Wordless Wednesday – the Monkey on the Tortoise …

… is not a fable from the animal kingdom but a friendship for real:

‘Timan’ is hitching a ride around the garden on his big friend.

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  1. I’ll bet he’ll win some amazing races riding him! 😉 That is way too cool!

    WW: Signs of Spring…Finally!

  2. Oh wow, that is too neat.

  3. That’s really your back yard? Awesome!

  4. Oh my goodness! Any idea how heavy the tortoise gets?

  5. I was wondering if it was real too! Awesome!

  6. So cool! And I’m still laughing at Jessica’s comment.

  7. that’s one big tortoise! your little man is just so cute riding on it. 🙂 hope he enjoyed! 🙂

  8. I wonder how long it takes him to get to the other side of the garden…

  9. Oh my goodness. Is that a real turtle?! Awesome!

  10. Ow dear!! what a big tortoise. we looked like hobbits compare to him.

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