Wordless Wednesday – feeling the rhythm

Some days ‘Timan’ is not afraid of them, not at all.

He’s waiting for one,

goes with its movement,

is laughing and enjoying

the tickling bubbles.

Is eagerly looking out for the next one,

wondering where his hands and feet went,

feeling pure pleasure.

Is feeling the rhythm.

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  1. Love these pictures. And the beach is gorgeous. Perfect for a little boy to enjoy.

  2. So cute. Makes me really miss the beach.

  3. Just precious! I used to love to do that…until I was old enough to realize it left me with a buttload of sand. 🙂

  4. I love the ocean, its like a mood – always changing ….
    Lovely pics … and envious of your lifestyle 😉

  5. fourplusanangel

    So sweet… I want to be on the beach!

  6. Cute series of photos! Love his sweet smile!

  7. So stinking cute! I hope to take my little guy to the beach this summer.

  8. He is so adorable! Wish my son could enjoy the waves and sun 🙂

    Dagmar’s momsense

  9. This was the absolute cutest thing. Hello, wave : ) What a sweet little baby : )

  10. Looks like he had a blast! I miss the rhythm of the ocean waves. I’ve been away from my island home for too long. 😦

  11. Such awesome pictures!!
    P.S. I think I would love to live there!! It does look like paradise!

  12. I know this all too well. But encourage him when there is smiles!

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