ball of course. And ‘Timan’ has many of them.

He loves to play football, but he also loves to throw his football in the air. And this he can do as he pleases, as long as he does it outside.

With little balls we also have an indoor throwing version for rainy days.

At the beach he likes to throw sand into the waves. There is a lot of running back and forth involved and we are very lucky there are hardly any people on our beach during the times we go for a swim.

But there is another thing that is really bothering me and I can’t get ‘Timan’ to stop doing it. When he goes to the toilet for a BM, he doesn’t simply pull down his pants, no, he takes them off and throws them in the corner of the bathroom. I don’t think little girls are doing this.

So I started asking myself, is this whole throwing issue a male thing? Do girls throw everything in the air as well?

But in the end there’s only one solution:

‘Timan’ has to throw the towel with the whole throwing habit.

Am I the only mother with a tot without pants on the throne? Am I right and this is a male thing? And what about the whole throwing issue? Is this going to outgrow on its own? Any tip to help me cutting this habit is very appreciated. 🙂

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  1. Alex is 21 months and I’m shocked when anything stays in it’s place. He now dumps his markers on the floor and flings them around while yelling “Mess! Mess!”

    Which is super fun.

    • LOL. He even knows the name for it. So it looks like so far I was actually very lucky with my little guy. You just made my day. :-). But I hope for you the markers don’t leave marks on the walls or the carpet.

  2. I’m in the He’ll-Grow-Out-Of-It camp.

    Love all of the pix. Timan is a cutie!

  3. my daughter is 14months and throws everything! She takes all my laundry out of the hamper and throws it all over the room, she takes all of her toys out of her bin and throws them and then goes and gets them and picks them up and then throws them again, and she throws her food off of her highchair.
    SO annoying!!
    You aren’t alone.

    • He he, nice to see that girls are doing the same thing. Oh yes, the hamper, I remember him quite well, when he was around the age of your girl. But that and the throwing toys around I could stop. And now, 1 1/2 years later he’s throwing the things deliberately in the air, or he’s aiming at my hand, instead of giving it into my hand. VERY annoying!! Are you going to tell me when she’s in that stage? I will send you my support. 🙂

  4. Blake throws everything, too, even when I tell him NOT to! Cute pics. 🙂

  5. But if he didn’t throw things, you wouldn’t have these funny adorable photos to share!

    You could try a treat system. When he throws something, eliminate any huge reactions, have him pick it up and put it away, and then offer him a healthy treat, such as raisins or something else he likes each time he finishes putting it away. Maybe he can associate the putting away stuff to something positive…

    • He he, true …

      I’ll give treat system a try. I just hope it doesn’t backfire and he throws things in the air to get a treat. 😉 Tots are sometimes very clever creatures, aren’t they?

  6. I love this post! I can so relate!! My boys throw everything!!

  7. Mine do the same thing! But, they do grow out of it. Eventually! Until then, hide your breakables! 😉

  8. It’s just a phase. He’ll outgrow it. I love your photos:)

  9. He’s just being helpful! If he didn’t throw all that sand back in the ocean, it would just get too deep. 😉

    • He he, one grain at the time. Maybe he was reading the local newspaper because right now everybody is talking about landfills around the island. And he decided to take care of those projects. 😉

  10. Don’t worry. It’s just a phase that he’ll outgrow. Although I do think boys tend to like throwing things more than girls. I have a 4yo boy and a 21mo girl see.

    Hi. Visiting from Funday Sunday.

  11. My little girl throws stuff, like sand into the waves, but not as much! I try not to let throwing anything I don’t want thrown turn into a game. Once it’s a game, she’ll keep doing it over and over and giggling. Visiting from the LB Tea Social.

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