Aret sa tapaz (stop this noise)

Our paradise is normally a peaceful and quiet place. We are living in a nice neighbourhood, with nice neighbours, we smile at each other, great each other and chat a few words if we like to. Normal people are living here among normal people. So it seems. I guess you know how this is.

But sometimes, normally on a Friday or Saturday and definitely during the weekend at the end of the month, all is different.

Not during the day, oh no. But starting 9pm onwards. Some people in our street (I won’t say names, but the noise is always coming from the same direction) are having their party until 3am or 4am in the morning, with always the same type of music with exaggerated bass use, that makes you want to be somewhere else, it doesn’t really matter where.

Sometimes they are even hosting the party for extended family members and friends because no family can have so many birthdays to celebrate. Maybe these family members are living in a real quiet neighbourhood and are not allowed to sneeze their nose, who knows.

But yesterday the sh*t was hitting the fan. The whole noise was more an ‘electoral noise’. And that’s even worse. We have presidential elections coming up middle of May and apparently some neighbours are supporting the leading party so much that they were throwing a combined ‘election/labor day-party’ for their friends. Very unfortunate for the non invitees and non citizens like me.

In addition to the music one guy was talking about politics. My creole is not that bad anymore so I understand everything, what a bullsh*t he was talking about. I’m not saying I don’t like this party, the current president did great things for the paradise, but why does the whole world need to stay awake?

And as real natives of the paradise, what my neighbours all are, they were singing and dancing ‘Moutia’. You my dear reader would have loved it. It’s a cultural dance with strong African and Malagasy rhythms, voice accompanied by drums only. The tourist attraction you do on the beach around a bonfire. Very appealing and I love it, really, just not next to my bedroom window at midnight.

Men I was a.n.g.r.y. Can you tell? I would have loved to link this up with the Throat Punch Thursday of The Truth about Motherhood or Adventures in Mommyhood, but it’s not Thursday and I just had to get it out before I was exploding.

Luckily ‘Timan’ does not care, after all he’s 2 3/4 years old and like every little kid, when he’s tired he can sleep anywhere. My Hubs, deep down, he’s feeling disturbed as well, but he won’t say a thing because this is part of his culture and he’s so very proud.

During Xmas season when many people are off, they showed commercials on TV that you’re supposed to keep the noise level down so you don’t disturb your neighbours, especially the elderly and the ones with babies. That made me wonder why only these people, does not everybody count equal here in Paradise, like they say in their election manifests?

But anyway, in our street nothing has changed, the ‘tapaz’ (noise) stays the same, it didn’t and doesn’t get worse though ;-).

Is it all quiet in your hood? Or how is it when your neighbours celebrate the birthday of the sister of the friend of the grandmother’s cousin? And how was it during the (presidential) elections in your country?

P.S. Please be assured, I am not talking about you, my dear reader, wherever you are ;-).

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  1. Our neighbor likes to talk on his cell phone at the butt crack of dawn right outside my 2 yr olds window. Never thinks about it. He’s got 3 kids asleep in the house….he better watch his step! LOL

  2. This would’ve driven me crazy! I hate rude, loud noise. Yes, I’m 80. 😉

  3. Ugh! We had a teenager living next door last year and he and his friends would get together for band practice in the evenings or afternoons. Or he would just practice by himself — the drums — ALWAYS during nap time. So annoying.

    • And did the little ones still manage to nap? I hope for all of you they were able to. When ‘Timan’ missed his nap, he’s throwing major tantrums and is really cranky by the time it’s 6pm, so dinner and shower need to be a quick business and by 7:30 he’s fast asleep.

  4. How rude! We have new neighbors and they’ve had a party every weekend since they moved in. I’m hoping they will settle down after the newness of the house wears off. Last night, they were riding their dirt bike around the property at midnight.

  5. I’m so sorry! That would drive me insane. Every now & again our neighbors get rowdy in their jacuzzi, but they are usually done by midnight. They have a little baby now, so I have no doubt they will calm down quite a bit.

    I’ve kept the neighbors up a few times in my, ahem, younger days, so I have to have a little patience. After midnight, my patience wanes.

    found you through sunday funday

    • Me too, I was doing party when I was younger and didn’t have ‘Timan’, but when the party was going on past about 10pm, we used to ask the neighbours to join or at least told them in advance about the party. That always worked very well. But these were times I was still living in Europe.

  6. Neighbourhood noise is the worst! Especially if you have children or have to work in the morning.
    We used to live in a duplex and our neighbours were forever playing loud music. We had to ask them to turn it down several times a night.
    It makes living harmoniously hard.

    • So true, but what can you do when it seams the whole neighbourhood doesn’t care or doesn’t feel disturbed that much because that’s the way they live? Sometimes I think it’s just part of the culture and I am the odd one out and have to adjust. Sigh. I bought earplugs, by the way. 😉

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