Techy stuff and other Gadgets, are they still mine?

Even though Hubs and I don’t own the latest Gadgets and fancy techy things, the ones I call our techy stuff and gadgets don’t belong to us. At one point they did, but not anymore. They are ‘Timan’s favorite items now. They make his heart rate go up, he wants to play with them and he’s learning about these things with an incredible speed.

Often I’m taken by surprise when I find out about what he’s able to do. Remember, he’s not even 2 3/4 years old.

No, I’m not talking about basic things like putting on his t-shirt or his shorts by himself. These things he’s not interested to do on his own. Even though sometimes he’s able in the mood to put on his undies himself (and to my surprise, the front ends up in the front), he shows no interest in becoming a member of the self dressing club.

And I’m not talking about eating without throwing a variety of food items on the floor either, that’s still something he’s very keen on doing every single meal, either because of the mess afterwards or because Mommy has to clean it, I don’t know.

I’m not talking about putting a key in the keyhole either, and turning it to either open or lock the door. Very early on I realised I have to teach him this, after he locked himself inside our house a couple of times. I was probably the joke in the neighbourhood when people saw me breaking into my own house (with burglar bars  and mosquito screens in front of the windows).

I’m talking about becoming a gadgets savvy techy. Good for ‘Timan’, but not good for me or Hubs.

‘Timan’ has turned himself into a wizard with the TV. Long time ago he has figured out certain buttons on the remote control to turn it on, turn the DVD on and switch to the DVD channel. Therefore the first step was storing both remote controls somewhere high up. No problem for the little one, every TV has an on and off-key in the front. Mommy’s solution was making sure the TV was on a ‘boring’ channel when turned off. This worked for a while but the little one is a clever one. There are some more buttons on the side of the TV. It took a while before I realized they were there and if you press them in the right order, the DVD channel turns on.

Bummer 😦 Now the only solution I have is to unplug  TV and DVD at the socket (luckily still out of his reach … for now).

And there is the radio right next to those buttons.  With more buttons, especially if he’s getting the remote control in his hands. No surprise to me, he turns it on and picks the channel with the music he likes.

The next item that captures  his interest all the time is mommy’s laptop. There are so many buttons to press and when I happen to be busy in another room and happen to leave it on (a big mommy mistake again) I never know what exactly happened to my documents and why. And there is this funny button with the fancy blue light, the ‘final solution’ button (the on and off-key –  note to myself: change the settings).

But this morning, all of a sudden, I heard him talking to Hubs in the kitchen. Knowing that Hubs is at work I put this talk into the categories of pretend play and didn’t do anything. And he kept talking and talking. Finally I was too curious and found him like this:

Happily chatting on my mobile for real. Hubs has not called him, no, ‘Timan’ called his Dad himself. He must have pressed the redial button (mommy mistake again, I forgot to block the cell phone) and Hubs happened to be the last person I called. Luckily not some number in Europe.

Unfortunately I’m not the tech savvy mom I’d like to be, either because I did not see the need in owning the item or it’s just not available here, or it’s overpriced in paradise.

But tell me, are your little ones acting the same way ‘Timan’ does? What are your gadget stories (so I can prepare myself for worse to come  😉 )?

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  1. These new gadgets are their reality. They are not new to them. They have always been there. It is a challenging balance. I have to try to balance my own children’s exposure to technology and learn to use it and trying not to allow them to use it too much. Good luck… it is just the beginning for both of us. -Laverne visiting from Sunday Funday

  2. My boy is three and is amazing at playing Angry Birds on my phone!

  3. Yes! My little ones do this, too! This is hilarious 🙂

  4. How funny! Blake does the same thing with the phone. He’s barely over 2 years old.

    • He was playing with it for the longest time, but now he really wants to call his dad to tell him something and he’s actually able to have a real conversation concerning a subject.

  5. Stopping by from the Lady Blogger’s tea party. Your site is really entertaining. Although I do not have any children I babysit a five year old girl who loves technology. these children are coming out smarter and smarter all of the

    • I guess I have to gear up a little concerning the knowledge and the gadgets, so I know at least what he’s going to talk about when he’s in pre-school. Well, not really, but nowadays the world is moving so fast.

  6. Everything you described? Yes, yes and yes. And my Monkey is only 16 months old. He started doing the TV thing about 2 months ago, the talking on the phone thing even before that (once he called his father too!) and the past couple of weeks, he’s obsessed with my laptop. He turns it off and on, and even pretends to type!

  7. OH, there is much more to come. They seem to get this stuff easier than we do somehow. My three year old granddaughter thinks the iPad and the iPhone were made just for her.

    • Oh, yes, the little one owns everything in our house from the kitchen spoon to the laundry machine, and the fancy gadgets of course. And Hubs and I are his humble servants ;-).

  8. This was just too cute! I’m sure cuter for me since I don’t have to worry about him reprogramming my computer/tv/cell phone…

    Visiting from Lady Bloggers Social Tea party

    • Well, I’m living with him every day, so I’m used to do the reprogramming (just kidding). Normally I’m able to catch it before something really serious is happening. Keep fingers crossed 😉

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