Everything is new in May …

(… or during the last days of April.)

All of you probably know the saying ‘Everything is new in May’ (my translation from the well-known German proverb ‘Alles neu macht der Mai’), especially when you are living in the northern hemisphere. The grass starts shooting up, flowers are flourishing, birds start building their nest, bloggers do refurbish their blog … Paradise is slightly below the equator, but not too far below that we actually have real seasons, so there is no spring, summer, fall or winter, only ‘hot, rainy and humid’ (northeast monsoon) or a ‘little less hot, a little more dry and windy’ (southwest monsoon). And therefore never the perfect time to clean out the closet. I tend to do this whenever the spiders are becoming annoying when claiming their territory and I get very annoyed about this.

So I decided now is the time, the blog needs to get a new appearance, has to freshen up a little, but not too far astray from the main theme ‘Mommy’s Paradise’. After all, this is where ‘Timan’, Hubs and I are living.

Ok, I was inspired by several other bloggers freshening up their layout and just right now I saw that there is a new theme on WordPress.com available where I can link to some popular social network profiles in the header. Way to go I thought and here it is: Thaa thaa.

But now I would really need your help on this. What is your opinion? Do you like the new theme and what I did with it? Or should I switch back to the old one? Please don’t be shy and tell me straight forward what do you think. 


Posted on April 29, 2011, in Blogging, Northeast Monsoon, Southwest Monsoon. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I love how your social network profiles are in the header! It looks really neat and is definitely user friendly. I like!!

  2. The new theme looks great!

    • Thanks, I think so too. But it’s not available anymore, was just there for one day only. I don’t understand the WordPress people. Maybe it’s because I’m with .com and the theme was free, a teaser so to speak.

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