What a team we are: ‘white lies’ and eating with eyes and ears

I have to admit, I am not a domestic goddess, I’m actually far from it. I try to keep our place reasonable clean, what is difficult enough when you have a little kid, but the main reason I cook at home is because we have to eat when we are hungry, and ‘Timan’ is supposed to learn about the different tastes. Cooking is not a real pleasure for me anymore. Yes, there were times in my life when it was ok, sometimes I even liked to do it. But that was long time ago. Before we had ‘Timan’, even before I landed in Paradise. Now it’s different. I like to say the main reason is because I can never do it in peace, the little monkey is always pulling at my legs. But maybe this is just an excuse. It’s definitely because I have my wonderful Hubs, who likes to cook creole dishes I can only dream of putting together myself.

Anyhow, ‘Timan’ is always hungry, but he’s not eating everything I put on his plate. He’s a bit picky, the little one. I think after all he’s behaviour is quite normal for a kid his age. Or maybe it’s because of my cooking abilities? I’d rather not answer this question.

Unfortunately we don’t have ‘healthy’ take-aways in paradise, actually we don’t have any take-aways in our neighbourhood. And therefore I have no other choice, but biting the bullet, put on an apron and swing the cooking spatula. There are several menus he really likes, and I swap them around and switch items. At the same time I try to stay as healthy as possible and offer snacks containing whole grain or cereals with lots of fibers and a variety of fruits.

For example he likes pasta, I use whole grain pasta. He likes potatoes, I use sweet potatoes. He has a liking for ‘sauce’ (that’s his own name), I cook a vegetable stew with always changing ingredients. He goes for sausages, he’s getting some, but I also cook chicken, cut in rounds and tell him these are sausages because the ones he likes ‘na pa’ (don’t have). He likes bread, I give him whole grain bread as the first choice. Often there is only pre-sliced box bread available anyway 😦 . I figured using ‘white lies’ once in a while is a mommy’s prerogative, isn’t it?.

And my little one is not only eating with his eyes, he’s also eating with his ears. If it has the right name, it’s going down without a hitch. ‘Sausage’ sounds so much better than ‘chicken’, doesn’t it? And there are some colors he prefers, e.g. he likes white things and orange or yellow ones, but does not eat anything that is red or brown. So sometimes I try to arrange the food assorted to his color preference that particular day.

And he loves cheese, I’ve written before about the cheesy issue. Unfortunately there is a major shortage of cheese here in Paradise. The only cheese we can buy at this time is processed Cheddar cheese or processed sliced cheese for burgers. And that’s nothing, I mean really nothing, for ultimate cheese lover like ‘Timan’ and I.

If there would only be something like this available:

Image by http://www.wineandleasure.com

If I could find real cheese somewhere, anywhere here in Paradise, I would … jump around in squares, … do … a lot, … you name it. Ok, not everything, I got kind of used to the life without real cheese platters, with no nice crusty bread and the good wine spoiled because you need to drink it out of the fridge 😉 .

Is there something you are craving for? And what is the reason you are not eating it? Please tell me about it, I don’t want to be so alone with this.


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  1. I know cheese isn’t that healthy to eat but I love it. I’m sorry your paradise lacks this delicious treat. My little one is a little picky when it comes to eating also. Thank goodness for pasta.

    • Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t. Right now there are no carrots available either :-(. Even though the government is trying hard to get away from this image, for me it is and stays a ‘banana republic’. But other than for the items you can’t get here sometimes, it’s really nice, it is.
      And thank goodness we have pasta, yay 🙂

  2. No cheese?! Can you have it shipped in? I would not be happy without access to good cheese.

    Brilliant idea to change the names of foods, but what happens when he orders in a restaurant and thinks he’s ordering chicken? Haha, that would be a fun argument with the waiter.

    • Yep, we had many cheese-less years, and finally about 2 years ago they started to import some. But now the stores run out and the new supply is not here (yet?), maybe some pirates highjacked the cargo ship, the goods are here but sitting at customs and someone threw the key away, or maybe someone just forgot to order in time, many reasons possible. That’s life in Paradise ;-).

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