Mommy, I’m gonna tell you a story

Before I was talking about ‘Timan’ taking a liking for gadgets, but there is something else he likes to do and about this one I’m not concerned or worried or anything, I am just so happy he’s  doing it and asks for more.

In paradise all the kids are playing outside most of the time, but that’s only possible early morning or late in the afternoon,  when it’s not too hot and the sun is not grilling everyone in its beam. But I’m not talking about playing outside either.

‘Timan’ loves  to ‘read’ a book. I think the interest in writing has to be nourished from early on, otherwise you might never really getting into it, especially when you are living in a place like the paradise. But it’s probably the same everywhere in the world. And I’d like to tell you how we did it.

We started early on, when he was just a baby, lying on my lap and looking at my face while I was reading to him, later we moved on to the little cardboard books, great to chew on ;-). But this was a good way to improve his vocabulary. I was always telling him the name of the things in Swiss and English hoping both words will stay (most of them did) but now he’s just using the one that comes to his mind first.

Around the time ‘Timan’ was 18 month old he was interested in animals, transport, fruits and vegetables. Later I introduced colors and shapes and after that I followed with letters and numbers. He has other ‘educational’ toys like alphabet puzzles and such but I think he likes his books most. And he has many of those little books and some more with little stories inside.

Those story-books are helping ‘Timan’ in many ways. He’s looking at them on his own. But what he likes most is sitting on my lap while I am telling him the story, at the same time we both experience many wonderful cuddling-moments. And we are talking about the things we are looking at, about the colors and what’s happening in the picture.

But nowadays he doesn’t let me tell the story, not even with a new book. ‘Timan’ is the one, telling Mommy a story. He’s telling me what he sees in the pictures.  And later  he’s trying to figure out where the plot is heading. A new book he keeps carrying around all day long, is taking it with him to sleep and is telling the new story to everyone he sees during the day.

I was reading a lot when I was a child and I will definitely encourage this habit with my son. Apart from a vaster vocabulary he knows his colors and a lot of letters. The numbers he’s learning while playing with the phone and the remote controls. But I’m following his lead, he wants to read, we read, he wants to play he plays.

But one thing we don’t do and this might surprise you:  There is no story time during our bed time routine. And the bed time never is or was a problem (so far, knock on wood 😉 ).

It goes like this: dinner, brush teeth, shower, watch the news, watch the weather forecast (for whatever reason this is very important for him and every day we have a guessing game who is going to present it), last run to the toilet,  in my arms while I’m standing in front of the TV for a couple of minutes, I put him in his bed (‘Timan’ is actually telling me when he wants to lay down after a couple of minutes),  I give him a kiss, wish a god night and leave the room. That’s it.

I started doing this when I stopped nursing him, that time he was 22 month old. And it worked from the beginning. But unfortunately only I can do it, it does not work with Hubs at all. And because of that I never have to clear the table and do the dishes when we are all eating dinner together.

Is your little one a ‘bookworm’ too? What about your nighty-night, the bedtime routine you have? Are you telling a story or are we the only ones doing it without? Please tell me about it.


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  1. We have stories at bedtime and I am so excited that my daughter is starting to read them to us and her little brothers. We read Goodnight Moon every night. Our bedtime routine is quiet play, baths, PJ’s, brush teeth, 2 books (one of which is Goodnight Moon), family prayers, and then bed. 🙂

    • I’m so happy the actual ‘going to bed’-part is a very fast process in our house. It’s definitely less time consuming because there is only ‘Timan’. I think when there were more kids, I would do a story as well. Good for you that you can hand over a part of the ‘routine’ to your daughter.

  2. I love that he wants to watch the weather! My boys both love books too and I love the stories they tell me about the pictures as well.

  3. He is toooo cute! How do you stand it?!

    Books are a big hit at our house too–hope it stays that way forever!

    • Thanks, and he doesn’t know it (yet) …

      I’ll always try to nurture this, even though there is a lot of pulling from ‘good’ things like nature and ‘distracting’ things like TV.

  4. So sweet! That’s so creative and smart to be telling you the story!

  5. My kids love reading. We started it at an early age and I’m so glad we did. I did do the bedtime book with my oldest and it drove me crazy sometimes because she wanted so many stories late at night. Good for you that your son is fostering a love for books at such an early age.

    • I like that he likes it and will help him to keep it that way.

      But the main reason why I never did bedtime stories is pure selfishness 😉 All I want him to do in the evening is to fall asleep as soon as possible, without much help from my side. And it works.

  6. Love that he tells you the story! That’s so cute.

    We don’t do books at bedtime- b/c I like bedtime to be short and sweet.

  7. my parents gave them each their own recorded book for easter, and that’s been the latest faves of theirs.

  8. We don’t do a book at bedtime either, mostly because Alex doesn’t always stay still for them. To him, books are an opportunity to find new scenes to act out, which is not a sleepy activity.

    • Me too, I found out that reading before bedtime does not calm down at all. But hugging works like a charm. And of course a whole day of running around and a long nap in the afternoon.

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