Curious little fingers

Like any other kid his age our little monkey likes to work and train his little fingers, a craftsmanship always worthy to improve. And on this improvement he’s working every day, every hour, almost every minute of the day, he’s probably dreaming at night of doing it, putting his curious little fingers into everything that he’s not supposed to put them into.

I keep telling him “please don’t touch”, over and over again. And usually his reply goes like: “this one is don’t touch?” and by saying this he’s already playing with it. Sometimes I feel like he’s morphing back to the stage when he was barely one year old.

I was already talking about his love for gadgets, but everything I am working on or playing with needs to be examined by ‘Timan’ as well, and it needs to be pulled apart by those curious little fingers of his.

This being said, you have to know, cooking isn’t my thing. But it comes that once in a while I am standing in the kitchen, chopping my veggies. ‘Timan’ is dancing around my legs as usual. So I send him on a mission to pick up something in the bedroom, if he doesn’t come back, I think “ok, whatever he’s doing, it won’t be that bad and it’s buying me some time to finish the dish”. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I see something moving, I turn around and I see this:

The fridge attracts ‘Timan’ as the light attracts the moths . The little one is opening it a gazillion times a day. Sometimes just to stand in front of it. Ok, I understand, we are living in the tropics, it’s hot outside and there is some cool air coming out. But we do have fans in our house, we really do. And very often he pulls out something. This could be anything. Not necessarily to eat it, no, just to show it to me and to put it somewhere else in the house, to leave it on the sofa, or to shove it into a drawer for example, maybe for bad days to come?

So back to our situation, I’m chopping the vegetables, removing ‘Timan’ from the fridge, and while I’m turning back to my chopping I see this:

Of course he wants to ‘find out’ what I’m chopping, and pulls one piece off the cutting board. My words about the danger of this meet closed ears, I ‘m talking to the wall, my best friend these days anyway. He puts it in his mouth (that is ok if it’s eatable) and spits it out. Proudly I’m tapping myself on the shoulder because I was able to teach him to spit it into the trash bin after days and days of spitting it on the floor right in front of him (or me).

Something else he’s having an enormous pleasure with, is playing with the stove. No, don’t worry, ‘Timan’ is one of those clever ones. He was touching the hot parts once, maybe 1 1/2 years ago and it really must have made a lasting impression on him. He’s enjoying fiddling around with the knobs to adjust the heat. And he’s really careful not to touch any hot part with his cunning little fingers.

But nevertheless, it’s very annoying, and very bad for whatever meal is cooking on or inside the stove. “I’m helping mommy” that’s his usual explanation. Sigh.

‘We’ manage the meal preparation, have dinner and after our shower routine we move on to watch our daily 8pm news and sometimes I like to enjoy a glass of wine while watching.  Anyway, Hubs is still at work, ‘Timan’ and I are sitting on the couch, watching TV. And my wine glass is empty. What is my little lady-killer doing?

He darts off to the fridge, pulls out the bottle, and brings it over to the living room. And his answer to my careful questioning why he was doing this, is: “When the Mommy wine glass is empty, the Mommy has to fill it up*” with a big smile on his face. 😉

How are you able to control your little tot’s curious pudgy fingers? I’m running out of space up high on our cabinets or wardrobes.

(*the original version in Swiss-German: “Isch de Mami Wyglas leer, muess dae Mami uffuellae”)

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  1. My 4 are now all over 5… but I had ONE little dude who just got into EVERYTHING! With my first 2, I didn’t have child locks on ANYTHING… with #3, I had them on anything that opened! I’ve heard that they make fridge locks for keeping kids out… but some of that stuff is just annoying for Mommy! Giving my little guy something to put his hands on, IN the kitchen, helped me a lot… like a block sorting toy… something he could touch a LOT and would take a while for him to solve.
    Either way… he’ll definitely outgrow it! Hang in there!

    • And when the time is over I will look back and smile about the things he did, I hope. Child locks are hard to get here. People here are not used to them, nobody is buying these locks and therefore no shop is importing them. We would have to fly oversees to buy some. So I’m just using the magic of my voice 😉 to prevent him from pulling things out of cabinets or I take a deep breath and put it back afterwards.

  2. Every time I think something is safe on the table, their arms magically get longer and I have to push it back further.

    My girls are now tall enough to reach the ledge that separates the kitchen from the living room. Now where am I going to put random crap I don’t want them messing with?

    • Big problem. Mine is rather tall for his age and can reach so many things, even better with help from chairs, tables, buckets, … . The only space for those random things I have left is on top of our bedroom wardrobe. Very uncomfortable. I keep telling “no prob, it’s just for some time”. But the ‘time’ seems to go on forever.

  3. Oh boy! Mine got a Sharpie today and was just about to draw on the table when my Mommy Sense kicked in.

    • Ouff, luckily you caught him before something happened. I’ve told the little one where I’m holding it and where I don’t touch it, just in case he’s reaching over the counter and gets one in his hands.

  4. My button boy is now 11 and wants to be an engineer when he grows up….is that any consolation?

    • Your boy has good plans for his future. But how many things is he taking apart in your house while expanding his field of ‘studies’? 😉
      However you gave me the idea for one of my little ones future presents, something he can screw together and build a car, house, crane, train, whatever with it.

  5. As we walk out of the grocery store, every button must be pushed, the ATM manhandled, the lottery machines touched, the candy machines checked.

    • Oh yes, even though our ‘grocery’ stores look a bit different and they don’t have those toy- or candy-machines. But their aisles are very narrow, and packed with goods, a wonderland for little hands.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a monkey who gets into everything!

  7. My Monkey is only 16 1/2 months and he’s already doing everything you describe – except he can’t open the fridge by himself so he’s constantly bugging someone to do it for him! He gets *everywhere*.

    • We actually had a very touchy and grabby phase 1 1/2 years ago, that was the ‘cute’ phase, but now he’s reached a certain hight, has good finger control and is able to verbally insist on doing some things on his own, with other words, sometimes he’s a little pain in the neck. 😉

  8. Oh, goodness. This is my future. The only saving grace is that Klaw is not quite tall enough to reach everything just yet.

    He settles for opening the dishwasher, sitting on the door, & pulling out all of the dirty silverware. We are handwashing the knives now.

    • That’s a very wise decision. I actually told him what part of the knife I’m holding and that I never touch the blade and how careful I am with cutting things, just in case he’s getting his hands on one.

  9. Oooh, this is a fun time to look forward to. On the upside, you have your kiddo “trained” to refill Mama’s wine. Pretty nice perk there. 🙂

  10. This post is both cute and a little scary for me all at the same time! I have a little boy on the way, and we have thought about some of this stuff with childproofing, but reading it just makes it more real and makes me think about more things I have to be careful about! I found you on LBS tea party. Looking forward to reading some more! 🙂

    • And you will find out there are so many things you would have to change in your house by the time he starts moving around. Checking out our place the way he sees it (on hands and knees and even lower) helped a lot.

  11. Oh I feel ya! I have 4 kids, my youngest is 22 months old and walks around just getting into everything ALL day long. The only advice I can give is to keep any and all things dangerous out of reach (I too am running out of ‘high’ space) and then just take a deep breath and let your little one enjoy exploring their new world. It doesn’t last long. 😉

    I stopped by from LBS Tea Party. I love finding new fun mommy sites. I’d love for you to stop by Simply Healthy Family as well.

    Happy Day!

    • Well,taking a deep breath, that’s what I’m doing since more than one year. And you say it’s not going to last much longer? So I have reason to hope he’s going to be the little-mister-well-behaved anytime soon. 😉

  12. Enjoy these times. There is really no such place as ‘high enough’ for these curious little ones. Our monkey climbs as well. Thankfully, they begin to understand danger and it becomes a little easier.

    Dropping by from The LBS tea party! Have a good one!

    • Thanks Donna, I know, ‘Timan’ is a proficient climber too. And it drives me really crazy, especially the fridge opening. And to top it up, he so very proud of doing this, Sigh.

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